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Noffolow & noindex boxes in vacation?

Noffolow & noindex boxes in vacation?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi, there used to be a Noindex and Noffolow boxes at the bottom of each post/page on AIOSEO.

But I can't seem to find those boxes now. Any idea?

Hey I am Lula.
Can I learn from your experience if you do not mind?
Wishing you a terrific day.

Hi, Lula. Thanks for stopping by. And nice to meet you.

I've had a great experience so far. All you have to do is learn, do your keyword research properly, and implement what is taught.

If your website is new, my advice is to start writing content on topics that have almost no competition, so that you can rank faster on Google and people will link to your website.

If you start writing topics that have already been written by big websites, it'll be difficult to rank.


This is how we all learn by following others and learning from their experience. This is the WA way. So it is important for each of us to look at questions raised by members and learn from the responses.

Hey, Warren. Thanks for asking this question. It is helpful to follow the responses for all of us. Good responses. Have a great weekend!

Hi, Earl. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend as well

What it looks like is that this feature may be moved to the PRO paid version.

Just a thought.
Not sure why you want to do NO Index or No follow. But if it is because you don't want to publish a post right away you can leave it in draft.

If your text is something you never want indexed maybe you could put it in a free .xiterubix.com site and mark the entire site No Follow No index.

Hi, thanks for your answer and that makes sense.

In fact, I need this option for pages like "Affiliate Disclosure" and "Privacy Policy" because they are duplicate pages

What do you mean by
"I need this option for pages like "Affiliate Disclosure" and "Privacy Policy" because they are duplicate pages."

Affiliate Discloser and privacy policy are not considered duplicate pages for ranking. They are required by every website Yes we all have the same content on them, but that is the way these pages are because there is standard content that must be included.
Do not mark these as No Follow No crawl. Search engines need to crawl and index these otherwise your site is missing some crucial qualifications

Alright, thank you very much. That makes perfect sense.

It's because I've seen a question that has been asked here before about the same topic, and members here were recommending to check the boxes to NoFFOLOW and NOINDEX.

But I'll take your suggestions

Interesting. I have never put no follow on those two pages ever for any of my sites for over 10 years and have never had a problem.

You've been here for a long time. Since you say you've never had any problem with that, then that's great. Thanks, I'll just leave those pages like that.

Have a great weekend

If my grey matter is still functioning properly, Kyle taught way back in the day that the search engines automatically disregard certain types of pages or data that is required by default.
Good luck

Yes, you are right.

Alright. Thanks

They were moved with the recent updates.
Go to Settings->Reading->bottom...discourage search engines from indexing or following page.
I think that's it.

Hi, Thanks for popping by, but if I do this, It'll discourage search engine to index the entire site.

I only need the NoINDEX on a specific page

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Does google analitycs only show data from google?

Does google analitycs only show data from google?

asked in
Search Engine Optimization

Hi, I'm just wondering, does Google Analitycs only display data coming from Google or data coming from all search engines?

Like the page views, etc.

Interesting answers here, Warren!


Yes I agree with everyone else so far. I've seen results from other search engines as well as social media sites.

Thanks for stopping by

Glad we were able to clear that up for you.

I have seen data from social media.

Hi, Lisa. Alright thanks for stopping by

Good to see you Lisa, hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend. Also am so happy you made the sale :)

Sorry Warren, was so happy to see Lisa. However, you may like review below good read resource for more understanding and clarification


No worries AbieAJ. Thanks for the resource

You're welcome.

Good to see you, my friend. My weekend is going swimmingly :-)

You are very welcome Warren :-)

I've seen my results show, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, Facebook, wherever people accessed your site from and what they used to access your site.

Hi, Yvonne. I thought so. Thanks for your answer

Your welcome

I've seen data from Bing.and Facebook as well

Alright, thanks for your contribution

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Is it beneficial for a new website to request comments?

Is it beneficial for a new website to request comments?

asked in
Social Engagement & Marketing

Hi all,

We all know that no matter how good your content is, or the total number of comments you have, you won't outrank the well-established and authoritative websites

I think having more activity on your new website will look great friend. You have to start at some point. So, I wouldn't wait any longer. Go for it! All the best!

I learned a few things here too, Warren!

Hi, I have a new website and I started asking for comments as suggested in Boot Camp.

Hi, Yvonne. Alright, I'll keep requesting comments even though the website is new.

I endorse what Diane has said. Additionally, can you not continue to ask for comments on your site even when it is not new? You can ask for comments on your blogs? Once you continue to earn credits you will have the ability to do so. All of this will help in pushing up your site.

Yeah, I totally agree. Thanks for your input, Hugh

Sure thing Warren anytime.

Hi - you can do it right from the outset. It shows Google that visitors are engaging with your posts, and it will pay more attention to them.

Alright. Thanks, Diane.

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Should those two keywords be subject to a single post?

Should those two keywords be subject to a single post?

asked in
Authoring & Writing Content

Hi all, what do you think about related keywords?

For example, if I have found two keywords such as "Online Business For Free", and "Online Business From Home".


I'm glad you asked this question, Warren! I learned a thing or two here as well!


You're welcome Jeff

Much appreciated!

Those are in a sense both sides of the same keyword like a coin. You need to choose one as a focus point and use the other in a natural way somewhere in the post. In the final analysis your post will probably rank for keywords you don't even have in your post.

Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know

Those keywords are not my chosen ones. I only chose them for the question.

My question is only to know if this type of keywords should be inserted in a single article, or if it's possible to put them in two separate posts.

I just need to know what you guys think about that

Hi, the QSR on both aren't so great, hope you know that.

Hi, those two are not my chosen keywords. I only chose them for an example to my question. Because I see a lot of related keywords like that

The suggestion is, one keyword per article.

Thanks for reaching out.

My question is just, are those two keywords related? I just need a yes or no

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