How to find your passionate niche topic and narrow down broad niches.

Last Update: Jul 2, 2022


Hi folks, there's 2 common issues I see (and have faced personally) with the topic of niches and they are:

1) That people have a hard time choosing one.

2) When they do pick one, in some cases it ends up being either a niche market that is NOT really niche at all or it is a niche, but it's too broad.

Well this post is going to help you solve both problems and:

1) It's going to help you isolate YOUR unique and profitable niche.

2) Help you move forward with that niche with WA and turn it into a real online business.

Remember, WA's training advises people head the route of selecting specific niche markets to see success and I can relate to this very well. So in my years of doing this stuff, I'd like to share how I've been narrowing down broad markets and making them into niches.

The following is a screenshot I took from a YouTube video I made about niches. The whole point of this screenshot is to illustrate that as you define a specific topic more and more, the more niche-y it becomes. Here are some examples:

Now use this as a signal light. Red means no go, yellow means use caution (broad examples) and green topics are niches.

Now you don't need to use any of the ones I used as examples above but you should see the progression of how a general topic becomes a broad niche topic, and how that becomes a specific niche topic and it's the specific niche topic you want to go for.

Additionally, here's 3 more tips for you:

For more brainstorming ideas, here's a list of 50 niches (again you don't need to go with any of them, but just see how the logic works there):

The next step (After you picked the niche):

It's simple: Start the main traning in Wealthy Affiliate which is the online entreprenuer certification course:

This is the exact advise I give to everyone who asks me about niches and how to get started.

In short, by choosing a niche you love that you know is profitable (and you will if you use this guide), and combining that with the Wealthy Affiliate training to take that niche and turn it into a real online business, you're going to be starting off on the best path to your success in Wealthy Affiliate, online and in your life.

The lessons I shared with you in this article took me YEARS to master and figure out, but now you possess that knowledge and it only took a few minutes to learn :)

So if you have any questions about this stuff, ask me below!

New classes series: How to find your unique and profitable niche.

Just a quick update: Ever since the rollout of Wealthy Affiliate's new Premium Plus classes, I created my own series of webinars covering EVERYTHING on niches, most importantly how to choose your ideal one that has the most profit potential.

Niches are very subjective and your ideal one could be completely different from mine, which is why when you know how to choose niches based on passion, you will pick the RIGHT choice for you.

There are 5 classes in this series, and here is a preview:

Webinar 1: How to pick a profitable niche and bank on it.

Webinar 2: How to Find Countless Niche Ideas & Their Income Potential.

Webinar 3: Case Studies of Successful Niche Sites (10 Examples)

Webinar 4: How to Use WA's Training to Maximize Your Niche's Success.

Webinar 5: How to Scale Your Niche Site's Success And Online Business.

This series covers every single detail about niches to help you find YOURS, whether it be one or multiple.

For anyone struggling with the subject of niches, this webinar is going to help you become and expert at it and more importantly, by choosing the niche that is PERFECT for you, to maximize the effect and results of the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Check out the series here:

I also have another niche guide I recently made to further help you:

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Recent Comments


Hi there. So I don’t know if I’m way over thinking this or biting more off than I can chew. So I initially thought juicing, then I thought juicing while pregnant. But then I figured I could encompass a whole range of things during pregnancy on the site as well. Would it be better to start off with one topic? Or would I be able to construct a whole website with different sections/links dedicated to let’s say morning sickness, back relief, what to expect by month, etc. like a whole site dedicated to pregnancy?

Thank you!

I like you ideas, however, you want to stick with one niche per website. Juicing and pregnancy issues sounds like two different niches and would confuse your readers and Google as well. Pick one, start with it and you can always start another after the first one takes off with traffic and traction and a following.

Thank you. I guess I’m just not understanding how we keep making “posts” to our original website. I saw there was an example link of this guy who said he posted 4 posts a month on the site.. what else would you be posting if you curate everything with the info initially?

I think a site focused on healthy pregnancy would do fine. You can cover the juicing topic there too.

Thank you!


