How to find your passionate niche topic and narrow down broad niches.

Last Update: April 24, 2020

Hi folks, there's 2 common issues I see (and have faced personally) with the topic of niches and they are:

1) That people have a hard time choosing one.

2) When they do pick one, in some cases it ends up being either a niche market that is NOT really niche at all or it is a niche, but it's too broad.

Well this post is going to help you solve both problems and:

1) It's going to help you isolate YOUR unique and profitable niche.

2) Help you move forward with that niche with WA and turn it into a real online business.

Remember, WA's training advises people head the route of selecting specific niche markets to see success and I can relate to this very well. So in my years of doing this stuff, I'd like to share how I've been narrowing down broad markets and making them into niches.

The following is a screenshot I took from a YouTube video I made about niches. The whole point of this screenshot is to illustrate that as you define a specific topic more and more, the more niche-y it becomes. Here are some examples:

Now use this as a signal light. Red means no go, yellow means use caution (broad examples) and green topics are niches.

Now you don't need to use any of the ones I used as examples above but you should see the progression of how a general topic becomes a broad niche topic, and how that becomes a specific niche topic and it's the specific niche topic you want to go for.

Additionally, here's 3 more tips for you:

For more brainstorming ideas, here's a list of 50 niches (again you don't need to go with any of them, but just see how the logic works there):

The next step (After you picked the niche):

It's simple: Start the main traning in Wealthy Affiliate which is the online entreprenuer certification course:

This is the exact advise I give to everyone who asks me about niches and how to get started.

In short, by choosing a niche you love that you know is profitable (and you will if you use this guide), and combining that with the Wealthy Affiliate training to take that niche and turn it into a real online business, you're going to be starting off on the best path to your success in Wealthy Affiliate, online and in your life.

The lessons I shared with you in this article took me YEARS to master and figure out, but now you possess that knowledge and it only took a few minutes to learn :)

So if you have any questions about this stuff, ask me below!

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Debs66 Premium
Clear and easy to follow. There is a ton of questions asked about Niches so I have a post I can guide them too now. Thank you.

It's great to see you in live chat also. You was there for me when I shouted out for help. So Thank you for that. I see you there for Susan to @marley. You make time for us it means a lot.

Debs :)
Pnyamzjr Premium
Helpful information hey. I think this is true.
MozMary Premium
one question I haven't heard answered is how do people post tons of content to a narrowed down niche, eg biotin product.
VitaliyG Premium
Talk about any and all products/foods/vitamins that help hair grow and cause it to fall out, and review different biotin supplements and topics about ut.
skmorrow Premium
I have wondered the same thing myself.
JKulk1 Premium
Don't make it to narrow. Jim
FKelso Premium
The niche--a stumbling block for many folks. Good info.
skmorrow Premium
I think this is part of the problem with my niche website. My site is about back pain specifically about my experience. I have been all over the place with this topic, thing's that have worked for me. I have written about elliptical training, as a low impact way to exercise. But I have also been all over the place with other stuff like massage chairs, inversion tables, etc. I have probably confused Google 😁. I think my focus has been too broad.