How will I succeed if there's so many people doing the SAME thing?! The answer.

Last Update: February 21, 2017

Howdy all, so I often get "this question" from my referrals and see it on occasion through chat and the forums here, I know there's also a bunch of you who are thinking it but aren't asking or saying it...

What is it, what's the question!?

Say you're doing the certification courses. What if there's 100 others making a site with the same niche as yours?

Say you're doing affiliate bootcamp? How are you supposed to succeed when there's so many other people doing it too!?

Essentially those 2 questions point back to the same thing which is that you're working on something and there's other people unquestionably working on it too. How, therefore can you succeed with this seemingly limitless competition in the mix!?

The answer is this: You can and here's the reality of what you're worried about...

It is very unfortunate for me to admit this, but I see a lot of people quitting both the certification courses and bootcamp because of this single worry they have.

They really believe they'll never succeed because there's so many others doing the same thing.

Now while this is bad for those who quit and they're WRONG to do it, this presents an opportunity for those staying in the game to push forward.

Most people quit this business because of that worry and various others like this:

Anywhoo if most people quit, whatever number that may be, that's still LESS of that number for you to worry about.

Another rule: It doesn't matter how many people are in your niche, you can still succeed IF...

You do the training and work your butt off.

You have more knowledge and passion than your competition to write more great content than they do. No 2 sites ever look the same, your information, your keyword targeting, your approach is different than your competition, and there's always things one person will think of that another won't and vice versa, so that will add to more traffic for them and the other person who works hard and keeps finding it.

You stop worrying about the illusionary barrier that is competition and start worrying about working hard and doing the training.

Just this past Vegas trip I took to meet K and C, we had 2 new faces who started bootcamp not too long ago.

If they made it work with no prior experience and followed the training, worked their butts off and made it, why can't you?

There's a bunch of us super affiliates who compete with one another essentially, but we still make it to Vegas every year because we each have our own avenues of ideas we come up with which translate to success.

There is NO LIMITED SPACE FOR SUCCESS. Everyone who works can make it...

I strongly recommend watching Jay's bootcamp confidential video:

And for the love of all that is good, stop letting your worries prevent you from getting somewhere in life! Ask questions, go with the mindset of evolution and ambition and you will succeed.

The courses at WA have stood the test of time. Not a single person who hasn't completed them fully and honestly has failed, I promise you that.

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vanbot Premium
Love this post, Vitaliy, I missed this live training so I will watch this in a minute, I found this post of yours very motivating and positive, thank you:-))Steph
MrsKiersten Premium
Totally agree!! If there is competition, then there is usually demand. So it can often be better to go into a niche with competition.
DanOIS Premium
Great post - thank you Vitaliy.
LouisaB Premium
Differences, Uniquiness, and Creativity goes a long way in the online business where competition is high!
Rich908 Premium
There will always be a demand for your services or product. Healthy competition is good