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There are many chicken & egg situations in life and I seem to be up against one now and for the past few months - it's contributing to me not doing anything on my site - which in turn is completely halting any progress that I made previously, in fact, I'm very much going in reverse.

I'm sure I can't be the only one that's coming up against this problem but I'm also sure there are many of you wonderful WA-ers out there who have valuable advice to help any of us through this glitch.

Let me explain....

I have a site which I'm very excited about and proud of, even though in content terms it's still very immature.

I initially signed up to be an afilliate of Amazon which covered most of the products that I write about - my niche is anti-ageing products and treatments. I also concentrated on a specialist product and had a direct affiliate partnership with the company concerned. The specialist product, I still believe, is a fantastic one - however, the company running the affiliate program seem to be scamming affiliates out of money so I ditched them. I am now concentrating more on the vast range of products and treatments out there in the anti-ageing market.

All sounds normal, I hear you say...

Well, yes. There wasn't a problem until Amazon kicked me out - I signed up with them right at the beginning of my journey, way too early - has anybody else done this?? Which of course meant that I wasn't up and running properly or bringing in the numbers before they closed my affiliate partnership down.

Looking at the overall picture I don't think this is a bad thing. It's not a negative in itself to stop me progressing I think the stumbling block is in my head. Have you ever had that, where you have a barrier in your head about a certain something and you just cannot overcome it??

I have so many things to write about and I keep writing posts for my site - I have many which are three quarters written in my site content and then I start another. The reason I don't finish them..... Is because I cannot find an affiliate partner for the products I'm writing about or if I can, it's almost a different affiliate program for each product which would mean a vast accumulation of partner programs?

So, how do successful people do it??

I am part of Awin and Sovrn but please forgive me for sounding like I have an exceptionally low I.Q. I don't know how to use them! They confuse the hell out of me.... is it just me?? This then leads me to all sorts of negative thoughts.... I'm not cut out for this, this is for more intelligent people than me, I can never make this work.... blah blah blah. However, I know these thoughts are wrong! I know that I can write. I know that I have knowledge and advice to give. It's the monetising it that I'm struggling with. Yes, I've heard people say that it's the helping people which is important - yes I partly agree with that - but let's be honest, most of us are here to make money too. I will never fulfil my dream of leaving my job and working for myself with my own on-line business if I just write to help people?

The bottom line is I have a site which has content on it that advises people but brings me no money because the products I write about and the images I use have no links to affiliate programs.

Am I alone in this thinking?

Lost Mojo?

Some of you will know me, I joined WA a year ago and went all guns blazing and was fully integrated in the WA family but when I was scammed and then Amazon kicked me into touch I lost my mojo. Admittedly I had a lot of other things going on to deal with but this year, everybody has had other things to deal with and it hasn't stopped you lovely people!

I don't think it's my mojo exactly that I've lost - I literally feel like I'm in a CHICKEN & EGG situation and it's stopping me mentally - from finishing posts and moving forward.

Chicken & Egg Conundrum:

I review products and write a detailed review on my site - I have no affiliate link to the products to monetise the post.

The products I can find affiliate programs for, I don't particularly want to write about as I don't think the products are that good. I'm not looking for the top commercialised products which everybody knows about - I want to really offer knowledge about the products which are hugely beneficial and effective that people don't know about but should know about, if that makes sense?

I'm not specialising in a complete brand range of products either, it is individual products which work for their specific purpose and unfortunately it isn't usually whole brand ranges which do that.

Any words of wisdom? Do you feel the same?

Feedback and comments gratefully received - I want to make 2021 the best it can be, Covid or no Covid!

I hope you all had a fantastic Xmas or as best as it could be under the circumstances. And I wish you all the best New Year ever - roll on the back of 2020!!

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Hello Alexandra!

I am in that situation right now and experience the same frustration! I got rejected by Amazon, and since then I have been writing content and monetizing with AdSense. I only have 53 posts on my site..., and make about (10 euros/month). I have joined Shareasale, CJ, and Rakuten but not using them yet waiting to have more traffic, etc... and I don't want to waste my time writing another review and fail again like I did with Amazon when I just started...I am frustrated because I have been here since 2018.

