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Last Update: November 04, 2020

Hey Folks,

This the bug thread if you are having ANY issues with the new platform here at WA. Please post your issues below and if you can, please provde screen captures of what you are referring to within the comments.

We appreciate your help and your feedback. We will get to ALL of these efficiently! :)


Kyle & Carson

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1Rudy1 Premium
Not so much a bug as it is a recommendation...
This post was recommended by a commenter on a question I posed regarding the classroom selections in the field section when posing a question.

Is there a way to add an 'other' category?
This could help direct the answers more appropriately.

Maybe new categories could be borne from this 'other' option.

I posted the question because my initial question did not fit any of the categories.


AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi Kyle

Been noticing some questions where members commented however when clicked to see responses, question page not loading fully

I happen to have commented on below thread When I tried to open question page again, all I see is Phil's answer and mine is not loading - sometimes I click the reply and it loads but I shouldn't be doing this, it should load complete.

So perhaps it could be a bug.

(URL within)
feigner Premium
not a bug ...but a suggestion
in jaaxy alphabet soup
you can only save 200 words to a list...
is there any way we could have a counter somewhere telling us how many we have selected
and have this real time ...
so we can see when we are below the 200.....
many thanks if you could do this
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Hey Kyle, just noticed a bug has returned to Live Chat since the new version landed yesterday, that had previously been resolved since the new UX arrived at the end of last year.

New messages are showing the WA Ambassador icon, even if the member isn't an Ambassador. For example, in the screenshot attached, you will see the yellow WA icon appearing for a Starter Member.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, thanks Chrystopher. We are aware and this will get fixed.
mattysmom Premium
I recently cancelled my Jaaxy subscription because the free one is all I need. I can no longer even use the free version. It keeps telling me to pay. I have a premier membership and was under the understanding that I could use the lite version which I cannot. Kind of unhappy here.
Kyle Premium Plus
We will get you sorted here! Thanks for letting us know, we will get you the Lite version connected to your account, this is definitely a bug.
mattysmom Premium
Thank you! I am trying to do some research and can't :(