How will I succeed if there's so many people doing the SAME thing?! The answer.

Last Update: February 21, 2017

Howdy all, so I often get "this question" from my referrals and see it on occasion through chat and the forums here, I know there's also a bunch of you who are thinking it but aren't asking or saying it...

What is it, what's the question!?

Say you're doing the certification courses. What if there's 100 others making a site with the same niche as yours?

Say you're doing affiliate bootcamp? How are you supposed to succeed when there's so many other people doing it too!?

Essentially those 2 questions point back to the same thing which is that you're working on something and there's other people unquestionably working on it too. How, therefore can you succeed with this seemingly limitless competition in the mix!?

The answer is this: You can and here's the reality of what you're worried about...

It is very unfortunate for me to admit this, but I see a lot of people quitting both the certification courses and bootcamp because of this single worry they have.

They really believe they'll never succeed because there's so many others doing the same thing.

Now while this is bad for those who quit and they're WRONG to do it, this presents an opportunity for those staying in the game to push forward.

Most people quit this business because of that worry and various others like this:

Anywhoo if most people quit, whatever number that may be, that's still LESS of that number for you to worry about.

Another rule: It doesn't matter how many people are in your niche, you can still succeed IF...

You do the training and work your butt off.

You have more knowledge and passion than your competition to write more great content than they do. No 2 sites ever look the same, your information, your keyword targeting, your approach is different than your competition, and there's always things one person will think of that another won't and vice versa, so that will add to more traffic for them and the other person who works hard and keeps finding it.

You stop worrying about the illusionary barrier that is competition and start worrying about working hard and doing the training.

Just this past Vegas trip I took to meet K and C, we had 2 new faces who started bootcamp not too long ago.

If they made it work with no prior experience and followed the training, worked their butts off and made it, why can't you?

There's a bunch of us super affiliates who compete with one another essentially, but we still make it to Vegas every year because we each have our own avenues of ideas we come up with which translate to success.

There is NO LIMITED SPACE FOR SUCCESS. Everyone who works can make it...

I strongly recommend watching Jay's bootcamp confidential video:

And for the love of all that is good, stop letting your worries prevent you from getting somewhere in life! Ask questions, go with the mindset of evolution and ambition and you will succeed.

The courses at WA have stood the test of time. Not a single person who hasn't completed them fully and honestly has failed, I promise you that.

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derekmarshal Premium
And that is the very attitude that has taken you into the very competitive world of SEO - no fearing the competition.

Let's be brutally honest here - the whole western society and heck of a lot of the rest of the world is built on competition. The whole basis of free-market capitalism is competition.

Without competition we have communism.

Let's leave the politics at that.
VitaliyG Premium
Preach my brother!
a totally agree with you in 100%, actually, this made remember about when I was in high school and some students were making fun of others about their careers choices than actually includes myself I remembered that I told to a girl "you are going to end up washing dishes and starving"I told her this cause she told me that she wanted to become a psychologist,( at that time I didn't know my self that much and my father was a pain in the ass telling me every day that the money was in the engineers and business careers.) fortunately for both of us a teacher listened to my dumb comment and she told me :

"So Alberto you think that the answer to success is just about decisions? "
Younger and even more stupid I told her
"absolutely teacher"
Her answer destroyed all thought I knew, it makes me kinda like feel like Neo when he breaks the Matrix and frees his mind.

She told me: " young man you are wrong, it is not our choices that determine as what we become, but our commitment to them. Just because you decided to become a lawyer that doesn't mean you will become rich or just because you decided to become an actor that doesn't mean you will be broke it all depends on your commitment and discipline "

So basically I am 100% sure that if you keep trusting your work, keep learning and keep the commitment with your goals, you don't have to be afraid of anything no matter how hard thing can get.
Monikap Premium
Thank you for this boost in mindset. I have been slacking some because of this very thought and I am going to pick up and move forward as this is a place that will see results. I can see others doing it and I need to get the mindset in full gear, take the reins and go for it too.
Oscar19855 Premium
I am blown away with your blog posts!!! Thanks for such great information, encouragement and advice. I will surely stick to it.
VitaliyG Premium
No problem :)
cookins25 Premium
Wow vitaliy, it's like you read my mind.

