5 ways you're slowing down your own success without even realizing it.

Last Update: October 26, 2016

This is for people who are truly looking to succeed in this business. I find that there's a few self regressing things that people are doing while thinking they are progressing. Doing these 5 things is really slowing you down and you need to be aware of them:

1) You're worried about the look of your site. Stop it, you can always change the look later. If people criticize the look and say it isn't pretty enough, honestly, don't let it bug you.

People fail to realize that looks are secondary and even further down the line to content and the quality of the content on the site.

2) You're trying to be a perfectionist. Besides just the look of the site, you micromanage every little thing on it, including how you write things, placing images in perfect spots and so on in hopes to make every bit of content perfect.

This may actually distract and tire you from writing more content and if it does, stop it.

3) You're new and working on more than 1 niche site. Stop it, focus ONLY on 1, the one you like best.

4) You're still looking to make easy, fast money. That way of thinking and the search time it'll take you to find out it isn't real is time you could have been spending investing into your business.

5) You're distracted from doing the MAIN training. What about this? What about that? SHHHH, do the training :) it'll answer about 99% of the questions you have now and later, but of course ask questions if they come up, just don't start the training then think about a million different things before finishing it. Do it, do all the tasks, finish it.

Personally, I have been guilty of all these 5 things. How about you?

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Ivine Premium
Hi Vitaliy, great post. Irv.
barberbob Premium
If I'm not guilty now....I know I would be later. I've thought about these a lot! Thanks for reminding me and pointing them out for us! I really appreciate your input on this very much V! I especially like the part where you say, "People fail to realize that looks are secondary and even further down the line to content and the quality of the content on the site." How many people fail to discover this about a potential partner? You get a better understanding when you replace "content" with a "person" Something to think about.

Stay Happy!

Chrissies Premium
Well said Vitally, great tips :)
EddySalomon Premium Plus
Speak on it Vitaliy! I've seen so many people being guilty of this.
Cbandz Premium
Good tips! Your right about these 5 things!