If Content is KING, What's QUEEN?

Last Update: November 22, 2018

Firstly, how are you all doing today? Looking forward for the "Black Friday Sale"? Yeah, do keep your eyes on that but do keep your eyes on this as well.

This is my first blog post on Wealthy Affiliate and in this blog, I'll be discussing in detail about Content & Engagement. Without further due, let's get started shall we?

Content is "KING"

A lot of premium members at Wealthy Affiliate have been posting blogs on Content is "KING" but one thing is being left behind which will be covered in a bit. Content is very important if you're planning to get free traffic and rank well in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

So, how do you pick the right keywords for your content? The answer is right here at Wealthy Affiliate and all you must do is use the keyword research tool called "Jaaxy". Some of the components you must observe while choosing the right keywords are as follows :-

  • Avg should be more than 30.
  • QSR must be less than 100 (if your website is brand new I would recommend below 50)
  • SEO should be close to 100 (can be anywhere between 90-100)

If you follow the bullet points listed above, you can expect your website to rank well and get some amount of traffic.

Publishing Frequency

This is something which most of the websites hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate fail to do and it has happened to me as well. I regret committing this mistake!

You should be able to post at least 2 Keyword Rich Content posts per week. Now Keyword Rich Content can be in the form of a blog or a product review. Just make sure you do this so that you can expect to get traffic consistently and improve your rankings day by day.

Well, we are pretty much done with the KING, let's bring a new character into the picture.

Meet the "QUEEN"

The moment of truth y'all have been waiting for is finally here. If you finished writing your Keyword Rich Content post, you would now submit it to SiteComments 2.0 to get comments, correct? Yep, Engagement is none other than our "QUEEN".

Many of us skip this step and what happens when you skip it? Well, the first thing that happens is you don't build trust. If you don't build trust, you don't get traffic. You don't get traffic, you don't make any sales. And by now many of you would simply blast the balloon!!!

Guys... This is really important. As soon as you finish writing, use the SiteComments 2.0 Platform and just request for comments. Before requesting for comments, make sure you have enough credits in order to request.

Alright then!!! Before I leave you off, I would like to incude some useful blogs and videos based on Content & Engagement.


If Content is King, Then Keywords are Queen - by boomergp08

Content is King - but. Don't watch the word count - by JackieSmith

SiteComments 2.0 - A Significant Upgrade Has Been Released! - by Carson


Creating Keyword Rich Content - by Kyle

Making Your Website a Place to Engage - by Kyle

SiteComments - The Benefits & Full Walkthrough - by Kyle

Thanks a lot for staying still the end. Signing off AV 2001!

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xoloxogo Premium
What a nice analogy!
AV2001 Premium
Thanks mate!
Eaka1 Premium
Nice one,I like 👍 your writing style,best wishes my friend!
AV2001 Premium
Thanks a lot. You too!!!
mmonterola Premium
Nice post! Got curious about you when I read Vicki's blog about you.

Good luck on your success!

AV2001 Premium
Thanks a lot Marita! I wish you the same.

jvranjes Premium
Actually it is not so. According to the statement by a high-ranked Google's representative, content and backlinks are both number one factors. No particular order between the two.
AV2001 Premium
Okay. Thanks a lot for the feedback.
SteveCrozza Premium
You have provided some very good advice and a few links I now have to go and review. Well done and thank you
AV2001 Premium
Sure, do take a look at them as this is very important for your business. Your Welcome!