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Hi everyone. I am a fairly shy newcomer to this internet business, however I have looked very closely at several other opportunities and always coming





Dot com vs dot co dot uk?

Dot com vs dot co dot uk?

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I am starting a new physical business in the uk and wondered whether a dot com domain name had any advantages over the dot co dot uk domain. The business will be national rathe

Here .com is very popular so if someone is looking for your website, .com would probably be used by someone by default.

One of the reasons I ask this question is that the dot com domains have gone and the services provided in the UK are not transferable overseas

I'd get both and start by having the dot com redirect to the dot co dot uk. You may want to go world-wide in the future and for the cost of a few dollars a year you can future-proof your online presence. ~Marion

In terms of future proofing your business soak up the dot com dot co dot uk and what ever else is offered . You can always flip them or let them go if not needed down the track.

Hi - it would do no harm to register both - and therefore avoid someone buying the .com, and setting up a similar site - and "stealing" your customers.

Alternatively, you may become international at some point - and wish you had the .com - as someone who bought it is now putting a premium price on it, that you have to pay if you want to use it.

This happened to me - they tried to sell me the .com of my .co.uk for £27k. For the sake of a few pounds just now, I would get both.

All the best, Mark

dot uk, definitely if solely dealing in the UK, but dot com if you intend shipping to USA.

Food for thought...I found that 80% of the people viewing my website were from the USA when I did a check on Google Analytic's.

Good luck,


If your clients will be from the UK and you want to get the business listed in the local search results - which show at the top of the page for Google UK searches for businesses, then I'd use the .co.uk

How do I change pages to posts - or do I even need to?

How do I change pages to posts - or do I even need to?

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Everything Wordpress

I have my privacy policy and disclaimer as pages and they appear in my menu. My question really is - can I put these under categories in my side bar.
On the face of it this soun

Hi Strap. Permanent unchanging things like Privacy, about Me, Contact Me, should be in static page format. Categories are used to keep relevant blog posts organised. Posts belong on blogs that are constantly being updated. As your blog develops you may find that some of your earlier posts as still very relevant and would be better off being transferred to static pages. I hope this helps.

Go to your themes and hit theme options, in there you can arrange your pages and put them in subtopic style

I don't see any reason to have those 'pages' listed anywhere but your 'pages menu' where they already are visible and available to your reader. You shouldn't be adding any external links to them and your reader can always go to them if they would like.

Nathaniells training may clarify the situation

If you don't want them on top, put 'em in a custom menu in the side bar. And no, you don't need to change your pages into content pages (whatever that may be) or into posts.


I am sure this tutorial bt Nathaniell will help. I used it successfuly.

Yes, you need to change your pages to content pages. Except your about me page and privacy page. Eddy just told me this today. Because, didn't have any thing on my content pages. So, yes you need to change them. I hope that this helps.

Hi Terry. Have you considered putting them in your footer instead? Just something to throw out there for ya. :)

Hi, Strap. Create a footer menu and put them in there.

Just place those pages as "parented" by one of the other pages you want showing in your main menu. My Privacy Policy page is parented under my About Me page, so it only shows up when someone hovers their cursor over my About Me page, and then it shows up in the drop down menu.

In your page editor, on the right side, there is an option to have a page parented by another page. Select the page you want this page to be parented by.

How do you the "parented" showing them in the main menu.

Pages that are "parented" by a page in the main menu, are NOT shown in the main menu ... that's the whole point. You want your primary pages to show in the main menu, and the lesser, sub-categorized pages to only show up in the drop down menus under the main page menu.

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