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I have used Site Comments 2.0 quite a few times, attaining my 24 hours priority in the comments reply component, and receiving comments very quickly.

Which is a fantastic result.

However, during my third go at commenting for others I was asked to comment on female items, not rude or offensive at all, but I didn't think I was able to offer a comment which was suitable.

So I decided to "Skip" this one, upon which I received a message to the effect that if I continued with the "Skip" process I would lose 2 hours from my comment boost status.

I didn't want to lose 2 hours, period.

So I left a comment as best I could, I only hope that the website owner accepts my comment and approves it. Obviously if she doesn't it will have a negative impact on my stats.

I am not overly concerned about that negative impact, but I hate losing 2 hours from my comment boost status!

I wasn't going to write a post about this because I assumed it wouldn't happen too often and therefore it would not be an issue.

I completed my next comment and lo and behold the next post I get asked to comment on is from the same website, a different post but the same product (nearly).

Please note that I blacked out anything which would lead to the identification of the website owner or product, just as a courtesy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the site itself.

I just want to mention that I don't believe it is fair that we lose time in this way when it is clear that it is uncomfortable for us to comment.

I guess it is better than commenting on the other rubbish we used to get, you know, something about increasing the size of things.

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I haven't used it yet, but it seems from what you say there is an issue of possibly penalized for not commenting on something you don't feel qualified to comment on which seems a bit bizarre.
All new systems have their teething issues and maybe this is something that Carson and the Team will rectify.

Seems like it is because I have the shopping and products box ticked. Unticked I am getting less options. Interesting, I have let Carson know

I think I am going to give Site Content a few more weeks to iron out the bugs. I feel for Steve.

HI Steve,
I guess one has to be careful on what "general" topics you choose on which to receive posts/sites to comment.

I know under the old system, I "skipped" my way off Site Comments altogether because I didn't have a clue on some of the topics I was supposed to comment on. But that was my fault for ticking the wrong boxes.

I understand on not wanting to lose any time in the queue.

Thanks for sharing.


I believe that this would have come through Shipping and Products which I had ticked.

I have un-ticked it but then what do I miss out on, some great products?

I will wait and see how it goes.

I agree with the members down below but like one on the members say to address this issue to Carson and let them know about this problem and see if there is something that he could do about it.

That would be the easiest thing to do. Just see what he will say it can't hurt anything.

I hope this helps you out.


I believe that I can now mention it to Carson as I believe that I have found out the reason - Shopping and Products - I had it ticked. Will wait to see if I get more.

Okay then we have to wait it out and see what happens or you can also contact Site Support too and see what they say too.
Keep me inform please because I would like to know what is said.


This comment is totally irrelevant, but this post reminds me of the old Seinfeld TV series. There were a few episodes related to the man bra, called "the bro."

I miss Seinfeld

Never really watched Seinfeld, but I can guess at what you are saying

Have you edited your interests?? Make sure they are in topics you will likely give a comment to to avoid the skip.

Yes, it was the first thing I did before I started.
I think I will review perhaps there could be a category which fits into others, worth a check.

Good idea.

Hi Stephen,

As with all great improvements there are some occasional draw backs.

Maybe it might be a wise idea to address this issue to Carson so that possibly they could add a "Requested Comment not Related to my Interests" button so it will not count as a skip.

By offering feedback to the improvements it could allow them to address this issue and improve site comment even more so.

Just a thought,


Hi Calvin,
A good idea to do this, I just didn't think that it was such a big deal as there is an easy way around it.

ie Close the session and go back in later, which I know could be a nuisance.

I'll have a think about it.


Hi Steve,

Yes a work a round is a temporary solution to the problem, but why not offer a more permanent solution that may make the next persons experience with site comment that much enjoyable or better.

Something to think about,


I've had websites pop up that aren't entirely relevant to me as well. I do my best to comment on everyone's websites, but when they come back to back on topics that aren't relevant, it is hard. I do as you do and shut down my session. There's always pros and cons to everything. I still love the new Sitecomments platform!

The platform is absolutely fantastic, the best thing that has been done since the last best thing!

Yeah, closing down works, and re-entering 5 minutes later is the key.

That's funny that you have an exact metric (5 minutes). Haha. I'll have to try that out. Thanks!

It might be an exact metric in text but in reality 5 minutes could be half an hour. lol.

I have edited my "interests" and have kept only two at the moment. Still, I get posts that have nothing to do with my chosen interests. I have to keep on skipping until I hit the wall where I'm told I have no more sites to offer comments then!

That happened to me too.

I guess that closing down the session could be your answer, and try again later.

Teething problems I hope.

I think the problem right now is that there aren't enough members asking for comments and too many people giving some.

I stopped going to Site comment completely for a while because of the same reason you mention here. I have selected only one category in my interest but was still getting all kinds of subjects I had no interest or idea what to say about them...

Since the upgrade, Site Comment has exploded. I wrote a post about it 2 days ago ---> Just give it a break for a while, it should settle back to normal. But again that's my opinion.

If you want some direct answers, you should address your concerns directly to Carson... 😃


I don't think there is any need to contact Carson because there will always be teething issues, and problems which we have to work around.

I think closing down the session and going back in 5 minutes later is the go.

I did see you post, good read.

I think Carson/Kyle would love to know. They tend to aim to please here. For the sake of a better/smoother experience for all, it may best, they know. Until then, I will use yr tip, Steve. Thanks 😊

I have sent a message to Carson

I love the ability of being able to skip sites that don’t relate to me. Irony in this is that the exact site you listed is what I skipped, as it doesn’t related tot me at all. The only difficulty is that I had to skip two articles from that site as the owner requested comments on several pages!

I got the same problem, two posts, I closed down my session so I didn't have to skip. lol

Did you have shopping and products ticked?

Yes and I believe that is why

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