Is your past blemish-free?
Do you know anyone that has a blemish-free past?
Would you allow having your past scrutinized?
Which groups of our society are most likely to fail such scrutiny… Politicians?
Which groups of our society would be expected to pass such scrutiny… Religious Leaders?
Consider the Catholic report-card.

Would you allow the US President to nominate you as a Justice-Of-The-Suprieme-Court?
Would the people that are opposing Kavanaugh’s nomination be able to pass the scrutiny?
Are those people & are you living in a class house?

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RogerHumbke Premium
Knowledge and skills can be learned, but attitudes and beliefs are a different matter. As a teacher, and later a facilitator, I found individuals facilitators who could change a person who did not believe they were a reader, into a reader, were worth their weight in gold.

The bigger question is: Who do you trust anymore?
LeeMcQuay Premium
Hello Wally,
Although I have been following this story on Fox, I felt that I should let you know that posting about politics and or religion isn't allowed.
I just wanted to let you know in case someone says it in a harsher way.
I love the questions that you listed though.
Wishing you the best in all you do
Lee Ann