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Joined April 2009
My name is Steve.

I run a website called I've Tried That.

I started it in 2007 as a way to document the scams and save people from losing their hard earned money.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2009 to check out the site for a review, and I've never left.

Since joining, I turned my website from a hobby into a full-time career: all thanks to the training and support offered here. It really is the best training resource on how to build a business online.

I'm never leaving.
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Lwethington1 Premium
Hi Steve,
Can you tell me what setting I need to go to , to transfer my code for my other website to this one? I have the code.

Thanks for your help,
MaluAT Premium
What's up, Steve?! Over 10 years as an internet marketer now, right? I admire the hard work and dedication you've poured into your business over the years. I'veTriedThat is a great example to follow. UEO all the way! :)


Jpmartel Premium
Hello Steve! I know you are extremely busy but if you have 2-3 minutes I would like some advices and insights.

I am building a drone niche website and I would like to build an authority website eventually. I read your "Starting a business from scratch" training and I leverage anything you said related to the Ultrabooks to apply on my website.

If you could give me some insights or elaborate on a how would you "build" and what would you put in a Pillar Article about "How to Find Ultrabook Deals."

Thank you very much :)
sailfish9229 Premium
Hi, I have been trying to get help with the nameservers, but i get this error: Domain: nondestructivetesting.co.za

You recently submitted a nameserver update using our Domain Management Tool.

Unfortunately the nameserver update failed:

Reason: Authoritative Nameserver failure for domain: nondestructivetesting.co.za

The above indicates that your domain is not setup / configured correctly on the nameservers that you provided.

Please contact your hosting provider to assist with the setup / configuration of a valid DNS zone file for your domain on their server/s.

Best Regards,

Register Domain SA

I cannot get it to work from their side so there must be a problem at WA.
Submit a SiteSupport ticket here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/websites/support And they will get you sorted quickly!
randymcgee Premium
Hi Steve, I left a reply to one of our former chats but don't know if you get notified about those or not. Just wanted to report in and have you critique my "About Me" page. Here is the link:

Mabenod15 Premium
Hey Steve, Thanks for being there for me. Really, you, Kyle & Carson never gave up on me even though I was reluctant.

Just like you, I want to turn this to my career and to achieve greatly. I just launched my new/first web site and really want to build it and attract traffic but so far, not much idea on how to achieve that. So, I need your support.

I will like to know if there is a genuine irobot trade platform (software) for trading stocks and forex. I am also interested in online equipment logistics (If there is anything like that.)

So, I need your guidance and support to achieve these.
jacob23 Premium
Hi Steve. It is super helpful to follow you who is such an experienced WA member!! I will keep in touch! Cheers, Jacob
Ok. i tried messing you but I haven't figured that out just yet and I think I have to be premium member...
Anyways I am worried that I didn't pick a good niche... I pick low carb... I mean I know a lot about low carb I just don't know that people really google it.
Please help i need my mind to be eased.
CJDodaro Premium
Hello Steve,
Hope all is well.
I am experiencing a problem that WA Support has been less than helpful. Hope maybe you can advise me.

I am trying to Copy & Paste an HTML product link into one of my Posts. Every time I do, it changes the original name of the wording that I am trying to create the link for, to the actual product name. If I try to change it back, it deletes the link. How do I fix this?
CJ Dodaro
NoelleW Premium
Hi Steve, your blog is how I found out about WA in the first place! For some reason, I didn't join until this year, (stupid, stupid me!) Lol but I'm here now, and loving every minute! I stil subscribe to
Porque me sale ... "indice de google no"
Cuando creo mi pagina
Thanks Steve I am glad to have joined this site. At the moment I can join the premium membership but I would to build a website. I am not working and yet to open a bank account. But I want to buy a laptop for that so I want to find out if you know any company that accepts TBC crypto currency in exchange for products. Thanks.
aritchey Premium
Thank you so much for getting me to come into Wealthy Affiliate. I am frustrated however because I have my website established (beautyforseniorwomen.com) but cannot figure how to get Amazon products to show up under the individual catagories of my website. I desperately need help in order to fix this problem. I feel that I might already be selling products if I knew how to get this going. Please URGENT HELP!!!!
Hi Steve! Thank you for bringing us into WA. We do not have te money for Premium at this time, but would love any helpful advice you can give to get us to that point. This is an awesome community and we'd love to be more involved. ;-)
Hi, its a pleasure to meet you. I wish you and your family the best of luck in all your future endeavours. We all are very thankful to the creators of WA. We are in debt to them. Enjoy your stay here at WA. Stay in touch. Followed you.