How to find your passionate niche topic and narrow down broad niches.

Last Update: January 14, 2021

Hi folks, there's 2 common issues I see (and have faced personally) with the topic of niches and they are:

1) That people have a hard time choosing one.

2) When they do pick one, in some cases it ends up being either a niche market that is NOT really niche at all or it is a niche, but it's too broad.

Well this post is going to help you solve both problems and:

1) It's going to help you isolate YOUR unique and profitable niche.

2) Help you move forward with that niche with WA and turn it into a real online business.

Remember, WA's training advises people head the route of selecting specific niche markets to see success and I can relate to this very well. So in my years of doing this stuff, I'd like to share how I've been narrowing down broad markets and making them into niches.

The following is a screenshot I took from a YouTube video I made about niches. The whole point of this screenshot is to illustrate that as you define a specific topic more and more, the more niche-y it becomes. Here are some examples:

Now use this as a signal light. Red means no go, yellow means use caution (broad examples) and green topics are niches.

Now you don't need to use any of the ones I used as examples above but you should see the progression of how a general topic becomes a broad niche topic, and how that becomes a specific niche topic and it's the specific niche topic you want to go for.

Additionally, here's 3 more tips for you:

For more brainstorming ideas, here's a list of 50 niches (again you don't need to go with any of them, but just see how the logic works there):

The next step (After you picked the niche):

It's simple: Start the main traning in Wealthy Affiliate which is the online entreprenuer certification course:

This is the exact advise I give to everyone who asks me about niches and how to get started.

In short, by choosing a niche you love that you know is profitable (and you will if you use this guide), and combining that with the Wealthy Affiliate training to take that niche and turn it into a real online business, you're going to be starting off on the best path to your success in Wealthy Affiliate, online and in your life.

The lessons I shared with you in this article took me YEARS to master and figure out, but now you possess that knowledge and it only took a few minutes to learn :)

So if you have any questions about this stuff, ask me below!

New classes series: How to find your unique and profitable niche.

Just a quick update: Ever since the rollout of Wealthy Affiliate's new Premium Plus classes, I created my own series of webinars covering EVERYTHING on niches, most importantly how to choose your ideal one that has the most profit potential.

Niches are very subjective and your ideal one could be completely different from mine, which is why when you know how to choose niches based on passion, you will pick the RIGHT choice for you.

There are 5 classes in this series, and here is a preview:

Webinar 1: How to pick a profitable niche and bank on it.

Webinar 2: How to Find Countless Niche Ideas & Their Income Potential.

Webinar 3: Case Studies of Successful Niche Sites (10 Examples)

Webinar 4: How to Use WA's Training to Maximize Your Niche's Success.

Webinar 5: How to Scale Your Niche Site's Success And Online Business.

This series covers every single detail about niches to help you find YOURS, whether it be one or multiple.

For anyone struggling with the subject of niches, this webinar is going to help you become and expert at it and more importantly, by choosing the niche that is PERFECT for you, to maximize the effect and results of the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Check out the series here:

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nattravels Premium
Hi Vitaliy, thank you for this post, I think it makes perfect sense. However, I'm a health coach and want to make a website that's not specific at all - I want to cover different topics within health coaching such as exercise, goal achievement, nutrition, healthy mind, etc. Essentially, more like a blog that talks about various topics within my health coaching expertise without focusing on a specific one. I also want to promote my health coaching services there. What do you think about this? Any advise? Thank you!
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Yeah you can do this Natasha, at the end of the day, it is YOUR site and YOUR content that determines your success.

I would recommend your blog though start with one specific health topic niche, and use that authority you build to expand the site later into other health topics.
EHardy Premium
I've always had an interest in health and healing. A couple of years ago I found myself unable to work due to extreme fatigue and pain that was later diagnosed as fibromyalgia. It was my research online that helped me realise that my symptoms were a match, and the diagnosis was then confirmed once I asked for a referral to the correct consultant. Due to my research I had also found that the people who recovered seemed to be those that chose to follow the natural route rather than rely on meds from the doctor, so that's the route I chose for myself.