These type of questions comes up in my mind often and I have to admit it does worry me at times, like how can I succeed when there are people that have been in the same niche longer than me and probably better at it than I am.

But like you said, I have realized that there's many factors that can contribute to success like...
1. how often you write
2. they way you word things and have your own opinion about topics which in return can help your audience better
3. different sources of traffic like social media or certain keywords getting ranked.

Thanks again for your motivating post Vitaily... just when I start to worry about this online business, you come in and motivate me all over again. :)
ridesisapis Premium
Vitaliy, I'm one of your referrals. I just happened into your blog last year while looking for a review on the Millionaire's Challenge System, liked your no nonsense review, and followed up your link to WA. I recognised it was an affiliate link, but I didn't grudge you the commission so didn't side step it: I was looking for the same thing after all in a related endeavour.

i like your blog. I look into your archives when I'm stuck for a subject (in the online money making niche), and note your commitment to continuous content. I don't ride your coattails (i.e. rip-off your posts!) for anything too new, but I find your archives handy for a "Yeah, I remember seeing that" reminder. Given that so many of these marketers push the same repackaged stuff for years, it gives me the jolt to add my $0.05 worth to Google :).

Mostly, I write on what's appearing in my Facebook news feed, as probably like yourself, FB serves up a lot of related of affiliate or online marketing material because I click through due to genuine interest on a lot of what it shows me.

I recognised that your blog is several years old, checked out your traffic stats, and in all honesty, I still think it's one of the better WA promoting blogs I've happened into.

I say that because I've looked at older WA promoting blogs than yours, still doing well re traffic - and thus clicks to WA - but are badly written, thin content, in comparison to your site, and presumably getting by just on longevity and the clicks that's accumulated.

And the mass of say-nothing reviews, the title/SEO being the draw, rather any meaningful information. SEO/content is a whole other topic, though.

You give decent reviews. Not just screen shots of the sign up process, a copy&paste; of the marketing blurb accompanying it, and then say WA is greatest, this program is a scam, and sign up at my link here.

And in that vein you don't slam everything non-WA. You keep it fairly impartial. or write it that way, and that goes a long way to trusting your recommendation of WA and to follow your link. That more than anything, to me, is the #No.1 lesson to be taken from your blog.

I commented on this on another post, but to repeat myself I recently read a highly repped WA's member blog and everything, and I mean everything, was slammed except WA. This resulted in the glowing reports for WA and Jaaxy looking every bit as fake and scammy as all the other sites/products that the blog was warning readers to stay away from. I mean...keep it real, not 'everything' else out there is ripping folks off, and WA is as open as any other product to the charge that the information is available for free!

I'm still sticking around on here. I reckon guys like you are sticking around more for the increased commission rate than the knowledge, and in that regard I don't mean that as an attack. It makes sense, especially with a referral list like you've no doubt amassed over the years. I also reckon you've got more going on online than just WA, but again I don't mean that in a bad way; your business is only your business ;)

But re knowledge, I just would like experienced guys like you to post more on that. Although i appreciate it could be like Schwarzenegger says (to paraphrase), "What do you want me to tell you to do? Lift the same weight more than I do?"
VitaliyG Premium
Thank you for all the kind words Adam, yeah I stick around here and will soon be approaching 10 long and happy years!

I will blog more within WA to keep people posted on my progress and help them with theirs but you're always welcome to contact me here or via private message if you get stuck.

Honestly I promote WA for more than just it's commission rate, after seeing so much garbage out there, this is the only place where I believe people can reach long term success like I have.

There is a formula here for making an actual living from home doing things you like and I have never seen the depth this program offers anywhere else, so although there are places which would me way more, the product here in WA is simply put in it's own league and following it's training is a 1 way ticket to reaching some incredible financial goals as well as knowing you're helping a niche crowd.
Twillmon34 Premium
RDoren Premium
Hello sponsor! This week a close friend ask me if I would have joined WA if I knew how much work was involved. How time consuming it would be. How long it would take to earn money. I simply said NO. But not to worry! I'm not a masochist, believe me. I became involved in WA and this community. Like a good book; you can't put it down. NOBODY has given me any BS about fast money and EASY money. This stuff gets in your blood and it's pain and pleasure at the same time. Here is what I think: you and I never talked about how much time you spend working. You are at this eight years. I have not done this for even eight months. You are young and have other interests and therefore I think that you have this down to a science. That's what I'm trying to do. My hope is for future success and four hours a day of creative maintenance. Oh, and by the way: a good blog. Thanks Vitaliy. Bob
VitaliyG Premium
Hi Robert no problem, I don't work as often as I used to and the 4 hour a day workday is completely possible. Everything you do now will act as a leverage for your profits and business. None of this stuff goes nowhere, it always adds up like a snowball Robert.

