Hi WA family.
I want just to share with you my deals and difficulties!
I have to deal with my 9-5 job, WA trainings and tasks, SAC, Writing relevant posts, technical tweaks for my websites and of course the most important part my role as husband and father.
I am afraid of losing this challenge!
So, if someone here in the community had the same difficulties and he was able to overcome them , I would be really grateful that he shares with me how he was able to do it.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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N33 Premium
Oh là là, Karim, c'est dur!

Je ne suis pas sûre que de suivre le SAC soit une bonne idée. Je comprends que tu veuilles avancer vite pour peut-être pouvoir quitter ton boulot, mais c'est un effort de plus d'une année.

Pense à ta santé, et ne néglige pas ta famille, les enfants grandissent si vite, le temps avec et pour eux est le plus précieux que tu puisses leur offrir. Et ça c'est déjà difficile après une journée de boulot...

I would stick to making progress every single day but at your own pace.
Karim78 Premium
Ah Oui Anne ça deviens très très difficile avec le SAC.
Merci beacoup pour ces mots.
De toute façon je vais essaier de faire de mon mieux pour cet année et après je verrai.
Bonne chance à toi aussi Anne.
BobRoman Premium
Just take as much time as you can for WA, but don't burn yourself out.
With diligence and focus, you will finally make it.
To your great success!
MichaelMBA Premium
Main thing is to just treat this as a task. Devote a 2-hour block of time to it. It needs concentration to learn, study, understand, and write. A 2-hour block will do all of this.
Can you a 2-hour block on every night? every other night? Only on Saturday and Sunday? After the kids go to bed?
Schedule that, stick to it, and you'll make steady progress.
Karim78 Premium
For sure Michael.
I will try it.
Thank you for your time
Triblu Premium
Hey Karim,

Having worked a 9-5 j-o-b and operated a business full time for several years myself, I agree that it can be daunting... which is why not many people can do it.

Not sure why you would burden yourself by entering another challenge when you are already facing a BIG challenge... and that is to make sure you continue to follow the goals, you know, the hours you promised yourself that you would spend building your online business back when you started WA.

Hope you find this helpful.
Karim78 Premium
Sure Triblu I agree!
I entered the SAC inorder to motivate myself and put it into rigorous schedule. But really it's nit easy, but I'm determined to succeed.
As they say: " Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to."
FKelso Premium
You will get other answers, I hope. I am fortunate because I do not work and have only a cat to take care of. Still, sometimes I find my time challenged. I wish you luck.
Karim78 Premium
Thanks Fkelso for stopping by
Wish you all the best