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new top level domains- any good?

new top level domains- any good?

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I got notification via Godaddy of the new tld suffixes, am sure most of us have seen similar or read about it:
.guru, .photgraphy, .tips, .solutions etc.
Here's a link to my

Is this a double post? Think your other one had a GoDaddy image of the top TLD's being used. Left a comment there. ^_~

no, I started a discussion as well, as I wanted to reach more people...I have a client who is asking this question and whilst I had my prejudices I was not completely clear.
Different people appear to hang out in different places and I wanted the best minds...

I have to agree, I don't type in domain names often. I'm Google search addicted. For the sites I want to keep up with, I subscribe to newsletters or feeds. I think the public is search dependent also and branding is less important for solo entrepreneurs than for big corporations.

When it comes to getting indexed by search engines, how do tld suffixes rank?

Now that new top-level domain suffixes are popping up, perhaps we can quickly grab those names we so badly wanted but which had been taken in "older" TLDs.


if a vanity url makes sense, but content is still what it always was..King

Thanks for reminding me about this ".whatever". Yes, i received a notice from GoDddy, too, about my other domain that's been idle for sometime now. I was thinking of selling it. It's a good name for organic products and it's a .com. But after reading the articles, I'm more inclined to renew it, so nobody takes my hard-earned domain.

Wow, you opened it up this morning.Love these discussions, learn so much. Thanks all.

I agree with Mark, it's basically a case of "We're running out of .coms, let's invent some more!" I can't remember the last time I typed an address in, I almost always use search. As long as you know the name of the business, e.g. ebay, hertz, microsoft etc. the search will pretty much always throw up the one you're looking for at or near the top.

Russell's link also gives a good insight but I believe that for the likes of most of us, just trying to earn a living from the internet, and the millions of other 'small' sites it won't make the slightest bit of difference unless you have a really memorable name which people will search for. However most people just search for what they are looking for, especially if they are looking to buy something, rather than search for a specific website.

A lot of people ask on WA "Should I use a .info or a .org" (actually I reckon .org is pretty good because a lot of people think they are "official" sites such as registered charities and government run sites - I used to, I never knew that just anybody could register a .org) but the truth is in the vast majority of cases nobody remembers your website name anyway, which is why it is so important to try to keep them onsite and get the sale the first time.

I believe that too many people worry about names and suffixes. The more there are, the less relevant they will become. People will just register a .tips or whatever if they can't get a .com .info or something similar for the name they want.

Mark has really give a good detailed run down, thanks for sharing

I'm sure I agree with what you think and what Mark expressed so eloquently! I see domain names diminishing in importance just a wee bit and content taking over as we search for the information we value!

Hi Andy.

I've seen a few of these emails from domain hosts - and on TV from 1and1 etc.

My take on it is, almost all "good" domain names are taken these days - so the domain companies are looking for ways of ensuring they increase their business. What better way than to add new TLDs (top level domains) - and some of them are expensive (on 1and1 .holiday is being sold for a "cut down price" of £29.99 exc VAT for one year!)

However, if they help to support your brand, then they could be good. My company name for example has "solutions" in its name - so I could use "solutions" as my TLD.

Also, ones like .photography I can see being useful, as they describe exactly what the person does - eg. WayneWallace.Photography

I think we'll see more and more of these as time goes by - eg. abc.IFixPipes - abc.LandscapeGardener - abc.PersonalEscort :) etc

Maybe it's just "our generation" - but I still think of .com and .co.uk as being the main TLDs, but I'll still register a couple I think could be useful for future marketing. I made the mistake 14 years ago of not registering a .com - just going for the .co.uk - now I'm being offered the .com for £30k... eh no thank you... but I'm still annoyed I didn't have the foresight to do it. Maybe it'll be the same with these new TLDs.

I think the "new generation" probably just google everything anyway (my boys do anyway) - rather than think too hard about domain names... just search and see what comes up in the results... so maybe domain names will become far less relevant, and this will turn into just a money making exercise for the domain hosters.

All the best, Mark

good information Mark. I agree with you in that our generation is so used to the .com and .net stuff. I wish we could find information on if these new tld's will be ranked as good as the .com. I would like to know.

I just found another very interesting article on this subject it is a good read: http://d5.de/new-top-level-domains-to-trump-com-in-google-search-results/

read this one, now onto the other one..LOL

now that is interesting and potentially important- are you going to start a new post/thread on it? You should claim credit- this article goes against the prevalent opinion on here for sure, and is therefore worthy of more debate IMO!

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