My profits now are coming from the effort I put in when I originally started.
RDoren Premium
Always good to hear from you Vitaliy.
VitaliyG Premium
Likewise Robert :)
AllanSiegel Premium
You are a motivator, and I appreciate the encouraging words. I have struggled with quitting, but I'm still inching forward.
VitaliyG Premium
Hi Allan great to hear from you, why not share what you're struggling with and perhaps I can help you move forward.
JPride Premium
You make some great points here. I started a mom blog and there is an enormous amount of blogs on the web devoted to moms, mainly stay-at-home moms, but I know they won't be able to offer the same experience and value I have :)
AlexSol Premium
"Another rule: It doesn't matter how many people are in your niche, you can still succeed if You do the training and work your butt off."

Dude this is spot on! The work part is the most important and people seem to neglect it.

The truth is, as time passes I see more and more opportunities online. We have a lot of beginners saying: "Well I am too late to this game" and it's completely false.

There have never been so many possibilities online as there are now. Let's make 2017 the best year yet ;)

VitaliyG Premium
Yes sir!
Ivine Premium
Hi Vitality, a really good post. Irv.
JewelCarol Premium
I agree with you Vitally, there is no competition, the "cake" is still big enough.:)
halinphilly Premium
I just had an episode today with a friend who thought about doing something similar. I just blogged about it!
AlexFerns Premium
Hey Vitaliy. I had been pondering this question for the last 2 days. Seems like divine providence as I don't believe in coincidences. Have been struggling with bootcamp and often hit writers block and in need for blog topics. Also with a regular job find it difficult to make time. But I want to press on although a bit depressed as I am venturing in the unknown and uncertainty is a killer.
VitaliyG Premium
Well the training will help a lot Alexander, although in the end, it's the niche topic and if you love it that will you with ideas and beating writer's block.
Defiant6 Premium
Sometimes I think that what I'm doing is fruitless, but there is a big part of me that enjoys doing this and so I press on.

Competition is fierce in the niche I have chosen even if it is a segment of the overall niche I'm in. It's probably why I haven't gotten an affiliate sale yet of any of the products I've been promoting.

Does this mean I've failed and that I'm not seeing any kind of success? Absolutely not! I've been earning revenue from Google AdSense since last year and while it is not a lot right now, it has steadily been increasing.

In just the first two months of this year, I've now made more than it what it took me all of last year to make from AdSense. I've gotten over the $10 mark for the first time and the number of impressions and views are increasing and my traffic has been steadily increasing.

What used to be around 20 to 25 views a day is now averaging 40 to 50 views a day with spikes here and there. This just gives me more incentive to keep on working especially with consistency. I can't WAIT tell I start getting 100 views a day or higher and that's when things can REALLY get interesting.
PeterWolf Premium
Pure gold
Thank you!
Monikap Premium
Awesome and amazing pep talk. I have dabbelled in different things in the past and this is the first one that has had the best, thorough, and amazing step by step training, motivation and the support of a huge community. My goal is to go and join the Vegas team very soon.
Thank you for this post and encouragement.
AHohaia Premium
I agree with you, Vitaly. Kyle said something similar in his live class. Don't worry about the competition. View yourself as the competition.
I like to think in abundance. The audience out there is huge and everyone has their own ways and unique style to attract visitors.
Thanks for your encouragement!
vanbot Premium
Love this post, Vitaliy, I missed this live training so I will watch this in a minute, I found this post of yours very motivating and positive, thank you:-))Steph
MrsKiersten Premium
Totally agree!! If there is competition, then there is usually demand. So it can often be better to go into a niche with competition.
DanOIS Premium
Great post - thank you Vitaliy.
LouisaB Premium
Differences, Uniquiness, and Creativity goes a long way in the online business where competition is high!
Rich908 Premium
There will always be a demand for your services or product. Healthy competition is good