I havent been around for a while because of personal reasons. So just wondering if someone could help me to understand how we are getting website posts indexed these days as I understand Google fetch isnt any more.

Thank you in advance

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accad Premium
Indexing posts is only Google's time nobody could do it. However, there are things a writer should do to help Google see what you post.
Keyword-it should not be a duplicate of what has been indexed.
Description-under your post be sure to fill up the description box, not over 160 characters
SEO Keyword-just below the SEO description. Be sure you enter your article title there.
Images-images can help to add meaning and user experience to the article.
HOW long-many says that you should have an article with a length of 2,000, 1,500, 1000, 500, 300 words. It depends on you but not necessarily making it too long just to make it long.
I hope this can help.
FKelso Premium
Cav has you covered.
Cav1966 Premium
Yep real easy..once on ur search console look over to the side it says url inspection..put url in and hit search once it sear hes and it will say something like url found...hit the button that says live test as soon as results come ba k hit request indexing
Easy peasy
JKulk1 Premium
Great. I wondered what had changed. Jim
apache1 Premium
Google search console replaces the old fetch as Google

here are a couple of pieces of training from Jay