Believe I have answered your inquiry somewhere else

That's a great niche to be in however you may want to narrow it down to a subcategory starting out.

You may consult with

You'll do just great with this niche.

Kindly let us know when needing help or having further questions.

Best wishes.

Oh now I get the idea! I can take my niches one at a time. Thanks.

Can i have training clothes and perhaps training shoes as a niche?
I was also thinking about "healthy" training/habits/, content on my website would be about to find balance in life when it comes to training/habits. Her I think that I would have more to write about, but is it too broad?

HI, a niche a site, choose one you are passionate about as you'd be expected to write lots of content .

I want to help people with ____________________ ?

Running shoes for women.
Marathon clothing for women.
Running clothes and accessories for women.
How to lose belly fat.
How to get rid of cellulite.
How to get rid of love handles.

All of these would be examples of niches tied to the topics you mentioned Emelie.

Thank you for the examples. It´s helping a lot!


Hi! I have a desire to make a niche about curly hair care. I have it myself, and I know absolutely everything about the tips, care and products needed to make beautiful hair out of ruined hair, I have already done it myself !I think the topic is interesting because there is a lot to write about. I wonder what you think about it ?

I would recommend chasing a problem niche because it's more profitable so hair loss solutions for women is good and you can still talk about curly hair too there.

Hi Vitaly.

I was recommended by a WA member to read your article and think this is a very good and informative post.

My existing niche is way too broad, and I need to narrow it down.
If you have the time, you are more than welcome to check out my site, and maybe you'll see what could be smart to continue with when I find a new niche?

Here's my URL if you find the time:)

I personally think that outdoor activities is where I should focus. (I love nature and hiking and outdoor exercises - jogging, staircase running etc) Do you think this would be a good idea? And how can I combine these?

I also know that this can be devided into new branches, and I feel a bit stuck at the moment....

Outdoor recreational includes activities such as:
Hiking and camping.
Hunting and fishing.
Canoeing, kayaking and rafting.
Sailing and motorboating.
Rock Climbing.
Horseback riding.
Skiing etc

So sorry for this enormous message :-S.


I'd go for a niche like:

trail running and hiking
Camping and solo camping.
Survival in the wild.

Choose the one you love most in this list of options. This could be a good start and can expand later into other broader niche topics.

Thank you for your suggestions :)

I've made a new site called: How to hike the world.
I think this will work for me.

I'll keep my "old site" as well.

Have a great day :-)


Hi! Vitaliy:

Tks for the course
my interest is minimalist
Will that be too narrow?
I use Research to figure out some thing like ....
“minimalist houses design”
“minimalist home interior design”
but those minimalist dude doesn't shop a lot
they like to throw things away
do you think it's better to change a niche?
cos I stuck here for 1 weeks already

I would narrow down.
It is a wonderful broad topic because it reduces carbon foot print on earth.
I would pick a narrower niche like “minimalist home interior design”.
If you check there are lots of things to shop per my understanding.

I've seen others focus on this site, combining it with de-cluttering. To that end they've written posts about ways to organize what you do have - the perfect box or bin or storage unit, etc., and it's worked out well. Even a minimalist still needs something occasionally - figure out what that is and go from there.

Thank you so much ^^
I'll try to narrow it down in some area

OK! I'll work on that
thank you for your advise ^^

U do have a point. The minimilists dont really buy much. They chuck out a lot of stuff. Funny, though it sounds, and maybe it's generalizing, but it's kinda true.
Why not change your niche?

Maybe I'll combine with something together ^^

Find something I LOVE, to approach each day with enthusiasm and passion. My "why" and my passion will help me push through the tough times. Choose a topic I know A LOT about. Since I will be dealing with the topic, writing blogs and answering questions, I should already have a good base of knowledge to begin. Further research and experience can always broaden my knowledge as I progress. All this is futile unless the niche is POPULAR. If nobody, or very few, see or read or order anything, the site will not be profitable. We want to invest with a view (expectation) of a good return. Now I have a direction, I am moving forward. Thanks!

Please I need help to narrow my niche.