Every year, I get anxious at this time of the year (black Friday, Christmas) because I am still not selling anything on my website and missing huge opportunities.

I wanted to know how are you doing now? Many thanks! Reading your post gave me hope and made me realize I wasn't the only one. :)

Hi, thank you for your comment. This is the first time I have been on WA in over a year. And it was lovely to see your message. Unfortunately I don't have any success story to tell you. I still have my two websites but I haven't added to them in almost two years. I was running full steam ahead with enthusiasm in abundance until my affiliate partner wouldn't pay me the money I had earnt and I realised they were conning people. It really knocked the stuffing out of me and I lost the drive. I tried to reignite the determination but I just struggled so much after that with monetising my sites.

I see the people that I knew on here all doing well and I'm so happy for them. I think it's dependent on your niche how difficult it is to get the relevant partnerships. Definitely utilise the people on here - there's so much experience and knowledge, but you must know that. You joined the same year as me I think.

Any way, sending you best wishes and lots of luck x

Your websites are wonderful! Hope you get inspired again! But I totally understand how you feel.

Hey, that's why I'm here - to help WA members work with Awin and ShareASale! I'm glad to help you figure out our system; once you learn it, it will be super easy to do anything you want. Same thing with ShareASale. Just message me and I'll help you!

By all means, don't put all your eggs in the Amazon basket. Lack of sales isn't the only reason they can find to remove you from their program.

Hey that’s fantastic! You’re the very person I need! I will pm you tomorrow as it’s late now here. Thank you so much for offering to help x

Glad to be of service!

First of all, I want to say how glad I am to hear from you again and that you are not giving up on this!👏👏👏 I hope you are well and you and your son enjoyed Christmas. 🎄🎁

You do know that you can reapply to the Amazon affiliate program, right? But make sure your site has matured some. Look at Jaaxy and see how well your articles are ranking. That will give you a good idea if Amazon will approve you the second time around.

I don't work with Awin or Sovrn, so I can't help you there, but there has to be other affiliates that concentrate in anti aging beauty products. Try Commission Junction, Impact, Partnerize, and FlexOffers. They all have large affiliate networks. You are bound to find a few anti aging affiliates among those networks.

Keep the Train 🚆 moving forward, remember?

Best regards and Happy Holidays!

Barbara ❤🌹

Thanks Barbara, some great ideas there! I’ll look into all of them. My posts aren’t really ranking at the moment because I’ve not posted much new content recently. I’m working on it again this week and pushing forward. I got off at the wrong stop! 🚂

We had a great Xmas but I’m looking forward to getting this year behind us. Hope you did too! Keep safe and thank you for the advice!! 😁

You're are very welcome.
Get back on that train girl!
My son and I had a very quite Christmas and I certainly can't wait until this year is over with either.
We are safe and I intend to keep it that way.
Don't be a stranger and reach out if I can help in any way!

Take care,

Hi I could understand the feeling. According to Hugh you don’t have to suffer in silence, one of the best things is to ask questions until you under stand. I’ve been there, still part of the way but I keep pressing on not giving up. So I encourage you to dust yourself off and take our hand and we’ll help you along.

Will you do that, we’re here. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Hi Elodie, thank you so much for your comment. Yes I am in the process of dusting myself off. I was going full stream ahead until I got knocked sideways and then couldn’t get back on track.

2021 is going to be better for all of us, I’m sure of it. Thanks again and keep safe.

Hello Alex
I think that many of us 'can't figure out one thing or the other'. The main thing is that you do not need to suffer in silence particularly with the loads of support right here. Ask the questions which are most burning and I am sure you will get the answers you are yearning for. All the best in your continuing journey here.

Thank you for your comment Hugh and you’re so right. The support here is endless and maybe I do need to lean on it a bit to get me through this blip. 😁

We are here for you Alexandra so please do

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