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Hi, My name is Denis Blanchard. I have been studying for ways to make money online for quite a while now. I had great ideas at first, but I quickly realized that there are no magic buttons, no getting rich overnight (even though there are a lot of schemes and/or scams out there claiming that they can).

This is how I found WA, I was skeptical about one’s claim and found it while reviewing it on barenakedscam.com. Well at first look WA seems pretty amazing. I am willing to work and learn so I believe I am at the right place.
Update April 2017:
After being a member for a while now I can honestly say that I truly believe that I have found the one and only place on the net that has a community feeling and that is genuine to its mission: to help people start and grow an online business. People here all have the same goal and help each other like no other place that I know of. WA rocks!
Update April 2018:
At the end of January 2018, I decided to join the SAC (Super Affiliate Challenge) and I am so pumped up!


I am proud to say that after a little less than three months, my new website is coming along pretty well! Not as fast as I want since I still work at my 9 - 5 full-time job. However, my plan is that I will be able to update my profile one day soon saying that I am doing this full time.

I made my first sale at about 2 and a half months after starting the SAC training and applying it to my website.

All this to say that it is proof that dedication, hard work, and persistence will prevail! You just have to believe!

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate and the whole community!

Update April 2019:
Working part-time at this is NOT easy but it is very rewarding if you stick to it!

As of April 1st, 2019, I have managed to write 126000 words which makes up 8 pages, a couple of landing pages, and 72 articles, which is not a lot, but it's what I was able to do with the time available to me.

I have managed to build an email list that I have accumulated by offering an ebook and I use Aweber as my email autoresponder.

My Social media presence has helped increase my traffic, and most of my social media referral traffic is from Pinterest and Twitter. I have not been able to get Facebook going as much, and this is something I will work on during the next year.

My organic traffic (from search engines) has increased exponentially in a year.
I have a bunch of articles that have made it to page one of Google and the result is I am getting more and more referrals.

However, because I can only work nights and weekends at my online business, it will take me longer than someone who works at this full time but I am confident that I will cross the finish line, but probably like the tortoise and not the hare!

Which is fine by me. :) I am looking forward to retiring from my full-time job (A few years to go) and this will be my full-time hustle.

We all have different paths to follow and mine is to create a solid online business to fall back on when I do retire (probably sooner than later if things keep on going like they are).

All I can say is that Wealthy Affiliate works!

All you have to do is apply what you learn here and never quit! You will get there eventually!
Update April 22, 2020:

With the COVID-19 making things uneasy outside, I was able to get things going inside, especially with my website.

April 2020 has been my biggest month so far: I have doubled the amount of traffic and email subscribers and more than tripled the number of referrals in a month (And the month is not even over yet)...

I was able to keep up (somewhat) with my writing but not as much as I would have wanted (of course, I say that all the time…). Last summer I did some renovations around the house and my website suffered (from not taking care of it for a few weeks) a few months later…But I managed to bring it back to normal by the end of the year.

My biggest challenge for the next year is to create videos for my YouTube channel. I haven’t had the guts to do it yet, but it’s in the planning stage right now (I even have a script written out to do a custom sign up video, I just need to figure out how to edit videos now…)…By doing so I know my traffic and referral will grow even faster. I have seen many Super Affiliates making it BIG with videos, so I will follow their lead.

As I said earlier, my situation is not like anyone else’s. We all have different paths, different goals!

I often see on live chat new members asking how long before they make money. My long answer is this: It depends on how much time, energy, and most of all PERSISTENCE you are willing to put out!

Persistence is another word for Faith!

Have faith in what you do, and it will become a reality. Some will get there faster than others, but that’s ok!

Stop comparing your results with others, instead compare it to your months and years past and realize how much you have grown! That is the way I keep going!

I will now leave you with one of my favorite quotes from one of my mentors (Bob Proctor) and it goes like this:

“Instead of focusing upon money, put your focus upon serving a purpose that will benefit many others and success will follow”

Have fun, create, and take fearless action until you win! :))


PS Even though I let my first niche on the side, I will be getting back to it, but because of my time restraint, I need to concentrate on one project at a time!

PPS If you want to communicate with me, just send me a PM. I am always available to help! I have nothing to sell, I just want to pay-it-forward and help like I was helped when I first started!

And don't forget to have fun while building your Online Business!

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My goals are to develop a passive source of income so that I can live my dream of having "time freedom". I have been working a 9 to 5 job for way too long and I strongly believe that the Internet will provide me with the means of "making it" from my home office instead of that daily commute.
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Dec 19, 2016
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DBlanchard Premium
My goals are to develop a passive source of income so that I can live my dream of having "time freedom". I have been working a 9 to 5 job for way too long and I strongly believe that the Internet will provide me with the means of "making it" from my home office instead of that daily commute.
ShannonSB Premium
Wouldn't it be great to have financial freedom from the daily grind!! I wish you all the best - and I know you can reach your goals with hard work and dedication. Best of luck to you!! Please follow :)
Leslie66 Premium
If you believe it will happen, it will happen! May all your dreams become your reality.
JackCao Premium
I am sure you can. Many WA members have achieved it and I do not see why you can't. I have the same goal as you, and I do not want to work for someone else for the rest of my life, you never know when they will stab you at the back. It is always nice to have something to fall back on. Keep it going!

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Lsessions89 Premium
Your post has lifted me up today as I.m really trying with this system and am having difficulty picking my niche. My grown kids are saying,, "Mama, you know you can't do that! Why do you keep trying and wasting you time and money! You are not computer savvy enough to do a website." I told them, "I WILL do this because I'm going to have help! Just sit back and watch because I am going to do this, and I WILL be successful!" It's just hard having no one believe in me. Anyway, your post helped me today and for that I thank you! I AM NOT GIVING UP!
DBlanchard Premium
You are at the right place. Keep on going, follow as many people as you can and don't be afraid to ask questions. I wish you success!
Lsessions89 Premium
Ddownie1 Premium
yes ,i am still doing my 12 hr days 7 days a week .preparing for retirement.in 2 years.that is why i am jumping into wa.it is the real deal.i am the type that has to be busy ,all the time.very pumped about wa,thanks my friend i will be talking to u soon
morobtennis Premium
I am new here but I am glad to learn that it does indeed work, as evident of your first sale. I too am weary of the programs claiming to help you make 6 figures in 30 days or less. Either these programs cost an arm and a leg, or they scam you into just buying more and more of their products and services. Continued success to you. Keep in touch!
theManinRags Premium
Hello Denis, fantastic to meet you and thanks for the follow.
When I first read your profile it was like looking in a mirror.
9-5 job, - check.
Desire to do this full time, - check.
Making my first sale, - chec, um wait, oh, that's right, not yet!
Perhaps one way in which we do diverge is that I BELIEVE we can get rich quick. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in scams, I don't believe in shortcuts, or that you can do this without hard work or persistence, but, I do think it's the quality of our ideas and our thinking that puts on the fast track to success. That's how we accelerate our progress.
I guess I just have to get out there and prove it!
Thank you also for alerting me to SWAG, I had not yet heard of it.
Great to meet you and I wish you vast (and fast) success :)
CandP Premium
Hello Denis, what a great post and so inspiring to us. We looked around for a long time too at all the scams out there and we were so relieved to find WA. We are still new and loving the training. Working on our first website. Best of luck and thanks for the upbeat message! Colette and Philip