Jaaxy 3.0: Big Updates, New Look, and a Bright Future

Last Update: Aug 29, 2017


Hey Everyone!

Today I’m excited to talk to you about the latest and great version of Jaaxy! After 14 months and basically rewriting the code base from scratch, we’ve created a released Jaaxy 3.0. It is beautiful, it is fast, and has brand new features and it is in position to evolve and innovate at a faster speed than ever!

You can check out Jaaxy 3.0 and login here:


The new version of Jaaxy may have familiar aspects to it, but it’s been recreated from the ground up. It’s faster, easier to navigate, and it offers more accurate and helpful keyword suggestions. We’ve re-introduced a total overhaul on our SiteRank platform...it’s AWESOME!

SiteRank - Track Your Daily SEO Performance or Your Competitions!

SiteRank was a big focus of this update because we wanted to make it a tool that we use and monitor daily. We’ve introduced the ability to track your rankings and set them up to scan automatically on an interval that you choose. Pro and Enterprise level accounts give you the ability to check a domain for a given keyword in the search engines, then see the results in a chart over time.

Publish a new article, then head over to Jaaxy and add your domain and a handful of keywords that you want to track your rankings for! Maybe you want to track another competing website in your space to see their rankings...this is just so incredibly powerful now that you can set-up automated tracking!

Another great element of SiteRank is that we are now checking the Big 3 search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This is no longer just a Google rank checking platform, we’ve expanded to Bing and Yahoo to give you a full report of how a domain is ranking for a specific keyword phase.

How SiteRank Monthly Scans Work.

Site Rank monthly scans are only deducted for the Jaaxy 3.0 new auto tracking feature. Each time a SiteRank search is performed automatically in the background, three scan credits are used. One for each of the search engines that are checked. Manual SiteRank scans do not count towards this limit.

Free Accounts come with 100 scans total

Pro comes with UNLIMITED manual scans and 2,000 auto scans per billing period

Enterprise comes with UNLIMITED manual scans and 5,000 auto scans per month

Every aspect of Jaaxy has been updated, from keyword search, to keyword list management, to siterank and auto tracking, Affiliate program search, brainstorm platform...it’s all updated!

...and you’ll be happy to see that both the Jaaxy website and member’s area are now running over a SSL secure connection (https://)!

Jaaxy Website, Vastly Improved

You will also notice that if you visit https://www.jaaxy.com, the website has been totally overhauled. We’ve got a beautiful, clean design that more accurately describes the platform. Affiliates of Jaaxy are going to love the new website and the possibilities!

You will also notice a clean new Jaaxy logo within the design, along with “loading” images that make use of the Jaaxy logo.

Attention: All Jaaxy Affiliates

Any page within Jaaxy can be linked to using your Jaaxy affiliate ID just as before and all of your existing Jaaxy affiliate links will work, including the Jaaxy Plugin.

You simply need to be a Jaaxy member (Free, Pro or Enterprise) to get access to the affiliate program.

For example you could link to the jaaxy homepage like this:


You can link with tracking variables like this:


You can deep link to specific pages like this:


When you are logged into your Jaaxy.com account, you can access all affiliate program details, commissions, stats and affiliate links directly from the “Affiliate Program” tab.


Remember, if you are promoting Jaaxy get your Jaaxy logos and screenshots updated to reflect the new platform. Also within your Jaaxy reviews, you will want to update the content to reflect the new platform and the new features offered.

**Note: Updated Jaaxy banners will be coming in the next day or two and updated new and improved Jaaxy “search plugins” within the next week or so. Stay tuned.

New Jaaxy Pricing is Coming September 4th, 2017.

As we continue to advance the technology and platform over at Jaaxy, there are incredible costs associated with running such a technology platform. Not to mention all of the programming resources that we are going to continue to dedicate to Jaaxy.

In fact, we have a TEAM dedicated to just Jaaxy development moving forward, so you are going to see updates, improvements, and new features at a faster pace than ever.

The current Jaaxy pricing is as follows:

Jaaxy Free is currently, FREE for 30 searches. This won’t change.

