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Hi there, I am Phil, a digital radio presenter, producer and consultant, executive NLP Coach, BWRT therapist and have worked in media mainly news programming and music most of my life.

I am here to learn and fascinated by niche websites.

I have an interest in liver health and alcohol free as a niche.

Always happy to help, not a natural writer and here for the long run not a quick fix!
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Damien15 Premium
Hello Phil, great to add you to my network. Much appreciated, thanks for following. Like yourself I'm in this for the long ride to the end game.
There's no shortcuts to success!! Your right though we need to focus on Quality content, monitising is the easy part. Made easier as we progress, so I'm learning.
Wishing you much luck with your business.

webcash2us Premium
Thanks for following me in return Phil.

I'd spoke with you in chat many times before and it wasn't until the other day when I read a comment on a post from you that I realized I was not following you.

Thanks for all the help, past, present and future as I know there will be more to come.

I'm here for years and I still love this learning process.
I wish you all the best.

philmedia Premium Plus
Hey John, and likewise, I thought we were, happens a lot, just shows you! The pleasure is all mine and thanks so much for connecting. I'm here long term, it certainly was not created in a year! All the best, Phil
MRabbitt Premium
You answered back on my question. I've never set up a site before and I thought it was like a click n drag thing. I'm not a designer yet. I have my domain name, started a site but I don't know what to or how to add anything to it. I have a little knowledge, not a lot. Is there like a tutor for help?
philmedia Premium Plus
Hey no worries, me neither, its a self learn programme but you can ask questions as you go and we are all here to help. I would also reach out to Dale who is your sponsor I think. Personally I just followed the sessions and ticked the boxes as I went. That would be my advice. I am not technical at all and just focus on content. A simple site is all you need. good luck, Phil
HiStyle Premium
Follow the training at the top of the homepage. There are videos to follow that make the process simple and logical.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Phil
I saw you were leaving live chat so decided to share this with you here. Have a read of this article about The Queens Gambit and the impact on chess set sales:
https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/23/arts/television/chess-set-board-sales.html#:~:text=But in the weeks since,sales have grown 125 percent.&text=A spokeswoman for eBay, Kara,of the show in October.
And another article about how the series has affected the market:
So interesting - enjoy!

PS I also sent the idea you mentioned about puzzles to Irishredrose via PM :-)
philmedia Premium Plus
Brilliant thanks Louise!
EddieSand Premium
What an amazing life experience you have Phil! It's good to hear your interest in liver health and alcohol free. I used to work for a company from Ireland that has built a company to support alcohol free lifestyle. I couldn't believe that positive transformation and impact this type of niche had on the lives of struggling people. I wish you good success in your interest and always stay motivated by your passion.
philmedia Premium Plus
Thank you for a lovely comment much appreciated. All the best Phil
Danclintmaj Premium
Hi EddieSand,
just followed you. Here is my Pinterest URL;