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I have used Site Comments 2.0 quite a few times, attaining my 24 hours priority in the comments reply component, and receiving comments very quickly.Which is a fantastic result.However, during my third go at commenting for others I was asked to comment on female items, not rude or offensive at all, but I didn't think I was able to offer a comment which was suitable.So I decided to "Skip" this one, upon which I received a message to the effect that if I continued with the "Skip" process I would
Working hard to get things done tonight, and decided to finish off with Facebook.Upon opening my FB page for my website I went through the list of friends to be added and obligingly just went click, click, click and thought to myself I shouldn't have added that one.Within seconds I had 11 new friend requests, all friends of the "so called person" I had just added.So I thought I would get some pictures of the faces shown, most of poor quality, or too distant to see the person etc etc.Ihave inclu
The advice given in by Kyle in the Super Affiliate Challenge has been to set goals for ourselves and it appears to be working so far. As a result of implementing the advice for creation of posts, I reckon I am a bit behind the eight ball after one week into Month 2.Having decided to follow this new direction and get a bit more organised I now have an increased focus! So, I have created 30 keywords for the month, created 12 headings for the 12 posts I intend to make on my website this month.Now
There are many reasons that so many of us have fallen head over heels in love with WA, and the new blog software is just another example of the progressive nature of the business. Thanks go to Kyle and Carson for their approach to business.I cannot remember the number of times in the past when working for and with other companies that updates have been asked for over a long period of time, only to receive a notification that there will be updates coming soon.When the updates arrive, they are us
I started my SWAGGER's website just before Kyle announced his plans. The website is and I have noticed some interesting things. Thought I should share them. Three posts which have been INDEXED by Google are shown below with keyword search results and date published :Average Traffic.. QSR... KQI.......Date Published.....INDEXED64.............11.......61......great......19/2/18....................YES735...... 125 ......454...... poor......
I have been looking at a theme now for two months, VW Corporate Lite, and I thought it was good.Nice clean lines, good white space and they had an upgrade version, at a modest cost (around $40 USD) so I was about to purchase this theme and keep on going. But, then I noticed something. The colour in the header changed once you navigated to another page and the fonts in the menu were all capitalised. So I emailed them, the answer was to the effect that the upgraded version would allow the colour
January 03, 2018
Family is all important to me, and as such when my oldest returned from Brussels where he now lives for Xmas I realised it was time for a break. We had a fantastic week together before Xmas and did a road trip of around 1300 kilometres with a camper trailer in tow. Camping is fun, and I get to relax.Now that I am back into work I realise how beneficial a break has been and I am now able to get more done as I am in a better frame of mind. Plus have been able to re-organise my work schedule.I hop
December 10, 2017
I have snuck into the top 200, yep that's right, smack bang on 200. One mistake and back out to 201 (lol). This is about me trying to put something back into the WA system.Look out I am rushing to position number 199 soon ...
When checking for updates I have noticed in the summary line listing plugins as active or not that a new category has just arrived, it is: "must-use" and in is listed a plugin - WP REST API - OAuth 1.0a Server - Authenticate with your site via OAuth 1.0aHave never seen this before, and when I view the explanation by the REST team I find that it is a plugin to query html - I assume this is for coding purposes, either way it is something I have never used nor do I want to at this stage.Any ideas
At times I have considered including in a post on my site a screenshot of a FB post (hiding identifying names etc) because it ties in with my website.I have been concerned that this may be regarded as infringing copyright or example: my site is about camping and accessories use when camping and I have seen comments in FB relevant to my post. Would be good to include it as there is a real world evidence of the point I am making.By the way, I have plenty of other evidence so I don't re