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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate. My name is Rika and I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for nearly 4 years. I can honestly say this was an amazing 4 years.

I am happy we can meet up here. This is home to me. Here I feel comfortable with my many online friends and would love to know you as well.

I have learned more from this community in 4 years about blogging and the online world and the opportunities that are on offer than I have learned during my lifetime from anywhere else.

When it comes to creating an online career for yourself, creating your first website, learn online marketing, hosting your websites, community support, and amazing online courses, there is absolutely no one coming close to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

The training is phenomenal. It is interesting, easy to follow with step by step instructions.

Before I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I knew nothing about creating my own websites and writing blogs. The only thing I knew about websites was that they are on the internet and I can search them for interesting stuff. I always wanted to have one of those and now I have.

I always appreciate the beautiful things in life and believe you are the creator of your own destiny. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of those beautiful things!

Thanks to everyone at WA who has given me great support and inspiration during these three years.

With all my affection for the WA Community

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scruffymule Premium
Hi Rika and thanks for the follow!
Very uplifting words! I am new to all of this and i must say that this community is GREAT. With people like yours engaged a newcomer like me (finally) feel that i have come to the right place.
I have tried so many other places to do online business and most of them only tried to bleed me dry before they spit me out! Here at WA i feel safe!
Thanks to people like you!
RikaSF Premium
Thank you Rune. This is the greatest community to be a part of:)
dkohsh88 Premium
Hi Rika,
It is nice to get to know you.I feel very appreciative for adding me into your network of friends in WA.

Yes,totally agreed with you.It is a great feeling to work towards success online with like minded people in WA offering relevant support.Hope that you will make it and live a less stressful life due to work.

Warm regards,
David Koh
RikaSF Premium
Thanks David:)
JeffWhenman Premium
Thank you for following me, I appreciate you taking the time to read my profile.

If you are new to WA or have not developed a serious income with it yet, or are trying to decide on a niche, feel free to visit my Blog, the front page will tell you of some of the errors I made and how I eventually came up with a simpler way of doing things.

I hope we get to touch base at some point and feel free to contact me if you need any help.

RikaSF Premium
Hi Jeff. I will definitely have a look at your site. Thanks :)
JeffWhenman Premium
Many thanks, I appreciate it.
Beckyf Premium
Hi Rika, I read your Wealthy Affiliate has a flaw. It is true everyone needs that balance whether it be in this community or other things they do along with their job. I read your website it is very well laid out and written. Blessings to you and may every success be yours.. Becky
RikaSF Premium
Thank you Becky. I am very happy that you like my website and your comments are much appreciated.

Blessings to you too and good luck here at WA!
VeronicasLuv Premium
Greetings Rika!

It's funny to think how much time I used to spend on Facebook; it was never a daily thing, but I could easily spend an hour or more, scrolling through and reading what other people were doing, while I sat on my bed and wished.....Now, I may go on to leave a birthday message, that's about it; if I do decide to visit a bit, I'm done after about 5 minutes.

Great enthusiasm Rika. Look forward to reading your posts.
RikaSF Premium
Thanks Veronica.

Awhile back I wrote this post. See if you recognize anybody:)