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Hi, my name is WeiXiang Wang, or you can call me Henry. I live in Taipei City, Taiwan, and I'm currently a junior in National Taiwan University, majoring in political science.

I joined in WA in April 10th, 2020. I added the date because I want to see how much I've been through along this journey when I look back in future.

I want to start my career in affiliate marketing for two main reasons:
One, I want more allowances without asking for my parents' permission.
Two, I want to achieve financial liberty before I'm 30 years old.
Hope I can really achieve what I want.

Stay tuned for more details~
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14 hours
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Apr 10, 2020
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weixiangW Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
14 hours
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Henry & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

Super awesome goals that you've set to work on and to accomplish to fruition here ....

For sure, Go for it!

All the very best for every Success, cheerio ..... :)
Euro1 Premium
Great goals. Now is the time to stick with the training and turn these goals into a reality. Welcome to wealthy affiliate and i wish you success.
Kyle Premium
Wonderful goals Henry! You have an entire community rooting for your success and willing to help you at every step along your journey! :)
Great goals you have Henry, I wish you all the best on your journey to achieving them. :)
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marypgm Premium
Hi Henry,
I also came from Taiwan. I graduated from National Chung Hsing University long time ago. Came to the US and got my Ph.D. from a university in Ohio and have been working as an IT professional since.

Both of my parents and brother still live in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

You can also connect with me on my LINE account. My LINE ID is lisa_ohio.

Best of luck with all the things you have set out to do!

Lisa Wang
weixiangW Premium
Nice to meet you, Lisa. What a small chance to meet another Taiwanese here. I've added you as my new LINE friend. My LINE ID is henry880815. Really look forward to having some chitty chats and insightful conversations with you. Wish you all the best, in online business and life.
marypgm Premium
Hi Henry,
That's right. What a small world. I also just added you to my LINE.
Wishing you all the best on what you've set out to do as well.


habibrani Premium
Thanks for the follow WeiXiang. We are following you too šŸ˜Š

Hoping to collaborate with you to get a lot greater success for yourself and us. If you need any help or guidance don't forget to give us a shout and we shall try our best to help you out, if we cannot we will definitely point you in the right direction to the many experts that are here on WA to help us out.

We are the founders of:

check our site, it may give you good ideas to use for your site

Iā€™m an ICT tutor by profession and I have created many sequential (series) lesson on Microsoft Excel for now. They are FREE lessons.

Take care

Habib and Rani
Hi sir. I highly appreciated your kindness for welcoming me in wealthy affiliate. hoping you can guide me even though I am worthless.In terms of job and business I don't have any experience yet because i am a postponed graduate due to this pandemic and i am trying to prove to my self and to my parents that there is money online if i do my best and always have eagerness to learn something to become successful when it comes in online business. hoping you can guide me to become a successful business man. thank you sir. :)
weixiangW Premium
And I thank you for your generous compliments and appreciation. I am also an undergraduate student along with many other young members here. It would be my honor if my thoughts and advice can be of help to you.

Although I joined WA earlier, I have much to learn no less than you. The only suggestion I can offer you right now is take OEC training courses with your utmost concentration and endeavors. Make sure you finish every lesson and fulfill each task without skipping one.

Other than that, if you have any question or whatever is on your mind, do feel free to contact me. I'll always be more than willing to help you out.

Look forward to further conversations. Best wishes,
wow. thank sir gladly to hear your response. looking forward too to have more conversation with you :)
wjames09 Premium
Hey Henry,

I appreciate you reaching out, and I believe we all here at WA, is to make more of allowance than ever before. I know that's why I'm here. I'm looking to be my OWN BOSS and to fire my current BOSS! I'm here to make as much allowance as I want! There really isn't a cap for me!

I wish you great success in making that happen for yourself!

Hard, Work, Work!!
ttabor Premium
Hi Henry, nice meeting you here, please connect, thank you. In my young years I did some study in political science in Poland and in Australia, than I qualified in field of financial planning and fo 30
years I was running my own financial planning practice.
But my passion was always in natural therapies and nutritional medicine...please check my profile page...I enjoy teaching foundational health and helping people with their health challenges. I managed to combine my knowledge from two fields: financial planning and health science so if you would like to become financially free before you are 30, happy to share my wisdom, PM me please.
Take care, wish you all the best here on your new journey...