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Last Update: November 04, 2020

Hey Folks,

This the bug thread if you are having ANY issues with the new platform here at WA. Please post your issues below and if you can, please provde screen captures of what you are referring to within the comments.

We appreciate your help and your feedback. We will get to ALL of these efficiently! :)


Kyle & Carson

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JohnJStanley Premium
Hi Kyle and team
I received an email about recurring commission and followed the history back to see who it was.
Same member was charged twice:
1. After upgrading to BF yearly on Nov 30th (That should've automatically changed the person to yearly billing and all previous monthly billing
A. prorata applied to the members end date
B. all monthly billing cancelled
2. However the same member was also charged $49 for 1 month premium membership on Dec 3rd.
3. Note the member joined premium on Oct 28th (& had insufficient funds on that card so was "Payment Pending" from that date until did the BF yearly upgrade on Nov 30th.

BILLING ERRORS are not a good user experience for new members so please reverse this one ASAP.
I have also asked the member to contact SiteSupport "Other" issue about this one in the hope it can get fixed ASAP.
Thanks in advance
Jaz333 Premium
Great of you looking out for your referrals!

One question though, how were you able to tell those transactions are from the same person? Looking at them I see no obvious way of knowing.
JohnJStanley Premium
Good question, you wouldn't be able to - but the referring member (me in this instance can). This is what I did:
1. I looked back at the recurring commission email, it says number of days as starter member, number days premium and a few other things like that
2. Then went to my referrals and deduced back the likely person (date started as Free Starter account being the most certain reference point)
3. I sent a PM to the person, asking them
4. They confirmed this very unusual double billing
5. So I asked them to Contact SiteSupport as I don't know another channel to fix stuff like this.

6. As an afterthought, I thought better post here as well - just in case its affecting other members
ThomasPaul Premium
There’s a tile on the home page in my feed that doesn’t let me click on it on my phone. If I press and hold the blue “Watch in Full Screen” button it just highlights The word “Affiliate” in the tile below. If i press the button normayy it doesn’t do anything.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, not a big just a thought; in the old platform under "account settings" there was a heads up when the subscription was due for renewal, thus mainly affects folks on the yearly payments.

In the new platform under subscriptions, this seems to be missing, it would be helpful if that was recorded, or if there was a notification that the subscription was due for renewal.

Just a thought.
Lisa196 Premium
In the notifications bell, when I am notified that someone is now following me, I used to be able to hover over their photo and see if I am already following them. Now I see nothing when I hover so I have to click through to each ones profile to see that I am already following (or not) and then back to notifications and check the next one. It is time consuming.

BAnn1 Premium
Having the same frustration - hope they go back to old way🥴
VicKen1 Premium
How do I change the name of the "Author" of a post? I know how to do it on the previous platform. I tried to do it that way on this new platform and it didn't work at all.
I usually log into my back office as admin. to do everything including post new posts to my website. I always make sure to change the post's "Author" to Ken because I prefer that over admin. Do I now have to log in under Ken rather than admin. to post so the author will be Ken?
I hope this all made sense.

Thanks very much,
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, you may do in WordPress back office by accessing "Users" and change it there.
VicKen1 Premium
Thank you AbieJ,
I tried that and it didn't work. Just to be clear, because I don't think I was in the original post, what I am trying to accomplish is change the authors name on an already published post.
I author thats there now is "admin" and I want it to say "Ken".