Now, two years later, I am living and volunteering at a dog rescue in Spain (originally from the UK) and putting in around 60 hours a week. I'm thinking of making my niche health and healing, and basing it around my own journey with fibro. Does that sound about right?

I can keep it fairly narrow to begin with by focussing on the things that have helped me, and can broaden it later if I run out of topics. I can also use it to introduce other niches later such as dog care, learning languages etc.
David58 Premium Plus
Yes, I would work in Fibromyalgia & natural healing. If can even narrow it down more, like a certain type of natural healing it would be better.

You would be working in the YMYL area of the internet. You will need to satisfy Google's E A T algorithm to get better rankings. Here is a link that explains it better than I would.

Good luck to you and if need more help, please let me know.

EHardy Premium
Thank you. Ok, have only had a quick look so far at the link you shared. For the expertise bit could I focus it on my own personal journey with fibro? After all, no-one knows my journey and experience of fibro like I do.

VitaliyG Premium Plus
I would keep it specific to fibromyalgia Emma, this is far better to work with.
EHardy Premium
I was thinking of separate websites for any other niches I decide to add later. But maybe share the link(s) if I write a relevant blog post.
BeccaAuthor Premium
If you’ve drilled down to a niche, like Jillian Michaels’ Kettleball program, that seems very limiting in how many posts you can write, especially if we need to write 2-3 posts per week for a couple of months. How many articles could I write on Jillian Michaels or even on Kettleballs? I think I’d run out of article ideas.
ericcantu Premium Plus
Instead of just thinking about articles where you describe the product, think outside the box. You could write articles focusing on the specific demographics who would benefit from the program, articles about each of the different workouts you can do using the product, reviews about the hundreds of competing workout products and how they compare to this one, articles about unique exercises that benefit specific muscle groups, etc.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
A single post can bring in tons of traffic and money, plus this is about finding keywords, not single niche topics. You can explore kettlebell programs and cover one of the programs in this niche, like Jillian MIchael's program.
BeccaAuthor Premium
Thank you! This helps. I’m also a little concerned abkut writing in the fitness niche since I’m not a trainer and have no mesical background. Do we need certification in the field we’re writing about?
BeccaAuthor Premium
Thank you so much!! This is great!
VitaliyG Premium Plus
You don't need certification, but writing about something you know little about also will produce lower quality content and that can impact your site's rankings. You should pursue a niche you love and know a lot about, like I recommend in the article.
Faustinigena Premium
This is an amazing article ever for me here in my 6 days old on WA. It's short and precise. But why fitness is not in health industry or market?

And i feel i can comment negatively on what u call 3 parameters in choosing a niche but with my experience compared to yours in this business, I decide not to do so.

Instead help me, is tourism or adventure as industry itself? What about traveling? I guess they have some similarities but i want to hear from you as an expert.

Thanks Vitaliy,
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Hi Faustin, fitness is part of health but something like six pack abs would be a niche in this case.

Regarding your questions, here's a few options:

Tourism-->Touring exotic locations.
Tourism-->Touring popular hiking locations.
Tourism-->Touring historic places.

Traveling-->How to solo travel.
Traveling-->How to travel on a budget.
Traveling-->Best hiking trails.
Traveling-->Best traveling spots for students.

There you go :)
Munatrends Premium
This looks quite interesting to me. I have been thinking of the travels industry. This form of categorization will help to put things in better perspective. Even though I am yet to decide on the niche to start with.
miriamiriam Premium
Should the niche topic be popular or not? I mean, the more popular it gets, the bigger competition, right? And if I got it correctly, even something that seems to be unpopular might be interest among 3,7 billions of people with internet access, so it SHOULD be unpopular. Am I thinking right? Please feel free and be open if I am thinking wrong. :D
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Yes the niche topic should be popular but because its a niche, you will see less competition. The training in WA will help you monetize it.
miriamiriam Premium
Ok than. Let me show you my "chain" and I would love to know on which stage should I stop and build.

Home interior > home decor > cozy home decor > specifficaly: lamps/carpets/pillows etc.

Also, let me explain that girls loooove cozy stuff at home :D Should I just go into stuff that makes home cozy, or specifically turns into just one part of that (like pillows or window curtains).