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Sheesh...! Well, my name is Ian and I've BTDTGTT! :-) Tried forex (spent more on systems than lost in trading) , betting systems (made money but





Is anyone else losing pinterest followers?

Is anyone else losing pinterest followers?

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This is weird.

I get lots of new Followers every day but a few weeks ago my Follower numbers kept dropping. Still getting lots of new Followers but the count kept going

Hi Ian, I noticed my followers has been decreasing. I used to get at least 100 followers a day but now I’m lucky to get 2-3. I always follow everyone who follows me.

Same here. Just today, tho, I got loads of new followers but, on checking, none had any boards or image or profile so I didn't follow them back.

My followers have gone from nearly 14K to just over 10K. I wonder how many are genuine.

Interestingly, although I have a large following compared to FB , Twitter and LinkedIn, Pinterest only accounts for 1.3% of my social media traffic.

Sorry you are losing your followers, Ian. Don't know the cause.


Looks like Spam/Fake accounts. A common issue with social media networks

Please let me know if you find out... I am curious too.

Actually, I thought it was due to the fact that I was not interacting daily since I did not interact for 3 weeks. I was at over 13,000 pretty consistent, and I am about 480. I thought it was because
we had to pay or something.
When you find out, I would b interested in knowing as well.

Have a great day

Your Followers went from 13K to 480???

Yup... i havent had time to asl why. So your post reminded me

Yes. I've been experiencing the same thing. Jim

They have been doing SPAM sweeps for empty accounts making connections and then abusing the PM system

I've noticed this, I get so many follow requests and unfortunately Pinterest seems to be full of these. I've adopted the general rule of checking if they have over 2K followers and a profile picture and not a dodgy repeat name like "emma watson" or "scarlett Johanssen". But even with those criteria there are lots of spam Pinterest accounts.
So what do you do about this Andy?
1. How do you find which Pinterest accounts to follow?
2. How do you sort and filter all the Pinterest follow requests you receive on Pinterest?
3. Any tips on how to increase your Pinterest engagement?
Thanks John

That was my first thought but I couldn't believe I was Following so many spam accounts. If so, they must have a massive number

Yes I get so so many of these and have no idea why.....
If you ever learn best practice here...please share. Thank you

The best practice is don't follow back anyone who doesn't serve your greater cause. You can engage your followers without reading what they had for lunch.

I learned with my big Twitter Account that following everyone back is a mistake because now I have to sort hundreds of daily tweets to not miss thing said by people like Kim Garst who I really want to read. I also have found that out of over 9,000 people I followed back around 30% of them are inactive accounts or scammers. It's not unusual for me to go through and delete a hundred accounts in a day.

Follow only those who have the information you need or are a connection you really want to make such as influencers and other bloggers and forum owners in your niche.

OK thanks Andy, then I need to go through Pinterest and unfollow all the "emma watson" and other nail art profiles, I have no idea why these people keep following me. Time to pick out all the weeds...
That's great advice and I really appreciate it!!!!

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Can you mix adsense and amazon ads on the same page?

Can you mix adsense and amazon ads on the same page?

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Everything Wordpress

I'm thinking you can, but I'm also thinking that a while back one of them had rules that you couldn't. So just checking :-)

I'm using AdSense Auto Ads which automatical

I don't think there's a conflict. Amazon and other affiliate programs or adsense never question the presence of both. It should be reminded by adsense that it's a violation.

hey hi Ian -- good question -- consider it from a reader's perspective -- how would it help or hinder their 'like' of your posts? .... then, you'll have your true answer ...

all the best, cheerio .... :)

Hey Ian,

Personally, I wouldn't place both ads in the same post, and you might want to check with Amazon rules on this topic to make sure. You could even sign into your Amazon Associate account and look for the affiliate tech support under contact, and then telephone and speak with someone... or better still, email them so that you have it in writing.

Hope you find this helpful.

Hi Trish - I was hoping someone would know :-)

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