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Confused About Website Coding/Markup? Bad option ---->>> Mmm, take a ticket and join the queue! Good choice ---->>> Do something about it... Fun over, back to being serious... If you are interested in learning more about the coding that makes your website function, then there are sites that you can use to learn more about all this coding "stuff", and actually practice what you learn. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and so on are all on this site -
On my blog, I sometimes have to add in a reference source as to where I am getting my info from. I used to write the reference url, etc in the sentence and that was it. As I was looking for a footnotes plugin someone recommended this one to me. I was a wee bit dismayed when I read at the downloads page, it hadn't been updated for the newest version of WordPress. Therefore I tested it on a dummy siterubix site. It was easy to use, and can be placed wherever you want to in a sentence. I think th
Many of you will have heard of this, already. If you haven't read on. For those of us with a gmail address, we also have a Google+ account. Over the next few weeks there is a new "service" being rolled out that will connect both of those in a different way, within your G+ account. What is being introduced is the following - People who do/don't know you (G+ account holders), will be able to gmail you by typing in your name to a box and selecting from the drop names that appear. In other words
I've just posted my second article at SA. It was approved two minutes after I published it. So I'm quite chuffed, aka pleased to my USA friends. I wasn't going to post here about it. However, I needed an excuse for a blog to test out whether Chrome and blog/comments windows were working ok. Seems blogging works but I can't upload any pictures. Please advise of typos, whether you fell asleep half way through it (joking), whatever, here at WA. I got carried away with the flow of writing at
December 29, 2013
Someone sent me an email to a short video. It's relevant to us all here at WA. I hope that you find it inspirational - like I did. The name says it all - Annie
December 20, 2013
From my home to yours, I want to take this time to wish for all of you, a very Merry Christmas full of joy and love. We will be celebrating Christmas day with gifts from Santa, and as the day chosen to celebrate Jesus birthday. I also want to say, may 2014 be a Happy and Prosperous New Year for you all in every way. Like many of you, I will be dropping off the radar a bit more here at WA for a week or two. This is actually our Summer holidays in NSW. The children are already off school until
December 15, 2013
I've got the Do Not Track Me Firefox add on installed. It is doing it's job admirably for an email that I gave it, so that other people don't get my real email address. I'm really impressed with it so far. However, when I visited my website, I noticed that I'd "lost" my like/share buttons on it that are related to the "Tweet Like Share Plusone" plugin. After wondering "what the heck", I viewed my site in Chrome. There were all my media buttons showing up as normal. And that is what led me to be
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December 15, 2013
For our newer members or those of you that don't know, there is a free tool available for shortening any url link that you want to. There's probably a few. Here's Google's - If you are asked to sign in, then you need to create a Google account. Most of you will already have this. So next time you see a URL link you want to share, that could fill up a book, simply open up the aforementioned free tool and copy/paste it in the box provided. Hit the blue Shorten URL button and you're
The new WP update to version 3.8 is out. And boy does it look different! Very modern and extremely colourful. In fact there are 8 colour schemes to choose from. It is very inviting and I'm sure it will cheer some of us up working with the new look. They have added a new theme Twenty Fourteen as well. BTW - don't forget to do a backup of your site BEFORE you do updates - including to any new Wordpress versions.. A backup should be part of your site maintenance on a regular basis Here's a link to
It's a beautiful, sunny, Sunday morning here in western Sydney. In the near distance from the front of my house, there are the Scenic Hills. Trees, fields and cows, all within my view. In fact directly in front of me there is an old farmers house. It is a "Heritage Property". Surrounding it is a small field with three cows in it at the moment. They walk idly around, just doing what cows do! The land is looking particularly splendid to me at the moment as we've had more rain in the past week th