How to narrow down broad niches. Examples and tips.

Last Update: January 21, 2019

Hi folks, there's 2 common issues I see (and have faced personally) with the topic of niches and they are:

1) That people have a hard time choosing one.

2) When they do pick one, in some cases it ends up being either a niche market that is NOT really niche at all or it is a niche, but it's too broad.

Remember, WA's training advises people head the route of selecting specific niche markets to see success and I can relate to this very well. So in my years of doing this stuff, I'd like to share how I've been narrowing down broad markets and making them into niches.

The following is a screenshot I took from a YouTube video I made about niches. The whole point of this screenshot is to illustrate that as you define a specific topic more and more, the more niche-y it becomes. Here are some examples:

Now use this as a signal light. Red means no go, yellow means use caution (broad examples) and green topics are niches.

Now you don't need to use any of the ones I used as examples above but you should see the progression of how a general topic becomes a broad niche topic, and how that becomes a specific niche topic and it's the specific niche topic you want to go for.

Additionally, here's 3 more tips for you:

For more brainstorming ideas, here's a list of 50 niches (again you don't need to go with any of them, but just see how the logic works there):

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Thanks Vitaliy
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Great advice as usual Vitaliy. Thanks!🙂
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I added this to my list of bookmarks so I could look back at it. I'm getting ready to narrow my niche, so I'm researching to find the best spots where people need help solving their problems.
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Great Job on this one! I will be bookmarking this and sharing it with others.
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Great advice, thanks :)