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I am leaving WA on 10 December 2017 when my membership runs out. I wish you the best of success but I have nothing to offer





Why did this happen to my last published post?

Why did this happen to my last published post?

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Search Engine Optimization

When I published my post this is how it is now indexed in google. Can someone tell me why this happened so I can get a proper indexing in the future. I don't want all that

That's showing the snippet for the give and take comments thread, not for your post. Your keyword was simply found within that post because of the link left for others to leave comments.

Thanks Eric

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What sub-reddit do you use for scam reviews?

What sub-reddit do you use for scam reviews?

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WA Affiliate Program

I like to ping my published posts on Reddit after I listened to one of Jay's training videos.
I just don't know what sub reddit to use as most consider scam reviews as spam.

Obviously we are not in the same niche. In my (hiking), you cannot add any link at all, no link is tolerated, zero. Others sub-reddits are almost equally restrictive, mountaineering, camping, climbing.

So I have no idea what Jay was talking about, but yes you are right, he did say he was adding posts to sub-reddit.

Creating content from live training?

Creating content from live training?

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WA Affiliate Program

Does anyone here take notes from a webinar and then write content for their site based on what was said? Is it acceptable to put the training in your own words and then publish

I asked on chat and the consensus is it's OK and lots do it. This Q&A forum is mostly void of members. I doubt I use it in future. Thanks to all!

I know that Steph Hill writes fantastic notes on the webinars, which I certainly use for reference when watching the replays. The webinars are on at 1.00am UK time so I rarely watch them live. Thus Steph's notes are invaluable to me.
Not sure abount publishing them on a niche website - perhaps Steph would care to comment when she sees this reply.

Hi Peter

That's a good question. Why don't you send a short question to Kyle to make sure? Better be sure than sorry;P


Great idea. I have gotten ideas from live training and written a post or two.

good to know, thanks and good luck!

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Promoting wa through niche website?

Promoting wa through niche website?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

How successful is promoting WA through your niche website. I don't want to work on 2 sites at the same time as someone I knew once said
"You can't ride 2 horses with one ass

Great suggestion

I have recvd some referrals that way. I simply add a menu option to an extra page on my site labeled: Want a Website Like this?

And, have a short article about Wealthy Affiliate and some nice marketing graphics and of course my affiliate link.


Will try that PJ thanks

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Is there an easier way to pick a theme?

Is there an easier way to pick a theme?

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Everything Wordpress

Instead of scrolling through all 2,000+ themes is there a simpler way to see if the one you want is there. In particular I'm looking for the
'Wallstreet' th

Dound fairly easy to find.

Hi there,

yes, you can search themes by name within the WP Dashboard.

1) Log into your website.

2) Click on "Appearance" ==> "Themes".

3) Click on "Add New" and you'll be prompted to a theme overview.

4) All the way to the right is a little search bar. Type in "Wallstreet" and it will automatically search for the theme if it's in the directory of WordPress.org.

5) Once it found the theme you want, hover over it and click "Install". Then "activate" it, so that it's live on your website.

I've attached a couple of images below to show you the steps. I numbered them in the steps you need to take in order to search for it.

You can do this with any free theme you want. Let me know if you need any assistance with that. :)

All the best,

There is a search option: http://take.ms/T2z2r

If you don't know the name of a theme you can use "feature filter"

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