Jaaxy Pro is currently $19/month or $199/year

Jaaxy Enterprise is currently $49/month or $499/year

After the price increase, new PRO and ENTERPRISE memberships will be charged the new rates of:

Jaaxy Pro is going to be priced at $49/month or $499/year

Jaaxy Enterprise is going to be priced at $99/month or $999/year

Let’s be clear about this...anyone that is signed up as Pro or Enterprise before the price incase will be grandfathered in at the current pricing. You WILL NOT be subject to a price increase. If you are currently a Pro or Enterprise account holder, you WILL NOT see a price increase.

So, if you’re wanting to get Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise accounts, now is the time to do it before the price goes up.

The price of Jaaxy is set to be increased on September 4th, 2017 (so not too far away). As of writing this post it gives folks just over 5 weeks to get in at the grandfathered prices above.


The Future of Jaaxy is BRIGHT!

Jaaxy was updated for many reasons. Of course, it was due for a full refresh, but what this latest releases has done is given a new us a brand new platform that is fundamentally much more efficient and sound.

We always state, that in order to build a skyscraper you must first have a very solid foundation and although the foundation of Jaaxy 2.0 was sound, it is nothing close to what we have with Jaaxy 3.0.

We’ve had a vision for Jaaxy for many years and this will tie into the vision. You are going to see and you can expect some incredible things from Jaaxy moving forward...from what already is most affiliate marketers/internet marketers “go to” keyword and research platform.

Jaaxy is really part of the Wealthy Affiliate family now, it’s something that we’ve brought up to speed in terms of technology so that it can work seamlessly alongside WA. You are going to see a lot more in this respect as we move forward in 2017, but expect some “exciting” stuff. We’ve got some surprises up our sleeves that are going to take this wonderful platform to the next level...and Wealthy Affiliate too!

Give Jaaxy 3.0 a try and give us your feedback!

Have a great day!


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Recent Comments


In the next weeks I will do a thorough test and try out all the options your tool has to offer over a couple of days to see what makes your Jaaxy so special. :)

Thanks for letting people know what the changes are and to let them keep their old subscription fees.

All fur coat and no knickers - not at impressed by Jaaxy - never have been and the update in my opinion is a step back.

Not worth $19/month let alone $49 - hey better tools out there like long tail pro and can I rank.

Back to the drawing board and up your game!

Sorry that you don't enjoy Jaaxy Derek, it is the only tool that I use or that I need and I know many marketers can speak on that behalf.

In saying this, there is lots of work to be done and lots of things to be done. We are going to continue to up our game and I think you are going to find that the direction we head with Jaaxy is going to be one that is much more integrated in your day to day activities than other tool or platform out there.

We have lots of updates and improvements slated, but our first step was getting it in a state where the foundation was something much more scalable. The technology that went into this update was significant and this definitely was not a "paint job" by any means.

Perhaps if you could provide some insight as to why this is a step back though, I would definitely be interested in hearing your feedback here. Of course we are aiming to improve our products/services with every update and this has been a consistent goal since day 1.

Hi Carson,
Awesome job on the Jaaxy 3.0. I currently have the Jaaxy Pro and I pay monthly, how do I go about and pay yearly (199$/year)?

Also if I want to upgrade to entreprise and do so before the price increase will I pay 49$/mt or 499$/yr? On the other hand if I wait to upgrade after september 1st from pro to entreprise will I be subject to the price increase and pay 99$/mt or 999$/yr?


Love the new Jaaxy 3.0


Yeah, you are pretty bang on with your pricing there. If you upgrade before hand, you will not be subject to the higher "yearly" price though, you will be grandfathered in at the older price point.

Thanks Kyle.

How do I change from paying monthly to paying yearly for Jaaxy?


Hi Carson glad you mentioned about the searches I was going to ask you about what happens after the searches have finished but you answered that part.

I sent a support ticket for some issues with my Jaaxy side they stated they will send it to you but have not had a response is fixing this.
Hopefully, you will have some time (if there is such a thing in WA) to look at the issues and fix the problems.

Thanks for the post on this update.

Yeah, a few small bugs with a release of this size but they are definitely being addressed as they come in. Thanks for your feedback and if you have any more bugs to report, just let us know. ;)

Thanks Kyle have sent a response back to Carson still the same issues but it is only in Google Chrome the other browsers are working as it should.

