50 profitable niches.

Last Update: May 03, 2020

So before I give this list, here's 2 things:

1) Do not worry if this list doesn't have the niche you are currently making a site with or are considering. These aren't the only profitable niches out there guys. I'm just adding these in to give you ideas if you're stuck.

2) I did a YouTube video on this and here's a screenshot of something I think will help you pick out niches, whether or not it's one of these 50:

So let's get into the list:

1) Losing belly fat.

2) Low carb diet plans.

3) Hair loss for men.

4) Hair loss for women.

Note: You can combine 3 and 4 if you wish.

5) Tablets for kids.

6) Gaming laptop accessories.

7) Vlogging accessories.

8) Action cameras.

9) Drones.

10) Hiking backpacks.

11) Hiking boots.

12) Camping accessories.

13) Survival gear.

14) Survival tips.

Feel free to mix 13 and 14 together.

15) Preparing for cataclysms.

16) Storing up on supplies in case of emergencies.

17) Getting rid of love handles.

18) Gaming laptops.

19) Computer gaming gear.

20) Making money online.

21) Jobs for single moms.

22) Popular hiking trails (promote prep clothing and gear).

23) Six pack exercises.

24) How fix things around the house (leaky pips, broken things, ect...).

25) Dealing with noisy neighbors.

26) Dealing with knee problems.

27) Dealing with joint issues.

28) A site on different types of cleanses (health related).

29) Tips for making the skin look younger.

30) How to slow down/reverse aging.

31) Ways to increase metabolism.

32) How to stop heart diease.

33) How to stop type 1 diabetes.

34) How to stop type 2 diabetes.

35) Hydroponic gardening.

36) Making your own garden tips.

37) How to get rid of termites.

38) How to get rid of bed bugs.

39) How to get rid of mold yourself.

40) Wood burning tips.

41) How to stop smoking.

42) How to get rid of college debt.

43) How to become a freelance writer.

44) Be your own mechanic (fixing cars yourself).

45) Be your own mechanic with motorcycles.

46) Getting back with your ex (specify if it's a man or woman).

47) How to succeed at dating.

48) How to succeed with ONLINE dating.

49) How to stop stress, anxiety, panic attacks.

50) Safety razors.

Feel free to mix some of them together (camping with survival tips for example). Which niche do you feel closest to?

And remember, if the niche you want to work with isn't on the list, it can absolutely still work. But if you're unsure, let me know below!

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chavezsera Premium
Thanks for sharing this information, very useful tips.
AllanSiegel Premium
Thanks for presenting this list for all of us to consider. I will keep some of them in mind to use as posts/articles on the sites I own.

Make it a great day, VitalyG.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Good info!!

Tried and true

DocDoug Premium
Nice, thanks. Will consider these when writing articles.
jellison Premium

This is a very useful list that I can use.

Thank You!!