Would this be a valuable, new dimension for WA?

You don’t know what you don’t know.
Would you like to know what you don’t know?
Which ‘Unknowns’ would you like to know;
the ‘Unknowns’ you’re aware of or ‘Unaware Unknowns’?

What if there was a place to ‘Meet-Up’ with people discussing:
> recently discovered ‘Unknowns'
> recently discovered ‘Unknown-Unknowns’
> recently discovered ‘Known-Unknowns’

WA could be a great place to have ‘Meet-Up-Rooms’ with people having such discussions.

These (WA-Meet-Ups) could be categorized into specific subjects.
> like (Net-Neutrality), (Recipes), (On-Line-Business-Building), etc.
> they could be ’Searchable’ & have ’Notifications’ & ‘Follow'

Any thought or comments?

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Flizzy Premium
Sounds good to me! Like a WA forum...or a weekly networking setup. Let's do it!
Defiant6 Premium
I kind of like that idea. 'Email Marketing Tips', 'Best ways to keyword research', and more.