Will wait and see Carson's response back within Site Support.

I was debating whether to put my 2 cents in or not since I'm still brand new and don't have much experience with keyword tools, but I decided I would for that same reason, so here goes.

The Good:
If all the code has been reworked to make it faster and more accurate, then that's a good thing! The new page format looks fine. I like that you can now see your rankings on Bing and Yahoo.

On the Fence:
Price increase - I can understand the costs involved in running a service like this. I'm sure it's expensive. I went out and took a look at other keyword search tools (SEOprofiler, KWFinder, SEMrush) and really the new prices, although a jump from the old prices, are still not bad comparatively. SEMrush is $99.95/mo for their pro version, their cheapest. I'm not sure I'd spend $49/mo as a newbie and definitely not $100! Thanks for the grandfather on the old prices!

KQI - Don't really like the great, normal, poor over the old green, yellow, red dots. For example on one keyword search a KQI of 78 comes up as normal, but 82 is great. It's kind of misleading to have something say great when really it's only good. Between the two I'd rather have a dot and then make my own mind up on whether it's great or not.

Domains - What's the difference between "find more" and "search"?

The Bad:
Site Ranking -
- Only searches the first 10 pages of Google now instead of 20 unless you upgrade. By the way, upgrade to what? When I click on the upgrade button it appears to want me to upgrade to Pro yearly (I'm on monthly). That gets me 10 extra pages?
- SiteRank Monthly Scan limit. If that resets per month then okay, but it is a little vague on the "per billing period" part. 2000 per year is a bit shaky.
- 3 scans used per scan. While it's nice that you can now see your ranking on Bing and Yahoo, it would be nice to have the option to ONLY scan your preference and save scan credits.

One other thing for the Bad section: I just did my review for Jaaxy three days ago before it all changed! :P

Good or bad, thanks for your efforts to help keep us on our journey to success!

Just read in a follow up post from Carson:

"Yearly members have their SiteRank search counts reset each month.

Again, to be clear, this is not a limitation on Keyword searches this is a brand new feature that we must have limits on due to the automated search functionality."

LOL! you just did your review before the changes! I feel your pain despite keeling over laughing at the same time! Well the good news is you've made a great start on your jaaxy 3.0 review and google loves updates :D

But you say you are new to keyword tools with not much experience, hesitating to put in 2 cents worth but have written a review on the old jaaxy - I guess this raises a big issue for absolutely every single one of us here - should we nail down some experience before publishing reviews on our websites?

I notice some of the pro superaffiliates using Jaaxy, there must be something to it...

- Only searches the first 10 pages of Google now instead of 20 unless you upgrade. By the way, upgrade to what? When I click on the upgrade button it appears to want me to upgrade to Pro yearly (I'm on monthly). That gets me 10 extra pages?

Pro has ALWAYS been 10 pages, Enterprise is the first 20 pages.

- SiteRank Monthly Scan limit. If that resets per month then okay, but it is a little vague on the "per billing period" part. 2000 per year is a bit shaky.

Yeah, that is reset every month.

- 3 scans used per scan. While it's nice that you can now see your ranking on Bing and Yahoo, it would be nice to have the option to ONLY scan your preference and save scan credits.

That is a good feature suggestion and perhaps something that we will consider. One thing we don't want people to do is "cherry picking" to save scans as Bing/Yahoo alone drive full time businesses for many marketers.

We will take this into consideration with future updates, but ultimately we don't want folks to worry and for a power user, you should really have to worry having 5,000 monthly scans.

Ugg, yeah. Maybe I should call it Jaaxy Review 2.0? lol

And you are exactly right about that point on the reviews. I was thinking the same thing and to be honest it came out more as an advertisement rather than a review. I can't really put down goods and bads when, like you say, little experience and I also don't really have anything to compare it too since I haven't used other keyword tools.

Thanks for getting back with a reply Kyle! Honestly I can't remember what my pro edition of Jaaxy said before the upgrade as far as how many Google pages were searched. I know in both of the videos I've seen regarding Jaaxy you guys were using Enterprise so maybe that's where I'm getting the 20 pages from.


