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Hi! My name is Annika. I moved from Sweden to California in 1999 to go to college for a year and enjoy the sun. Then





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Duplicate Content or not?

Duplicate Content or not?

asked in
Authoring & Writing Content

I have a food blog - recipes. I joined Allrecipes.com - to submit my recipes. To get my name out there, some exposure. If I submit my recipes to this site (not my intro blog) -

Interesting discussion.

I tried out the Siteliner service to check the site which I am editing for my wife's physiotherapy praxis (http://fiziopia.si, Slovenian only :) ).

There are two pages which are direct copies of the pages on extremal site. Siteliner didn't find them. But he mentioned a lot of internal duplication which is natural and can't be avoided.

Why are these two pages the 100% copies? Because my wife wrote the articles for the magazine. They published the articles in their printed issue and on their web page. Few days after the publication I published these articles on my wife's page too. With approval of the magazine's editor, of course. I didn't change a word. But I did add a disclaimer at the bottom that this article was first published there and there and that it is published here with the approval.

Annika, maybe you can do the same and combine the suggestions bellow:
- publish the recipe first on allrecipies.com,
- after a week publish it on your page with the title, words and paragraphs slightly changed,
- underneath publish the link to the original recipe and state that you are the author.

This way you can get double coverage - I hope :)

Thanks for the great reply. That's one avenue to try.

I will think on it. This particular website has an option to leave a link for a recipe - so I think that's what I might do. Or not get involved at all.

I'm getting spooked about Google... Wayne Wallace was the latest to get in trouble (and for what) - so it's a little scary.

I agree with internetgranny's advice, and like Sui says google is fickle and you do not want to have them on your case wish you lots of luck with it

Annika, I think what nomda ploom suggests would work. Personally I would want to be on the safe side and what I would do is submit some recipes to the Allrecipes site to get my name out there and others just on my own website.

Andy said it. Just spin the wording a little bit. Can't take out the yeast when baking bread, right?

That's a great question. I just know Google is fickle. Hopefully one of the gurus will give us both an answer.

I'm not sure about that duplicate content either. My site has recipes on it also. There are many words or similar recipes on the internet. I checked my site with Siteliner, it marked most of my placeholder menu titles on my homepage as duplicate content. You're always going to have some similar content. If anybody knows about that I would like to know.

generally not duplicate content if you reference it within "quotes" and acknowledge where first published, even if it is you, you can't reply on Guggle (!) to see that.

That said I am sure that you can change up some stuff on the page as well...
mix = combine
simmer = do not boil
reduce = bubble to syrup etc..

Have fun with it! Andy

I had the same question a few weeks ago but the other way round: I want to have some other bloggers' texts in my website. The answer I came up with is to check the No Index box when creating the post. This way the search engines will not take the page into account and decide it is duplicated contents but there is still the possibility of a link pointing back to the author site. I am not 100% sure of that option but you could ask Allrecipes.com about it. Best.

Love Allrecipes.com use them often when looking for something new. As for the duplicate content - I don't know how to answer that. I would say yes even though they are what they are. Perhaps change the name of the recipe just a little.

Thanks. I don't include whatever cutesie writing from my blog - so it's not the same, but changing the name is a good idea.

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Recipe page help for my website

Recipe page help for my website

asked in
Everything Wordpress

Hi, I want my recipe page to be like this

http://bevcooks.com/recipe-index/. When writing my blogs/recipes

Some themes just handle this with Menus. You can set the categories to be tabs on your menu. So if you had a category called chicken recipes, and you clicked the tab called Chicken, then you want to display all your chicken recipes. Is that what you mean?

Hi Anita - I think that's what I mean. I will have to log in to my website and have a closer look.

Custom menus can be displayed as a classical menus - horizontal - or as a list - vertical. Take a look at my page in progress: http://barefootrunninghaven.com. Here you can see two menus:
- horizontal main menu under the header
- vertical menu in the left footer

They have the same content but are separate custom menus.

Kyle had a lesson on this I think Lunaela is explaining it very well hope it all goes well

I did something that sounds similar to this on my website.

I used a widget with a custom menu. No plugin was required. I find that this works a lot better for when you want more control over what goes where - since the categories widget just adds everything.

If you place a Custom Menu widget inside one of your sidebars and then go to Menus under Appearance - create a new Menu with all of the food titles that you want. Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners etc.

You can create these titles by adding them under Post then Categories and then going back to your new Menu and using the left check boxes under the arrow Categories and adding them to the Menu Structure.

After this it will be possible to grab each Title and move them around to the order that you want. I know that this sounds super complicated but once it's set up nothing more needs to be done!

When you create a new recipe all you need to do is check off the Categories that you want your new post to show up in and publish.

Assuming that you have done away with the categories widget the custom menu widget with the category hierarchy will do all the organization. I think it would do a much better job of keeping track of your recipes.

It's complicated to set up at first, but afterwards it's not difficult to use at all and most of all it will be very easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. You can even add subcategories that nest inside larger categories.

I would be happy to give clearer instructions if you are interested :)

Great suggestion, Luanela. This way you can add the list (menu) to any widget enabled area. But I don't think that Annika's theme supports widgets inside page body.

Anyways and as always - you can reach your desired outcome in many ways :)

Thank you so much! It sounds like some work - but I will keep this open and give it a go!! When my brain is a bit more fresh . I really really appreciate you taking the time to answer so thoroughly.

Sounds like this is what I want!!


