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Last Update: May 7, 2017


This SiteSpeed really is amazing. Just introduced it on my first site and before and after SiteSpeed on Google are very different. This system (SiteRubix) really must be the best implementation available for most users of WordPress .. thank you Kyle and Carson.

Before ... and After (about one minute apart):

Cheers, William.

Stay Focused, Move Forward.

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Yes it is good .. I'm excited. Cheers, William.

Hi William

Nice to see it worked for others.
My speed DROPPED after installing the Site Speed add-on :/
Mobile went from 69 to 62!
Not sure why and site support can't help either it seems.

I just wonder now, should I leave the Site Speed on or turn it off?


Thanks Kamil. Just a suggestion before you do anything.

1. Make sure you are logged out of your website
2. Check Post URLs not the Blog Roll
3. Check twice .. the second one will be the accurate one

See if those results are better.

Cheers, William.

Thanks William, will try this.

William - Great results! I had the same experience after I turned on Site Speed. Jovo has an interesting perspective below. So I'm off to try individual posts as a comparison. Thanks for sharing.

Yes Patrick .. Jovos comment was great .. made me look a bit further. Recheck my further comments and those from Craig, they might be useful.

Cheers, William.

You are checking the home page like everybody but If you check separate posts you will see this is not so great:

This gives what you see attached

Thanks Jovo .. that is above my pay-grade .. what does it mean and what do I need to do in simple terms?

Hi William, I have no idea. What I see at my side is that only the home page is faster and the numbers for all individual posts look terrible. I checked also sites of other people who were reporting great speed and found the same slow posts.

I am sure that in my case the SiteSpeed does not go deeper than the home page.

Just copy the URL of one of your pages and test it like you did above. Individual pages may have different results.

Hi. I tested a few spots on your site using the link Kyle and Carson give. In most places I had the same results as you, but the blog page was slower.

Just done a bit more checking .. based on what Carson's instructions are, to check a Page/Post, Admin needs to be logged out and it is the second time the Page/Post is accessed that brings accurate site speed. This is because the first time is the time the "system" pulls the Page/Post from the website to the SiteSpeed "Machine". So the second time is is being accessed direct from the SiteSpeed Machine is the more accurate speed.

I check this with the Post of mine that you Checked and it gave a 100 .. 90 ..96 Rating. I am not sure there is that level of improvement for all Pages/Posts (I have my doubts about one of my other sites).

This all needs more checking and discussion it seems. LOL. Cheers, William.

Thanks Craig .. I guess the Blog role is not as important as individual Posts .. I will try and learn more and see what I can improve. As Paul says "It is all good fun" .. LOL. And this is all above my pay grade. The good news is that is is a small site at the moment as I have not spent much time on in so can fix it in its early stages.

Cheers, William.

Yes this is what I did.

But I have repeated it now and have this good result. So it is good if this is a true result and you should be happy, I would not mind to have the same in my site, but it may be an accidental fluctuation as well, so it is best to check again later.

I was doing it incognito for my posts yesterday and the results were confirmed by Support because they were checking my posts from their side. So there is no doubt they were bad.

I just checked some posts from our friend Paul and have very bad results (sorry Paul if you read this). It was incognito and repeated, see how it looks like, the improvement only 10% after the second check. So the system definitely does not work properly:

Thanks Jovo. Yes there seems to be a lot to understand here and it is a beta version and we really don't know "how beta" .. lol. Thank you for the great discussion and your thought. Cheers, William.

I just tested:

That is getting 91 mobile, 97 desktop (which is great).

If you are receiving lower scores than in the 90's, there is almost definitely some BIG images on your site that need to be optimized, that is why it can vary on a page to page basis.

90's simply is not being achieved on a regular basis in this industry and we do have some solutions coming in respect to image optimization, that is also going to be done on a hardware level.

Thanks Kyle. Cheers, William.

That's crazy for Paul, Jovo! Down from 97/100 to 43/100 and 53/100? Are these the "other pages" outside of the landing page you refer to?

Well, most of his posts and pages are in the red zone. This can easily be checked.

Completely the same is with my site, the homepage is great and everything else is red.

wish mine worked like that. Mine is still in the 60s and 70s Bummer

Yes Bummer, William. What can I say? It is all above my pay-grade :) Just did it with my second site and the results were even better!

If you are still getting in the 60's/70's, contact SiteSupport and they will investigate for you.

You almost certainly have a rogue plugin/theme or images that are HUGE that need to be optimized on your site.

