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My name is Jacqueline.

I'm a Christian and I live in the UK.

I love to meet people and learn about different cultures. I have visited Jamaica, Israel, Kenya, India, Spain, France and Portugal.

I enjoy watching nature documentaries. I think Sir David Attenborough gives the best commentary on wildlife!

I have a sponsored child in Kenya who I have visited once and hope to visit again.

I would love to sponsor more children and visit more places in this beautiful world. I know I'm in the right place to make this happen.

Through hard work, dedication, being committed and patience in building my online business, I will make it.

Wishing you all success with your online businesses.
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10 plus hours a day
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Dec 19, 2016
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JackieSmith Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?

How much would you be ecstatic earning?

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
10 plus hours a day
SergioBersa Premium
I can relate to you, since it looks quite similar to my goals. Just make sure you find some time for yourself and your dear ones, since when you spend more than 10 hours a day on an activity, you risk to lose track of yourself, and the world around you ;-)
Jen-Har-Lum Premium
I like your goals. I am just now getting started with the program but from all that I have learned so far, if you put in the time you are talking about, you will be earning a whole lot more than what your goals suggest. Good luck, best of wishes to you.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Those are some very achievable goals Jackie, and once you reach them, you'll be primed and ready to go beyond. If you stick to the plan and dedicate that amount of time to training and taking action every day, then you are definitely going to start to see some results!
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VenaS Premium
Hello Jackie:

Welcome to WA. You've joined a great community of like minded entrepreneurs who are supportive of each other. With hard work, focus and relentless efforts success is attainable in time. I wish you great success in your journey here.

Thanks for following me - I'm following you as well. My best wishes for great success in your journey here.
JackieSmith Premium
Thanks for the warm welcome Vena.

I'm glad to be part of your network.

Thanks for the follow back and I'm wishing you the same success!!
WLG Premium
Hi Jackie,

Thank you for the follow, pleased to make your acquaintance. I see by your profile that you have been Blessed to travel the world quite extensively. It is my belief that you will do very well here in Wealthy Affiliate.

I Pray that you and your loved one are in the best of health and doing great.. May Our LORD and Savior Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You and Yours!

Have a Blessed and Safe WeekEnd;
Give Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ the Glory;
Praise His Holy Name;
Your Brother in Christ;
JackieSmith Premium
You're welcome William. I'm glad for the connection.

Thank you for your kind words.

May The Lord continue to bless you and your family.

Have a wonderful weekend!!
WLG Premium
Thank you Jackie and I Pray the same for you-William
GLCarr Premium
Hi Jackie, I agree - we definitely share some similar and core goals. Who knows, maybe we'll meet on the field together someday when we're both on cruise control here at WA.

Israel and the dead sea, both on my bucket list - to walk where Jesus walked, that's the goal. I would love to hear of your experiences there.

Please keep in touch, and I am wishing you the very best of success here at WA

david32 Premium
Hi Jackie, nice to meet you and thank you for the follow now following you back. I've only been here a few months myself and am amazed how much knowledge is in the w/a community and the learning program is great for your mind.

so good luck here at wealthy affiliates and everything you do in life and may in 2017 you reach some of your goals
JackieSmith Premium
Hi David,
Glad to be part of your network!!. Thanks for the follow back.

Wishing you nothing but success!!
Compsol99 Premium
Thank you very much for following me and welcome to the WA community! Be sure to follow all the training that is available on this site and don't be afraid to ask questions. The people in the WA community, myself included, are happy to help you. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
Shawn - Yearly Premium Member

P.S. Please check out my websites on my profile page to get an idea of what the Wealthy Affiliate training can do for you. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.
JackieSmith Premium
Hi Shawn,
You're welcome. I'm glad to be part of your network.

I will check out your websites and provide feedback/comments duly.