Personal development > Personal Finance > Mindset for wealth creation.

I started with personal development but it is too broad, I was told. I decided to narrow to personal finance and further to the mindset for creating financial success.

I am an accountant and benefited from a book Think and Grow Rich so many years ago. So I love to write about mental thinking that creates motivation and direction for wealth and financial success

Please can you advise if I am on the right track? Is my niche good and narrow enough for affiliate market success? I am in my 3rd month in WA



Hi Joseph. I believe there's a big difference between personal development and personal finance. To me personal development could mean anything from fitness, health, mental health to finance, which is far to broad. However, personal finance would be easier to narrow down ( you don't want to be to narrow). I'd simply narrow it down to a specific target group. For example, it could be 'Personal finance for millenniums'. Being an ex banker, and having studied accountancy myself, I see this as an incredibly powerful niche. You will be able to write on many varied topics ( which is important to get your blog numbers up) . You could also use this as a tool to review so many different products ( WA, books on becoming successful, courses, WA and even loans products.
It all sounds exciting my friend. Go for it. Jim

I like 1, 4 and 8

Thanks so much Jim. You have given me a great direction. I am grateful.

Hi there! Thank you for your guidance, and your PSA. They were quite helpful. I'm just getting started, and I would really be interested in hearing your feedback on a couple of ideas I'm currently developing :)

- Travel> Obscure Travel locations> affordable low-trafficked travel locations that you wished you'd known about earlier

- Game reviews> android phone gaming apps> gaming apps that keep you hooked without asking for money

- Amazon products> Amazon on a budget> gadgets and everything under the moon, under $50

- up and coming technology> latest technological advances> cool gadgetsyou never knew existed that will change your life

- netflix series' reviews> latest binge-worthy netflix tv shows> Should you spend hours on this new show

- baking> exploring different baking techniques> eccentric and uncommon recipes for home chefs that anyone can do

- weight-loss> latest weight-loss research> busting weight-loss myths> does lemon water really work?

- weddings> building your dream wedding> from cake to venue, we'll help you build and plan it all

Just my opinion. Item 4 and 8.

I agree with Labman.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through them, and share your opinion!

Hi Vitaliy, thank you for this blog - choosing a niche is where I am stuck. Something came to my mind weeks ago and won't go away - but, it is not a subject that I love, it just interests me. Would you be able to guide me on finding a niche around dancing (which I love - I am not a dancer) and confidence building (a lack of which I think holds people back from dancing)? Based on what you say in your blog this is a broad topic and needs to be broken down to a niche topic.

Hi Sharon! Something within dance would be great! As you said, narrow it down a bit and get crankin’! But there’s nothing wrong with going with another idea that interests you and you feel good about. It doesn’t have to be your most enjoyable thing, but something enjoyable to you nonetheless.

With dance you could select a style of dance to start with and produce a site with how-to videos. You could also eventually market digital products such as downloadable videos and other resources related to that style of dance. Have posts where you discuss dance attire or highlight a particular pair of dancing shoes. Or do a review on different products related with that particular style of dance. If it’s the tango, your entire site could be based around that. There are plenty of products you could tie in while having fun writing about it.

Hope that’s helpful,

Hi Darrinn

Thanks for your advice. I think I am going to sleep on it and tackle it afresh in the morning - I fear I am just going in circles. It may be that I want something that excites me and I haven't got that yet. Roll on tomorrow!

Thanks again and stay safe!


So I'd focus on a particular dance style as your niche, and write articles on confidence building within that niche Sharon.

Hey guys, once I learned about having to pick a niche and narrowing it down, I instantly thought about gaming accessories. This is a topic I can very much write about but I just don't know what type of specific audience to target. For example, I had an idea along the lines of like controller grips or gloves, maybe even gaming glasses but I still don't see a specific audience that I would be helping out. Do you have any suggestions or ideas that could help me out? Anything would be helpful.

You're fine with the niche choice you're on now Adonis. Specific topics related to niches are themselves helpful to the niche audience, so continue onto the training in WA:

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