The Official Bug Thread - Post Any Bugs Here


Hey Folks,

This the bug thread if you are having ANY issues with the new platform here at WA. Please post your issues below and if you can, please provde screen captures of what you are referring to within the comments.

We appreciate your help and your feedback. We will get to ALL of these efficiently! :)


Kyle & Carson

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Hey Kyle

Teeny Minor issue:

What would old members be in the new premium members panel?

It doesn't make sense, as I have noticed it many times. They may have upgraded from premium to pp+ and vice versa :) Otherwise, why would they be there...

Just curious if it is a glitch :) Thanks

I recently published a blog post here and noticed it is still not appearing as a new Blog.

i also did a test blog after this which is below and this too doesn't appearing in the new blogs. Is anyone else having issue as the last blog i can see shown is over 5 hours ago.


Today I went to check the blogs and still not showing more than 20 hours since they were posted.

Others have stated the same issue when going to my profile and they can't see those last two blogs.

Plus some mentioned they too have issue with their blogs.

So there is certainly a problem here that needs to be looked into and fixed.

This is not the first time apparently this has happened


I know what the problem is.

If you get to edit your blog post after it is published, it will disappear from the blog roll.

This has happened to me just now; I am trying to blog post (I edited it twice, and it got deleted twice... lol Go figure! )

Thanks Abie but when I posted the original it didn't come up so I thought I might have missed something so I went to edit but it was all ok.
plus the test blog I did not do any editing for that yet both are still missing from the lastest blog and still not appearing unless someone clicks the links above.

I agree with you that is weird and shouldn't happen at all I have edited previous posts and no issue.

Kyle did let me know he saw the original post but that was it and when I checked not there.
So waiting for another response from him with some snapshots from others who also have had this issue..

This should be happening otherwise what is the use of having an edit button if it deletes you post.

Thanks and appreciated.

Hope yours comes back


Precisely that... Something is NOT right, lolol. I dare not touch that 'edit' button lolol. It always break my heart having to do the posting again :)

It is there now, I learned my lesson lolol

Hope they get to the bottom of this quickly

I hope so too :)

The sooner the better for all.


Yes Kyle let me know there was a bug in the system but has not been fixed.

That's good. At least we know where to look to defeat it lol

Yep and all is back properly now with the post's

Thank you! :) I am happy I can click the 'edit' button without having my blog post censored lol (jk)

True this bug created some issues for us all

Another Potential bug - Screenshot helps show it. I have "New Follower" Notifications turned off (have had it turned off for a while now), and even when I do, there are times when it shows up (as seen in the screenshot).

Also, there are multiple times when I will get a 'bell notification' (i.e. the bell icon will have a 1/2/3/etc next to it), but when I actually look at my notifications, nothing is showing up - I'm assuming it's something where I get the red icon notifying me that I had a new subscriber, but it's hiding it from my actual notifications when I check it, if that makes sense.

I believe this also happened when I was on mobile too. But definitely happens when I'm on desktop.

Thanks Andy, I will report and have our team have a look here. :)

Hey @Kyle,

this isn't a bug, but it certainly would improve things.

The ability to retrieve an outline from content and redo a post from it.

Two examples where this would have really helped me.

1. Sometimes the writer leaves out details and I forget what they are because the outline is gone
2. Article was great but turned out to be too short but I loved the outline! Just need to add to it and rerun it.

You can save it before you ask the AI Authorship to write your post. You can also copy and paste it into a docx or the cloud.

I do like the idea of saved outlines 👍🏼

Yes. But I want a do over capability

Yep, we are on it. This is going to be a feature release in hopefully the near future. :)

not impressed with the search feature any more - can't find anything - had to use google to find links to this thread....unless thats what you want - less bugs
with hte image problem of them being added to posts with http rather than https comes down to adding images before you publish to your site....
a member did this after i asked for it to be looked into last time and another member just confirmed that he did it this way as well...
this is going to hurt all the good work the members are doing here with their posts - google doesn't like the mix of http and https...
i found it in firefox when examining the padlock with warning for unsecure content....
hte image shows one site with images added before publishing and you can see the three which are not secure....
i hope this help resolve it ....

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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