How Could I Forget?!

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I lost sight of a very important learning....

I'm not sure how this happened and I feel a little foolish - I wrote a post at the beginning of the year which some of you may remember called Huge Squeezy Ball

The post was all about how WA is my squeezy ball when it comes to stress or troubles in my life. I realised at the time, I had a lot going on and the only break from everything going on in my head occurred whenever I was either online here in the Community amongst you wonderful people or working on my websites.

It gave me the escape that I needed every single time. It allowed me to completely shift my focus away from anything troubling me and put it to good use for my future.

When I realised this I felt compelled to share it with you all because the most natural thing in the World when you have stress is to shut down certain things in your life which take up space in your head. Things you think you don't have the capacity to focus on at the time. But conversely, in this environment it's the one thing we shouldn't shut out.

Fast Forward...... the Numpty forgot!

It only took me a matter of weeks and I lost sight of it totally! Maybe it's my age finally catching up with me...?

The past 3 weeks have been some of the most stressful in my life - I don't need to go into detail but it was a life threatening health situation within my family alongside the nightmare that is home-schooling during lockdown and working full time. I went into shut down mode and cast aside WA and put working on my websites on hold.

Normally this would be an understandable reaction to anything causing added pressure during stressful times and it's something that we all do quite naturally. We close down and try to clear things out of our heads to see our way through. We do what we need to for our own mental well-being.

This was the worst thing I could have done. My fitness Boot Camp is another thing that helps me zone out in times of stress, but of course that's not an option at the moment whether I wanted to do it or not... fingers crossed that will be able to re-open again soon!

The Hidden Benefits of WA

WA is like a bubble - it's full of the most wonderful mix of people from all around the Globe who all have one thing in common - the desire to succeed in business on-line.

Because we all have that same common denominator and it's in this space that we all meet to work towards our goals, we don't get involved in each other's personal problems. Of course, some of us become closer friends with other members but personal details are still fairly limited in that respect. This enables us to be in a neutral space - it offers an un-biased, non-judgemental, support back up where the main focus is always working towards our online goals. It redirects your thoughts away from whatever is going on in your head.

Whilst in our collective bubble we are safe, we are working together supporting each other. But not on a personal level. It keeps the focus away from your troubles and as far as I'm concerned, especially right now, it's a priceless benefit.

Popping in Doesn't Cut It

I thought I could pop in and out, comment on a few posts and leave again but it gave me a feeling of disconnect. When I have popped on, of course you guys and gals have been great and as welcoming as usual.

And that's the point.

Life inside this bubble is consistent and goes on as normal. Other things are important.

It made me open up my websites and at first just tinker with them. Then I started researching ideas for more content. It made me feel good, no, in fact it made me feel great!

I finished some things on my To Do list I wrote a few weeks ago that didn't get looked at since I wrote it. And I'm half way through several posts which WILL be finished in the next few days!

Just doing those things got me back into the swing of it.

I have realised the true value of everybody here on WA again(!) and more importantly, I have been reminded of how much I love working on my sites and working towards my goals of being a true online success.

Don't make the same mistake

If this post does nothing else, I want you to remember one thing - if you're going through stress in your life, use WA, use the wonderful Community here, plough through the lessons or write content for your websites but stay connected. It's for your own mental well-being.

There are posts upon posts reeling off the numerous benefits of WA and our wonderful Community here and every single benefit our membership offers. I had feedback from so many of you after my Squeezy Ball post saying that it has the same calming effect on you too. So this isn't just a me thing.

The majority of the benefits of WA are clear and it's why we all signed up to Premium and have never looked back - but remember, there are some huge benefits which are not so obvious but they are there and they couldn't be more important.

I'm feeling blessed and am now finding it easier the past couple of days to deal with things since my gentle kick up the Jaaxy!

Now Where Was I?

Hmmm..... I'm rank 270 - 4 weeks ago I was in the Top 100. It may take a while but I'm heading straight back there! Well, at least in the Top 200 anyway! Need to add that to my To Do list.

I hope you're all having a great weekend wherever you are in the World.

Much love,

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Wow Alexandra, thank you for that share. It really gives insight into the dynamics of the ongoing challenge of keeping this up through the challenges that life brings us.
I get what you mean by feeling good about opening up the websites. It is great when you've found something that makes you feel good!

Best wishes,


Exactly - it’s been a lifeline to my sanity sometimes

Over time we give ourselves a 'heads up' when we are close to having an overload situation. We see it coming and act accordingly to subdue the oncoming 'stressful thingamabob'
As we are currently in the midst of unchartered territories, it's not always easy to see what's coming and to be prepared in our usual manner, if that makes sense.
Long-winded way of saying, don't be overly hard on yourself. You still managed to see things as they are and found your 'Huge Squeezy Ball'.
WA is like one of those Amtrak trains, just chugging along, regular as you like. Sometimes we get on and stay a while, othertimes we might get on at one stop off at the next.
It matters not the duration of your journey, more important is that you have an openended return ticket.

That’s true Twack and thank you.

Hi Alex

At times of great stress it's perfectly natural to put the blinkers on and focus only on what's immediately in front of you as you try to deal with things.
Certainly not something you should be self-critical for.
The good thing about an online business is that your site is still there, becoming more mature in Google's eyes and quietly attracting visitors to your content even when you aren't working on it.
Hopefully things will be a bit less hectic for you over the coming months and you can get back to building your awesome sites and developing that business you have worked so hard on.
I know it's gonna be a winner for you!

Take care!

Thanks Dave as always for your endless encouragement 😁🙌🏻

I am looking forward to seeing your business take off soon.
Your site is brilliant and you have worked so hard on it. It's gonna be awesome!

That’s a LOT more work to be done before that happens I think but 🤞 it’s sooner rather than later 🙌🏻

And thank you!!

Now that you are a squeeze page guru - the world is your oyster!

Lol hmmm 🤔 not sure I’d use the term guru! 🤣

It is a period which disturbs us psychologically and sometimes physically. It is not easy to manage these changes and cope with our daily life. I think you are doing very well and you keep a winning mentality. So congratulations for coming back to the surface despite this wave of emotions and personal worries that overwhelmed you.


Thanks Ingrid, I appreciate your comment 😁

Well done. A great job. Keep it going! Florentino

Thanks Florentino, I appreciate you taking the time to read my post.


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