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Joined April 2009
My name is Steve.

I run a website called I've Tried That.

I started it in 2007 as a way to document the scams and save people from losing their hard earned money.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2009 to check out the site for a review, and I've never left.

Since joining, I turned my website from a hobby into a full-time career: all thanks to the training and support offered here. It really is the best training resource on how to build a business online.

I'm never leaving.
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JoyNelson Premium
Hey Steve,

Somehow I missed the fact that you are my referrer. I have been doing well here at WA as is evident by my rank, blogs posts and the training I recently created. I could however use a bit of guidance with regards to affiliate marketing when you have a minute.


IveTriedThat Premium
Sure thing Joy. Shoot me a PM whenever.
JCR3 Premium
Hi Steve thanks for checking in with me. I could definitely use your help in picking my niche. I'm interested in football basketball, fitness, and music to name a few. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and help on how to narrow that down and pick a specific sub-niche!

peggym1 Premium
Steve I need some help. I would like to change "See My Niche" to something different . I`m thinking of my domain name as pegs small appliance. I need your feed back on this. Would I need to get another website to do this. I am having problems with the one I have. I have to manually put thing in it. It takes a little more time to do this. Also my post are not showing up in my back office post area.I did everything that the training lesson said.It only shows that I have one post instead of two. Help
KGallion Premium
Hi Steve, I'm having a hard time putting this down. I'm enjoying everything here so much. It's addicting! lol Well you think I was farther along with all the time I'm putting into it, but I really don't know anything so I'm really working from scratch. My goal is not to ambitious. I really just want to make $1,000 a month anything over that would be great. I like the way everything is laid out, how much support you get it really amazing. and I haven't found anything that I could not find a answer to quickly. I'm really excited about WA!

BlessusJD Premium
Leave Steve a message...Hi Steve, Thanks for popping on the screen while I was searching for companies with Affiliate Marketing. You are an answer to my prayers. I am a newbie to Affiliate Marketing but always wanted to learn it. I look forward to you taking my hand and guiding me along the way so that I can succeed like you, your wife and everybody on WA.!