Kyle, I did contact Support yesterday and there was no improvement. Perhaps you can have a look in the thread because they promised to get back to me but I did not get any news form them.

Your site is good Jove but loading speed is till a touch high and In think if you just make your images a bit smaller and re-optimise you will be OK


see results

Paul, I appreciate this, but you are checking my home page. I know it loads fast enough.

This is about individual posts and pages. They are all red.

Don't get why they can make the landing page fast but cannot get the indivudual pages to load faster.

I do not have any answer. They keep saying I have unoptimized images because Google's tool says this. Well, I do not have. And this explanation makes no sense because SiteSpeed is supposed to be a cached version.

Have a look in Kyle's replies in my another question. He says I should not be worried for the red flags, the site looks fast.

Well done.

Yes John .. Well done Kyle and Carson. Cheers, William.

Great results, many congrats!

Yes Great! Cheers, William.

AS I said my friend BEST of the BEST

Absolutely Paul! Cheers, William.

I think it is too early to say anything. This does not work yet.

Not sure what you are referring to Jovo, YES, it does work and people are seeing incredible results with this. It wont' take every site to 90's, we simply cannot control if someone has huge images on their websites or rogue plugins.

Everything else is being handled from our end though.

It works great

Kyle I am referring to my own site. Have been in touch with Support yesterday and they could not tell me anything. I am waiting for some news from them as they promised.

All posts I have checked in my site are slower than before.

Why would you not have a look in the thread and let me know what the problem is. I do not have huge images in the site, they are all optimized without exceptions. All is in my thread with the Support from yesterday, cannot repeat all here.

Repeating claiming that the system works will not make it working. The system does not work. Have a look in my site and see yourself.

Really Paul, see your post, you have 53% only here and in many other posts, it is red both for mobile and desktop:

HI Jove

This is because of pictures which are in http and my site is https and I have not learned how to change them yet BUT my website loading speed which is the main thing that matters is less than a second whereas your is over 3 and needs a bit of work with reducing picture site and re-optimising

see below

Paul all my images are optimized.

My understanding is that site loading speed is almost immaterial if you have a caching system in place. I had a caching plugin and all was fine, but it is removed after turning on SiteSpeed, so my posts are slow now.

Remember, SiteSpeed is supposed to be a caching system.

You are making the same mistake all the time, checking the home page. Nobody is coming to the home page, check individual posts, people follow keywords. Your posts are slow.

Hi Jovo

I have just finishing testing all my pages on my site and they range from 2.4 to .4 second =most are less than 1.5 seconds

my key words are aimed at website and my landing page and this is where most of my traffic comes
You see I have a very specific niche and once the person lands then they can move around very quickly

see attached

Paul I am not sure which tool you are using.

For your homepage you were using the tool suggested by Carson and you reported great speed, so just use it again for separate posts as well and you will get all red just as I have in my site. But you keep saying that the speed is great. I am saying it is not. We can leave it like that.

No need to convince me in anything, it is simply the matter of consistency. If you want to have a clear picture, use the same tool for everything.

Paul, your red-result for posts (for mobile) should not be related with https or http. This should be easy to realize; many of your desktop results are OK, only mobile is red. So it does not sound logical, if http is a problem, it would be a problem for any device.

But I have checked a couple of my friends sites who are big time in the business and turnover is millions and there site are all in the red!!

Paul, this is not the topic we are discussing here.

You claimed SiteSpeed was giving a great speed. Well, I do not see it, neither in my site nor in your site.

So what are we going to do? Pretending that something exists although it does not. Do you know the story about The Emperor's New Clothes?

Hello Jovo and I must explain that when you are talking about site loading speed it mean how many seconds it takes for you site to load -
Now what is 88/10 or 55/100 or 76/100 they are numbers but what is the value
Does 100 mean three seconds or four seconds as I do
Not know but if I use a stop watch it is very easy to time and most of my pages are loading 1.5 seconds and I check these with pingdom and results same

This is all fine what you are saying. But you did not show these numbers when you rushed and blogged a few times about the incredible SiteSpeed, here is one of your blogs: You were showing only percentage not real numbers. And this was for your homepage.

So now, if you want to be consistent and taken seriously, go and show the speed of your individual posts (using the same Google's tool), like the one with 53% and others, all in red, so that people see the reality. This is the only way, a serious approach to things.

Or, are you saying that red numbers do not matter?

I am working on it Jovo and will let you know soon ok

A great result!
They are always innovating :-)

Yes John! Cheers, William.

That is amazing. Thank you for sharing that with us!

Thanks Susan .. Cheers, William.

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