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Last Update: November 04, 2020

Hey Folks,

This the bug thread if you are having ANY issues with the new platform here at WA. Please post your issues below and if you can, please provde screen captures of what you are referring to within the comments.

We appreciate your help and your feedback. We will get to ALL of these efficiently! :)


Kyle & Carson

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi Kyle

A question has just been asked in the questions panel

Broken and goes to

Text displayed
Hi Tim, good why worry about traffic if you sign to be an Amazon affiliate,…
ByAboutx in Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate (Getting Started Guide)about 14 mins ago
I went to Tim's training tab and located the training, I clicked on it and nothing it is also broken.

In fact all Tim's trainings are broken.

May be something that's needs looking into.
michaelvgATN Premium
Hi, thanks for this, I have been resorting to email communication.

I have been noticing “answered comments” inside the Unanswered comments” section. This has led to me answering many of the same questions more than once.

I was also in chat, just now, and while talking with someone, their comments were not actually live. They were paused for a good three minutes.

I would get a comment saying I already answered you below, and then see it…

PLUS, all the “unanswered questions” only show questions on personal profiles and not anywhere else…

So, to round off, there are stacks of bugs in “Unanswered comments” and Live chat.

Even if adding a third tab to say "need more comments"...
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Kyle

There is a challenge with accessing OEC training going on - Lesson 4, Level 1. Check out the discussion here:
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi Kyle and Carson

Is it possible to anchor the classes | discussions to their various tabs for example

Currently goes to

However, if anchored like the homepage left menu, we can make it go to Main page, Tutorials, Video and courses. That's if at all possible.

This inquiry is not exactly a bug however a request to make life easier for new starter subscribers.

Thank you.
michaelvgATN Premium
Are you meaning like the old version? Yeah, I liked that better too. This new version may seem too advanced and may not catch up for a long time.

They even had the easy-to-use keyword research tool available in the menu before the update.

Next to this, When you answer an unanswered comment, there is no link taking you back to the others. You literally have to go through a lot just to get back to answering more unanswered comments.
MatissDzelve Premium Plus
I'm having trouble with Jaaxy. And it's been happening for quite some time. I wasn't sure where to report it until now.

So, the thing is that whenever I want to perform Search Analysis it only shows up top two results (like Native Path Collagen Reviews) (I checked, again, today to share a screenshot, and now, it shows top three results). But then, for other keywords, it shows just one result (like Landish Marine Collagen Reviews).

This is not keyword-specific. Meaning, it happens for me for all the keywords (never more than three results). It literally doesn't matter what I type in there. And it also seems to not be browser-specific since I encountered it with Microsoft Edge as well (I'm typically using Chrome).

Another thing that is happening, which I bet is due to the fact that Search Analysis is somehow linked to SiteRank, is this. I don't get accurate measurements for a website's rank in Google.

It just shows that it isn't ranked. But it clearly ranks on the first page of Google, no doubt about it (see screenshots). And it clearly ranks on Bing as well. But SiteRank still isn't getting measurements.

If you manage to get the chance to look into it, I would truly appreciate it.