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Hi, my name's Dan.

I own an online money-making review website called Online Income Solutions .co.uk.

I've been interested in making money online since 2007.

But it took me quite a while to figure out what really works.

And Wealthy Affiliate has been instrumental in my success in building a passive income online.

Making this platform my #1 solution for anyone who's looking to transform the way they make money.

Drop me a message if you need any help :)

Chat soon!
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ThomasTay Premium
Wow... that is impressive of earning money online since 2007, about 12 years now. We are going to learn a lot from you.
DanOIS Premium
The early years were pretty rough!

A lot of work for not much in return.

Wealthy Affiliate has been a massive help though.
ThomasTay Premium
May I know how Wealthy Affiliate help you to achieve that?
As I am still struggling to earn any money online so I wish to learn from any pioneer here.
DanOIS Premium
Wealthy Affiliate has helped me because the income that it generates is 'passive' (once the bulk of the work is done).

This contrasts with the 'loopholes' that I use - where I have to trade time for money on a linear basis.

It can take quite a while to see results from affiliate marketing when using the SEO techniques taught by WA because of how Google works.

I've found that you need to create a LOT of content AND it needs to be high quality and unique if you're doing SEO exclusively.

Is there anything in particular that you're struggling with?
ThomasTay Premium
Few issues:
1. I am currently working full time therefore I only can spend times doing my online business at night.
2. Promoting both Amazon products and Wealthy Affiliate membership at same times. Wonder which area I should focus on at first?
DanOIS Premium
My opinions:


1: Focus on what works.

If time is an issue, you'll need to focus on what gets you the most reward per 'unit of effort'.

This will vary from business-to-business.

But in my case?

It was focusing on product reviews ahead of 'informational' articles ('how to do...X').

Because I was finding that the reviews were ranking faster and they capture 'buyer intent'.

Meaning that I could either direct them to the affiliate offer for the product - or to my email list.

Whereas my 'guides' needed to be much longer, took ages to rank, and people would just read them and then leave because they weren't thinking about taking action.

Similarly, I'd rather do (5 x 1,000) word articles in a week than a single (1 x 5,000) article in a week.

Others may disagree with me on that.

But I feel that this has worked better for me.


2: Identify the main problem in your niche and solve it.

This is key.

I'd say that it's not really about *which* offers to promote.

But more which offers *best solve* your niche's problem(s).

The more 'emotive' and 'pain-centric' the problems - the more likely your audience probably is to part with their money to solve it.


Hope that helps a bit?
ThomasTay Premium
Hi Dan,
Thank you for the advise.
I will have to adjust my strategy and focus on what work best for me.
Very appreciate your time to advise me today.
Have a good day ahead.
DanOIS Premium
No worries - let me know how things progress.
nightwatch Premium
Hi Dan and thanks for following me. I really appreciate it. I've returned the favor and followed you back.

I run an affiliate marketing mastermind group on Facebook and I'd like to invite you over if you're interested:

All the best,