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Hey guys! I've written a 1372-Word product review yesterday and it got ranked in the first page of Bing & Yahoo at position 4 on the first page.BingYahooAs you can see, my website ( is positioned at the 4th place. I'm experiencing miracles at the moment. To be honest, I've written this article just yesterday but it hasn't been indexed in Google yet (at the time of writing this post). Invest your time and patience, the success will speak for itself.Thanks a lot Wealthy Affil
Finally, one of my product review posts got ranked in the first page of Google... I wrote this review 4 days back and to my surprise, I found it on the first page yesterday.Some of the product reviews I've written are usually a couple of weeks old and they've ended up in the 3rd and 7th pages but this one has made the headlines. The name of the product is called Body Blitz and it has been manufactured by a company called ProForm.The name of my website is Exercise Grid. You can also see the same
IntroductionFirstly, how are you all doing today? Looking forward for the "Black Friday Sale"? Yeah, do keep your eyes on that but do keep your eyes on this as well. This is my first blog post on Wealthy Affiliate and in this blog, I'll be discussing in detail about Content & Engagement. Without further due, let's get started shall we?Content is "KING"A lot of premium members at Wealthy Affiliate have been posting blogs on Content is "KING" but one thing is being left behind which will be c