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Hi, I live in England and have a fairly high-pressured full-time job in an industry I have been in for years. I want to change





Best place to sell domains?

Best place to sell domains?

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Website Development & Programming

Hi all, does anybody know the best place to sell domain names? I have some which are just the names and one which is a set up website but with only 12 posts on it (changed my n

I recently listed a domain on Flippa last year, Alex! Good to see you again! Jeff😎

Hey Jeff! Good to hear from you! Have you sold any on Flippa?

No, the one I tried di not sell, and I let it expire! It was a test case, and I think I did about 7-8 blog posts on it , Alex!


I know I came on here and checked a few of them out but I didn’t know if it had sold or not. Hmmm ok so not as easy to offload as I thought it might be.

It is much like an eBay auction, there is a time period, and if it sells you will know, Alex!


Hi, you can try Flippa, Sedo, GoDaddy and Uniregistry marketplaces. Always use the services of an escrow to avoid being scammed. Escrow services typically charge a fee tor their services.

How does it work simple.

Read the small print, their terms and conditions. You may want to add a reserve so that you are not obliged to sell till it reaches the price you wanted. The highest bidder / buyer would forward the cash to the escrow business, you pass on your domain to the new buyer and collect your money off the escrow business.

Best wishes.

Thanks Abbie that’s great. Would I just ask site support to help in here? As my domains and website is on here? I’m keeping my main one here too.

Hi, site support function is maintaining our sites. First you need research the marketplaces and study how much is your domain name worth and at how much price are you willing to let go.

Once that finalized, and have listed it and you have a bidder. You can use the services of escrow and hand over your domain then you may ask support as to the authorization EPP code if it cannot be fetched via site domains.

Fantastic - thank you so much for your help 😁

I got this list of 8 sites from others you can try these.

Free Valuator
Domain Index
Website Outlook
Stat Chest

I wish you good luck let me know how you do.


Thank you, do you have any experience with any of these? Or know which one is better or more successful?

I have tried Sedo a few times without success, I list my domains and get to I believe it is the second stage and once I hit enter and wait to move to the third stage it just hangs up. I have not tried the other sites yet except for flippa.com where I just signed up and did not go any further. The domains I am selling are not developed websites, they have been indexed by Google but that is it. Selling these sites is not as easy as people think, the sites you sell on are very busy it seems, and have you hang on forever without success. Well, that is been my experience so far, I will try again and see how things blossom later.


Ok Joe well good luck. Sounds like we’re both doing the same thing! 😁


Hey I am Lula.
And I am aware of Flippa.com
Wishing you a terrific day.

Hi Lula, what a lovely name 😁 thank you for your help.

So far flippa.com would be the best place to sell it. If you are scared to do so, don't be. Remember, flippa will get a cut of your sale if you set it up the right way and pay you your difference.

Flippa.com has been more serious about scammers now than ever. If you have a transaction for over $5,000, you will have to go through a bank grade KYC which is "know your customer".
They also integrated with other payment service companies to ensure a smooth transaction. There are more security measures for you to do your bidding with them. You might want to go through all the options to benefit your intended sale of your website. All the best!

Thank you for your response. I thought it would be safer using Flippa but each of the scammers got through and emailed me directly. So I thought I’d be better trying somewhere else. I suppose you get scammers everywhere.

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Can anybody tell me what an ads.txt file is?

Can anybody tell me what an ads.txt file is?

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Website Development & Programming

Hi I’ve just been approved as an affiliate on Sovrn and they’ve sent me an email with a code to add to my ads.txt file and if I don’t have one I should create

I had to add from google, It was added by site support easily.
Best way to go.

If you prefer the 'long way round' there is the 'Ad Inserter' plugin. It made the whole process very easy for me and the documentation that comes with it is very easy to follow.
That said, until I read Daniels reply, I had noidea what it actually was, just knew I need to add it.
Good luck.

Site Support did it for me in minutes - so all done. But thanks for the info Twack. I know, I knew I needed it but didn't have a clue what it was LOL!! Oops, feeling like a newbie again!

It's a very frequent feeling for me. Glad you managed to sort it, I should have done that the first time round.

Hi - ask Site Support to add it for you. Just send them a message with the code, it will only take them a few minutes.

Great! Thanks Diane 😁

Job done - they very kindly created it for me. Thanks again.

Authorized Digital Sellers, or ads.txt is an IAB Tech Lab initiative that helps ensure that your digital ad inventory is only sold through sellers (such as AdSense) who you've identified as authorized. Creating your own ads.txt file gives you more control over who's allowed to sell ads on your site and helps prevent counterfeit inventory from being presented to advertisers.

Google strongly recommend that you use an ads.txt file. It can help buyers identify counterfeit inventory and help you receive more advertiser spend that might have otherwise gone toward that counterfeit inventory.
IAB= Interactive Advertising Bureau

As per Google support,

Hope this helps,

Thanks Daniel, yes I googled it too but still didn’t understand what I actually had to do lol!


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Which backup plug-ins do you guys & gals use?

Which backup plug-ins do you guys & gals use?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi, just a quick question. Which back-up plugins do you use for your website? I am toying with Updraft Plus but just wanted to get some feedback on either that one or a diffe

Hi Alexandra,

This was the recommendation from our WA Support: "Kindly install the "WP Clone" OR "All In One WP Migration" plugin to generate and download a site's backup."
I've used "All In One WP Migration", but never had to restore the site from the backup it generated.

~ Julia

Yes I was using WP Clone but it doesn’t do a complete backup of images.

Updraftplus. Its brilliant.

Alexandra, I have a brilliant back up plug in (sorry cant remember the name now - this is from my mobile) but I will answer tomorrow.

Best Regards,


Updraftplus. Its brilliant!

Thanks for responding. Updraft Plus does seem to be a popular choice.

Great question just reading comments learning

Thanks, glad it’s helped you 😁

I use ManageWP for all of my back ups. I have been using them for years. If I remember right a monthly back up is free. A daily back-up plan costs me about $1.00 per website a month. There are free backup plugins available.

Thanks for your response. I have a few to consider now. Really appreciated.

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