Sounds interesting and like some great update. At the moment I am just a free user. One of the things that I would really love and why I have not upgraded Jaaxy yet is language setting - are there any plans about making it available to do KW research and scans in other languages than English?

I also have a website in another language than English and in general it would be great to have the opportunity to do research in that language to see what people are looking for here locally.


We are definitely considering this Mikael as it is an ongoing feature request (ie, you are not alone). Don't be surprised if this is something that comes to Jaaxy in the future. ;)

Sounds great. Thanks for the answer. Will definitely then consider going Jaaxy pro before the price changes:-)

Ok, I already only have limited experience on the old Jaaxy and was just getting used to its features after upgrading to PRO a week ago, the best part for me was the site rank.
I'm grateful to be locked into the original price because I wouldn't pay $30 extra anyway so I would be a lost customer.

That said, I can see I'd be more concerned about running out of search credits during the course of my billing month instead of focusing on my keyword searches.

I'm also concerned that apparently I don't exist on Bing/Yahoo but I'm all over the place on Google which I'm pleased about so does this mean I'm missing out on %%% of traffic or is there a kink that not ironed out yet?

EX. I have a few keywords on Google P1P1 but they're nowhere to be found on Bing, and I know my previous employer had Bing as the default search engine on their systems so I'm missing traffic already.

Interested to know other people's views on this

Keyword searches are not limited if you are Pro or Enterprise, they are Unlimited.

SiteRank is the only limited aspect due to the automated nature of the platform.

Hope this clears things up.


Sorry I meant siterank and not searches, but what about visibility on bing / yahoo? I don't exist there ?

Do you have Bing Webmaster Tools set-up? If not, this can definitely help Dave. Bing/Yahoo typically take longer to penetrate than Google, but once you get in there you tend to stick for a long time.

Having Bing Webmaster Tools set-up and offering them a proper SiteMap can definitely help.

Too bad there is only a free trial period and not a free membership for e.g. 15 searches continuing free a month. A lot of people will be done with it after the 30 searches. When you offer 15 free searches afterward, you have the chance they get a pro account after 3-4 months. When they have used up the 30 searches in the first month, they hardly have any result and they are gone forever.

Completely agree with you here Loes.

Terrible update. Seems like just trying to grab money to me

Loes, the FREE account is the same as it has been since the beginning of Jaaxy. Free accounts come with 30 Keyword Searches, and now with 100 SiteRank scans. This gives folks an opportunity to use the platform and see if it's useful to them.

30 Free Keyword Searches is not new at all. What we've actually done is opened up both Alphabet Soup search AND SiteRank for Free accounts, which was not even available before this update. You're now getting much more as a Free user than before this update.

I hope that I've been able to clear things up that on all levels of Jaaxy, folks get much more than they did in Jaaxy 2.0.


Curiosity strikes - is the affiliate program being upgraded too or will commissions remain at $9? when the price increases/

I believe that what Loes is saying (I may be wrong) is that new members get their 30 free searches early on in their new career as an affiliate marketer. They have, and use, those searches at a point in time when they basically have little or nothing to search FOR. By the time they have decent content on their sites, their searches have all been used and they won't go back to sign up for a Pro account.

The suggestion is to let them continue to have searches (15/ month) for a longer period so that they can actually see some results with them.

Good point Craig, I'm seeing people knock Jaaxy in these post comments but I'm wondering how many people have really used it fully, a bit like your point on training. The guys who develop Jaaxy and the superaffiliates see the potential with it, but there's a bit of a disconnect with the wider audience imo

When I see who is using this tool and the level they are at in affiliate marketing there's no way I'm going to throw stones at it from a distance, I can't wait to take this thing for a test drive, but yeah, it probably takes knowing a little bit first to do that properly

Hi Carson, I know that it's the same as always, I thought then and now that it could be changed in a free option too, and it's quite an amount when you are planning to let the price go up to $49

The Affiliate Program will be updated of course. There are going to be all sorts of interesting and highly beneficial things to members here at WA when we move closer to a price increase.

