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I´m a former Diplomat, where I focused on International Trade. I retired a few years early and am now enjoying developing my own businesses. I´m fully bilingual English/Spanish and can also speak some French and Arabic. I have wide ranging cultural and business experience from having lived in Chile, Mexico, Belize, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria, Botswana, Libya, Iraq and Iraqi Kursdistan. And I have been fortunate to visit many other Countries too.

I´m a keen traveller and love exploring remote locations and camping in nature.
I´m also an Environmentalist and have an interest in Astrology, guiding people to choose the right career or a change in career, to make the right life path and career choices. My motto is an Old Chinese saying; “He who says it can´t be done, don´t stop the person doing it”.

You might find this training blog helpful about twitter:


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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
US$2000 a month
Money I would be ecstatic earning
US$3000 a month
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
60 or more
Goal created on
Jan 6, 2020
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LatinNomad Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?
US$2000 a month

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?
US$3000 a month

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
60 or more
Hope you succeed, just put in the effort!!
LatinNomad Premium
Thanks for the advice Brett. Please follow me back too.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Great goals Tj!

I'm here to help you achieve them.

So, don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime you need help.


PS. Take a look at some success stories from this year in the post below: Will you become the next success story? :)
LatinNomad Premium
Thanks Roope. I have been a bit discreet in my profile. I want to learn more but I´m very interested and now I´m retired, have plenty of time on my hands to put in the hours.
Kyle Premium
Fantastic Tj! I know you are going to become a rock star within the online world before you know it. I am looking forward to seeing you succeed at ALL of your goals and am behind you ever step of the way if you need it.

You are in the right place here at Wealthy Affiliate and you have all the tools, training, websites, networking and support to take you wherever you want in this journey. :)
RogerHumbke Premium
Dear Latin Nomad,
Because your willing to work 60+hrs a week, I believe you will be involved with Wealthy Affiliate for years to come as a very successful member.
The hardest part for me is to keep from losing focus and completing the training on a daily basis. There are so many distractions and I have ADHD.
Best of luck in 2020.
Roger Humbke
j52powell Premium
Creating goals is an important first step. After that, I suggest taking advantage of the well-designed and systematic training provided here at WA. When you have questions, don't be afraid to ask the talented and helpful mentors here for us.

Also, it is excellent that you are willing to make the time commitment to succeed. Good luck with progressing toward your goals.

Best regards,

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favorme Premium
Hi LatinNomad, and thanks so much for joining my network team.
I believe that you're already enjoying your new journey here in WA.
I hereby gladly return your gesture by following you back. I believe that life is better when sharing with one another our time, experience, and skills.
We need each other to succeed in whatever things we are doing in life.
Wishing you good success!

dkohsh88 Premium
Hi Latin,
Nice getting to know quite a bit about you. And your journey to so many different countries in the part and parcel of work. Gaining lots of experiences that is priceless. They are many more things to explore in life. Looking forward to more of your posts in WA. Stay safe. Thanks for your follow. I will be follow u too.

To more success,
David Koh
CassiOfTroy Premium
Hi Tj,

Thank you for the follow. 😊
I am following you right back!

WA is an extraordinary community of like-minded people from all over the world.
We are here to learn, earn, grow and support each other - and that now includes you.

Dive in.
Get involved.
Ask questions.
Follow the training.
Take your time.

This is THE best platform and community for Digital Entrepreneurs.
Let me know if I can assist you in any way.

Have a GREAT 2020!!

PKraenzel Premium
Hi! Thank you for following me. You have a very interesting life path and you have been around, that is impressive. I am also bilingual English, German and some Arabic. While living in Africa I grew up around a lot of diplomats (through school) and work. I am an Environmentalist an artist (I paint) and love history. I watch national geographic that's how I get to see places I would not be able to go to freeze the image and paint it.

I now live permanently in Germany. I am working on having my website also in German, and Spanish. Because I don't speak read or write Spanish I got WPML bilingual program to help me with that, I can imagine the automatic Spanish translation is a disaster because I had to do some adjustments to the German translation LOL, I hope it's not too bad. Maybe you can check it out and let me know.


I will check out your website and give a comment.

Be safe
best regards
elibuch Premium
Hello Trevor, thanks for the follow, good to meet you here and what an interesting bio you have. I see from your photos that you also like big waves just like me (see my recent blog) :-) I can see your zest for life jumps out of your content :-)
Despite the social distancing at the moment, we're learning how words can be a great motivator - we see it especially here on this platform. You've got some great tips, I'll will definitely be following you. Wishing you a productive day, keep smiling.
Best Wishes, Eli