I am looking for the training that I used but I am unable to find it.
Does anyone have the link to the custom menu lesson that KatieMac is referring to? Also there is a plugin that I use called Widgetize pages Light that allows you to place widgets on any page or post. Even though we should keep plugins to a minimum I find this one absolutely essential. You could use a static page like your Recipe one with the plugin and create a custom category menu that fills up rather easily. Or just use your sidebar so it can be seen on every page :)

Hi! I have a start now - I have put the categories under the menu. I will tinker more with it. Thank you so much for your help.

Go to appearance -> Widgets and add Custom Menu Widget to Sidebar. Choose the menu you've just made and that's it :)

Nice site Annika. Made me hungry!

Hi, Annika.

As I can see the page you've posted contains an alphabetical list of categories where the 'category' is a WordPress attribute of a post. You can assign multiple categories to single post.

You can even make them hierarchical but this is not your question :)

WordPress in itself doesn't have a widget or shortcode to display this list. So your best option is a plugin. Maybe this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/jquery-categories-list/ .

Thanks - I'll dig deeper in to this.

i love your website. keep up the good work

I do also have a home cooking website (but in german), you can take a look how I managed the recipes index:
I'm using a plugin "Multi-column Tag Map" where you can index all the recipes by using the name of the recipe as a tag. I'ts easy to handle.

Thanks! I will look in to it. I did look at your website - and it makes sense. Definitely looking for something easy to manage.

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Street Articles - are we creating original content for that?

Street Articles - are we creating original content for that?

asked in
Authoring & Writing Content

When creating/submitting an article for Street Articles - are we creating new original content, or are we supposed to , or CAN we use our blog posts (from our website)?? I'm sur

Thank for creating this discussion, I've learnt some things from those that have left comments.

You should be creating original content.

Good question

The meaning is that you shall make a NEW Article with new keywords, and that you also could make a link to your website :)
Best regards

I see Eddie has given good advice, I am personally just focusing on having good information on my website, best of luck to you

Hi Annika -

You need to write an article that is relevant to what you have on your website, however you cannot have the same content that is on your website as the content you submit to SA needs to be unique, if not, it will be considered as duplicate content.

Now in regards to submitting articles to SA here are my two cents:

Due to Google changing the rules on how your site ranks by submitting to Article Directories, there's really no benefit to SA anymore.

I've seen Kyle and Carson advise us to concentrate a good percentage of our content to be written on our website instead.

Hope this answers your question and clears up a few things.

Let me know if I can assist you with anything going forward.

Thanks Eddie - it really does clear it up!!

Here is the title of the video I mentioned. "Should I build links using article directories?" Type that into you tube and have a look.

Hi Annika,

Everything that you do online needs to be unique and original. Any content that you copy then publish somewhere else is DUPLICATE, and the search engines do not like that.

You never want to copy and paste anything online.

So, don't take a blog post from your website and paste it on another site. On the flip side, don't take any content from another site and put it on your own website.

If you copy something, think twice about publishing it because it is no longer unique.

I'm glad you asked this question, it's important to be clear on this :)



Thanks Carson! Is Street Articles still encouraged to use? According to some of the replies below - there seems to be some confusion.

I think that it is really up to you but personally I try to use the tools that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer as for Jaxxy to find new ideas to write about and if that doesn't give you a lead try using the Alphabet Soup technique in Kyles tutorial.
Hope this was helpful.

Street Articles is most definitely still encouraged everyone has a review about things.

Unfortunately, like me, you found out after having creating an account for Street Articles that we no longer actually write or submit articles to these types of forums. The long and short of it is, Don't spend any of your time writing for Street Articles or any other site like it. It is no longer needed.

Hi. Why is it no longer needed? I must have missed this? Is there some sort of blog or training about that?

Could to be more descriptive about why we don't need Street Articles any longer.

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A question on keywords..

A question on keywords..

asked in
Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Yesterday I created a blog post using the following headline : Double Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownies.

In Jaaxy - when doing the keyword search - this is on

I managed to find a phrase with good search and traffic with qsr 17 but to be honest have put it in on one of my pages but not sure if it has done any good

I am so new to this - that I have no idea what works. I just try to follow the lessons : )

Yeah, glad you followed James's advice and changed the title and perma link. I also learned something from this post.

Glad to be of help!! : )

If changing permalinks instills fear in you, simply copy the text, delete the post, rename it and paste. This will change the permalink for you.

ha ha - it did instill some fear in me, but James talked me through it and out of the tunnel. But your tip is great. Well it's great, so long as you actually do copy the text and not cut it ; )

Hey gal, even when you cut the text, you can still paste it. Try it sometime! Glad you got all solved. The best to you!

I have learned something new then. Well - I probably should know that already. Thanks : )

They are different phrases. In a case like this I may have worded my post: Double Fudge Brownies With Chocolate Chips

Great idea. Can I change it after I have published it? Otherwise - it's a lesson to be learned for next time.

You can, just make sure that you change the permalink right underneath so that it matches the new phrasing.

Since you just created the post there are no real repercussions. If the post had already been ranked making changes there would upset the ranking.

Thanks James - I think I better just leave it or I might mess something up - as I'm such a newbie to these things. Thanks for the quick and helpful response.

Don't be so quick to label yourself. I am sure that you can do it. Keep your mindset a positive one.

Just look at how the title looks now and then look at how the permalink looks. Then You can change the title and make the permalink match that.

The permalink is just the title with dashes in between the words. So if you want to change the Title to: Double Fudge Brownies With Chocolate Chips -- Then the Permalink would be: double-fudge-brownies-with-chocolate-chips

You are right of course - I'll go in and try : ))

Keep working it! Don't be afraid of challenges and failure as they will help you to learn and grow!

Changed title - and permalink. Thanks!

I knew you could do it.

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