WAwesome! 2 Months Old! How I perceive WA?

Last Update: Jan 26, 2019

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Hi Awesome!

Today is my 2nd month here. (Nathalie, I'll be 1 month behind you. Ha.)

I feel like I have been here for quite long. Lol.

I am taking this opportunity to thank all my awesome friends and folks here for all the advice, help, encouragement, coaching, etc.!

What’s Wealthy Affiliate means to me? How I feel about WA so far?

  • A 'Society' University

We have people coming from all walks of life. You can find accountant, architect, blogger, businessman, businesswoman, carpenter, delivery driver, engineer, entrepreneur, fitness instructor, graphic designer, grandparent, music teacher, musician, nurse, nutritionist, programmer, publisher, social worker, software engineer, stay at home mum, student, system administrator, system analyst, teacher, technician, web designer, weight loss consultant, writer, etc.

Regardless of your field, it does not matter. Wealthy Affiliate provides the necessary skills to help you become a successful online entrepreneur through its systematic training system and not forgetting the awesome community too!

To put it simply, Wealthy Affiliate is a Transformation Plant!

You never graduate! Forever a lifelong learning student! [You'll never regret]

You can never find such a wonderful International Online University!

  • A Common Vision

To create a successful online business that generates revenue and become an online business owner.

Building our brand to provide value to people and society.

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop pursuing your dreams and goals!

  • Communication bridge

Since the existence of human, communication plays an important part. For a team to collaborate well, there must be a communication channel for all team members to exchange ideas, skills, tips, techniques, inspiration, joy, sadness, love and care, etc.

We have seen many team members selflessly sharing their amazing experiences, stories, questions, achievements and success!

  • Teamwork

We have many experts here from all fields. Each of us has our unique strength, helping each other. Where else can you find such team effort and spirit? Furthermore, it has an awesome community!

When we are at work, will your bosses and colleagues willing to share and teach you everything?

In the business world, no competitor is willing to give you a helping hand or share with you on how to improve your business. They must be silly. Pardon me. Come on, you are their competitor!

No doubt, individually we are powerful.

Individual strength is limited, while the power of teamwork is unlimited!

When the Team works, there is Teamwork!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Do take care & giving you the SEED of Love!

Terand :o)

Recent Comments


Haha... yes, so true... we never graduate! Always something to learn.

Thanks for sharing Terand.

Haha. I will an old student forever too. Lol.
Thank you, Monica! Take care too and have a great weekend! :o)

Have an awesome Sunday Terand!


Thank you, Monica! 👌👍😀

Bless you terrand thank you for the post, what I am coming to learn is that there is an unimaginable abundance of wealth, This means that one person's success cannot take away from another, it is like the air we breathe, we all partake in it without feeling threatened by another, so it is with wealth(except that we have been led to believe in limited wealth, that keeps us fighting one another and needlessly in competition, creating jealousies....) It really is a 180 degree change in mindset but I believe this to be true, so go forth terand and take your piece of the success pie, ann

Thank you and bless you too, Ann! Yes, and it is intangible too! It's our skillset learn over here. Once we acquired it, it will be forever with us. Even if were to start all over again, it will not be an issue because we have become! We have to avoid those -ve environments. It is also all about mindset too, I agree with you, Ann!
You too will achieve great success too! Do take care! :o)

Congratulations Terand. I agree with your sentiments. WA has so much more to offer than just the platform. All the best.

Yes, Melvin! I believe we all feel the same. All the best to you too! Do take care, Melvin! :o)

Thanks for sharing, Terand.

You are most welcome, Roger! Thank you and do take care! :o)

No problem, Terand.


You’re right about colleagues and supervisors in a j-o-b.... they may work with you, but there is a little that they hold back from you because they do not want you to be better than they are.

I found myself in a position to train a new hire that was to become my coworker once he was trained. I taught him everything I know...why? Because i work the shift after him and I want him to know everything possible so that I don’t have to fix issues everyday when I go into work. Everyone should act this way.

He is actually slightly better than I am at running the machine...am I concerned...no. It’s better this way.

Thanks for posting Terand...

I wish you the best!

Yes, you are right, Bob! Some not only backstabbing but I got it right in front of my chest. Ha. That was the past.
You have a very good attitude! Willing to teach him!
GOD bless and wish you all the best too, Bob! :o)

Thank you for your post! I agree ...learning is lifelong! We can learn a lot from the many training modules and from each other at Wealthy Affiliate!

Yes, this is part and parcel of life! I like your name here... fit the AWesome too! AW.. WA.. Reflection :o)

Hi Terand
It is great to be part of a world community with the "Pay it forward" attitude built in!
Thank you for sharing!


Yes, it's a good deed pay it forward community too!
Thank you and do take care! :o)

WAwesome post!!! Happy to be in your network and thanks for your support!

Haha! WAwesome! Me too, Thank you, Frank! :o)

Hi Terand,
You are so right. We have an awesome team here at WA to help us achieve our dreams and goals.
Thanks for sharing that wonderful post!

Yes, I agree with you totally, Donna! Where else can you find it?
Thank you and do take care, Donna! :o)

Amazing Terrand. Right on the money about WA. Have a great day!

Ha, thank you, Pam! Have a great day and weekend too! :o)

Congrats on 2 months 🙂 I’m right behind you 🙃

Haha. Sounds like the lyrics, I'll be 2 steps behind you..👍😉

Happy 2months WA birthday Terand! 😁 Great attitude, i like it! Way to go!😄


Thank you, Jhie! Long time never hear from you! You too, awesome! :o)

Happy 2 months my friend. Another milestone. Yay!!!!!!

Thank you, Josephine! 👌👍😀

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