Site Comment is on FIRE!

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WOW! This is an understatement!

Since yesterday, I stopped blogging for a little while just to test out the new update of SiteComment and started commenting on other's blog. I managed to write 15 comments in an approximate 30-hour period. So I got to the "priority queue" status.

I then decided to try asking for a couple of comments. So I chose an article on my website and asked for 2 comments to be delivered as soon as possible.

Within a few minutes (approximately 5 minutes) I received not 2 but 5 quality comments!!!

I think that the reason I received more comments than I asked for is that there is so many people on the platform that they all got the same suggestion simultaneously and I gained from it.

This is way beyond comparing what it took before this major upgrade! In the past, I even got some credits returned to me after 2 weeks of comment requests being stagnant and not being commented on!

All I can say is that this upgrade has really turned things around for SiteComment!!!

Now have to go back to my Wealthy Affiliate review and put a lot more emphasis on this great "new" feature!

Did any of you experience anything similar?

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I agree!
I have neglected the site comments platform my self. I mean I would offer a few comments a week and that was about it.
I wanted to check out the new comments platform and just as you said, I had received 5 comments instead of 2! I almost feel like offering the credits for them.
It is great to see this get very active again! Thanks for the post!

Yes Tim it is so great to finally have this platform performing at it's peak! Awesome that you got 5 instead of 2 like me! ๐Ÿ˜„

I have not used site comments yet I need credits for it first and I haven't felt up to giving any comments myself. But I will use it soon though.

Thank you for the insight of the new site comments that is great news. I will be sure to use it soon.


Go ahead Mary, you can do it! There is nothing to it, you just choose your interest and then write about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have my site up and running and working on more content for the site and I have writers' block for my promotional site for WA. So I am kind of in a pickle with these two sites right now but working on them slowly.

Thank you for the confidence you have in me I really appreciate that so very much.

question how do you get the smiling facing I don't know and I have been seeing them I would like to know how to do that too. If you don't mind telling me. I would really appreciate that so very much.


The emojis are fairly new here at WA. I think its been like a little more than a week since we can put them in our comments. I used to put a smiley face like this---> :)

Now, when I work at my laptop, I keep a tab opened on this site:

I chose the emoji I want and click the "copy" button and the just "Ctrl -V (for windows users)" or paste into my post ๐Ÿ˜„

With a smart phone it's a lot easier. It's just the same as any other text messaging emojis.


Okay now I know how to do it I think. Thank you any way I really appreciate that. I just try the control and V and it didn't work for me but that is okay because I can still do this instead :):)


Hi Denis, I love it. Will be using a lot more.

I plan on using it everyday from now on! ๐Ÿ™‚

Good afternoon Denis,

I got my posts answered in record time too. It is a big improvement compared with the past as I waited sometimes for 14 days or more.

Have a great weekend, Taetske

Well within 5 minutes is a world record for me! ๐Ÿ™‚
Let's keep it going, this will definitely improve our rankings!

Hi Denis

That is awesome, thank you for sharing. :)

My pleasure Delroy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yea. This happened to me also. It is quite an improvement.

It is an excellent improvement! I was amazed to get 3 extra comments after 5 minutes!!!

Yes, this is an amazing tool, now even better than before!

Way beyond comparison. 5 minutes compared to not getting any comments after 2 weeks!

Thank you for this update. I will take enough time for comments tomorrow.

Go ahead, you will not regret it. The new format is way better than what it used to be!

Hi Denis,

You're not kidding - I've received 6 comments in less than 24 hours - that has NEVER happened before.

Kudos to Kyle and Carson for rejigging the comments system! :-)

Now, I've got to go and reply to some comments.



This upgrade has made a HUGE difference and is now a major feature to promote WA with!

LOL I also have to go and reply to those comments... ๐Ÿ™‚


This is great to hear as I am punching into the site comment as well

The format sounds very fun, and I want in as much as my schedule can allow of course!

Thanks for sharing this, Great work!


The new features are a very nice incentive for everyone! Let's keep it going so we all benefit from it!

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