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I have a question about Adsense

I have a question about Adsense

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Does anyone know how to check what the payment threshold is and where to change it? I have been looking and looking. I have $85 sitting there and was just wondering how to fig

I remember when I signed up they gave me options on how much. I put in $100 myself but I thought it could have been $10 for the lowest.....maybe the payment options?

I think it is 100 by default.
What do you think about keeping adsense, yeas or not?
Did it interfered with you site purpose and content?
I got approved, but still didn't decide to activate it or not.

Thats actually a good comment because I have been wondering about it myself lately. For the few pennies you get, is it worth it? To me the ads are looking more spammy lately and some of them even start playing a video which I hate. I was thinking in a couple months (after I get my 100 bucks) I might deactivate.

Thank you for your comment.

Well done on building a pot of $85. I am sure you will be at $100+ soon.

That took a whole year, but it's basically free money so I will take it! I guess as traffic rises over time, it should rise also.

Thanks everyone!

Google usually pays out once you reach your $100 or more on your account. You have to get at least $100 first for the payout. Again, Skoomie said it.

Skoomie says it all.....good luck!

I have applied to adsense a few weeks ago and my site is still under review.
What am I doing wrong and how can I resolve this?

there are a few stages you have to go through to make sure the review goes through properly.

first, log into your adsense and make it to the home page, you can do that by going here and logging in google.com/adsense

the first thing you should see are 2 tasks you have to complete for the review to continue, once you complete those you should see it update and give you a final task of setting up a payment system

hope this helps, if not PM me

I know sometimes it takes a long, long time--some have had to wait a month or six weeks. But if you are concerned I would visit AdSense and see if they have a support button you can access.

Yea, log on to adsense, and take the little test (about 10 min after you read their terms), then it may take another 3 or 4 weeks

go to google.com/adsense

on the home page near the first quick look column it shows how much you have made, there should be a link that says "view payments", click that

on the left side of the screen click, payment settings, the very first line says, payment schedule and next to it you can change the payment threshold.... the default is $100.00

Hmm, I'm there in that spot but the payment threshold is just not showing. Good to know that it's $100 though because that means I'm almost there. I will just wait for the cheque to arrive!

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Error 502? New website and I can't get in.

Error 502? New website and I can't get in.

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I bought my domain at NetCheap, and brought it over to WA. I chose a theme and now that I am trying to access the site, I get this message:

502 Error

If you've been in the site at least once and are having this problem, try clearing your cache. I've heard that this often clears up the problem. If you haven't been in it yet, then it may be that it's just not quite ready yet. Sometimes it takes a day (though usually much less) for the DNS to recognize a new site.

Clearing the cache worked! Thank you so much!

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