This is hardly a money grab, furthest thing from it. Like everything we do, YOU are in our best interest and this will be more than evident as we move forward with updates and integration.

I personally don't see it as a money grab. I mean, the work that goes into it warrants an increase. Though I admit, the amount it's increasing by surprised me...

Anyhow, more concerning to me is whether this also heralds an increase for WA as a whole?

And anyone that is using Jaaxy already, will not be subject to this increase.

And NO, you will not be subject to an increase at WA, nobody will. We have no intentions or plans on raising the prices for the membership here so you can rest easy in that respect.

To me it looks like more things have been added to make you have to pay for an upgrade to Enterprise. For starters, you can only now see a portion of the Site Rank history of previous scans and have to pay for an upgrade to see more. Before on Pro you could see all your Site Rank search history. Plus, the limit on Site Rank searches you can do per month with the new credit system. You used to be able to do as many searches as you like.

Is there now also a limit on how much keyword research you can do per month on the Pro membership?

I don't think these are improvements. The platform is harder to look at than the previous one, the text is all over the place, and the price increase for new Jaaxy members is way to high in comparison to other tools out there on the market.

I already think the current prices are too high for what this tool does, and it's not even very accurate much of the time. You can perform the exact same keyword search twice in a row and receive two completely different results.

I think I might look for a different keyword tool. One of my pet hates is paying for a service, only to then have that service restricted unless I'm willing to pay even more for it.

I feel the same, the best thing about jaaxy was site rank and now limited it

Hi Darren, it's clear the the "SiteRank scan" aspect has been misunderstood and I'll update the blog post to be more clear. Keyword Searches are unchanged, they are Unlimited for Pro and Enterprise.

SiteRank scans, because of the automated aspect, are limited, but you can watch 100's of keywords and domain combinations with a Pro level account that is only $19/month. Enterprise is only $49 and you can watch even more, and scan everyday if you want that granularity of results.

2,000 SiteRank scans, plus Unlimited Keyword searches for $19 a month is a great value and I think that as you use the platform you will realize that that's a lot of scans for keyword/domain combinations to see where you are ranking.


when I looked at prices for all the other pro version tools out there Jaaxy was coming in way underpriced, and someone in this thread had actually quoted those prices as being more than Jaaxy.

It looks to me you misunderstood pricing, and the limitations. I think in writing everything on the internet I'd like to see people back stuff up with examples, as this sort of 'review' is a trend and can do damage when people do it on their websites.

It's probably a really positive thing to have a thread like this where people can share their views and interpretations and clear up misunderstandings.

The update that we have just made offers MORE, not less. It is the same price, I am confused as to why there is the argument that somehow this is limited.

The new platform offers users of Jaaxy WAY more speed, technology and new features that it ever has.

Oh my gosh Carson, the new Jaaxy looks INCREDIBLE! I love the improvements that you and the team have done to it and it makes me so incredibly happy that you've added Bing and Yahoo to see what our rankings are on those search engines!

I definitely understand the reasoning for the price increases, but thank you so much for keeping those of us that are already subscribed to Jaaxy on the Pro and Enterprise levels, locked into the current price models. That was definitely a sigh of relief for me! Thank you so much for these wonderful updates and changes that you've done to Jaaxy.

Bing and Yahoo search are useless.

Hey Brian, glad you are loving the new updates, I'm loving using the live platform now vs the development platform that I've had the opportunity to use in the background for a few months now!

We've been live for just over 24 hours now with Jaaxy 3.0 and we've worked out a number of small kinks here and there...I think we're off to the races now, thanks for your feedback!


I would not say that necessarily. Yes, it's undeniable that Google rules the roost in this realm, but there is a little bit of traffic that does come from Bing and Yahoo and has actually been helping with my AdSense revenue so I'll take that tiny amount.

35% of the overall desktop searches are useless. They are incredibly important and if you can rank in Bing/Yahoo you can drive a full time income and FAR beyond.

I agree that Google is the biggest deal in terms of SERPs, but the Big 3 should not be understated. There is LOTS of people using Bing & Yahoo.

It definitely should not be overlooked and this has been on the request list by many Jaaxy users for quite some time.

See more comments

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