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I finally broke all ties and left mid-management iron erection construction in 2007 after my website became profitable enough to support me. This gave me the opportunity to follow my dream of becoming completely self-employed and have never looked back nor do I want to.

Over the past 15 years besides my e-commerce website (which is producing quite nicely) I have done numerous so-called turnkey businesses, projects, and systems, none of which have really taken off like I had hoped they would. I have also been scammed a couple of times as well.

I'm not looking to become filthy rich just very comfortably financially sustainable, by adding multiple streams of income that will produce 250k or more annual combined passive income would be nice (roughly doubling to my current income)

I am hoping to add to my personal involvements, experiences gained through private endeavors, share the knowledge I have obtained over the past 15 years of internet marketing, and learn a wealth more of valuable new information that I have yet to implement into my own practices. (the golden nuggets of affiliate marketing if you will).

I look forward to gathering what others are effectively doing to be successful in affiliate marketing, working side by side with some of the more educated marketers, and fine-tuning my overall internet and online marketing business skills.

AS A MEMORIAL TRIBUTE TO MY MENTOR - to the most influential single person that has helped me to improve myself internally and mentally, by not only guiding me in the right direction but keeping me on track while asking for absolutely nothing in return but honesty and respect.
12-5-09 RIP JIM !!!
You, sir, were one of a kind. I leave this with his motto and last words of encouragement he said to me -

"Remember to be a successful great teacher always - Follow those that help you, not those that you help".

To me, this translates to roughly the same as - Follow the footsteps of someone successful, to be successful: they know how to do it, because they have already been there.

(think about it)

Living Life Large,
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Melissa901 Premium
Hello it is very nice to meet you and welcome to WA
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Calvin, nice to meet you and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Thank you for the follow and all the best in achieving your goals at WA.
Laurel0887 Premium

There's plenty to learn here and we seem to share a lot - good and bad - so be prepared!

Much success at WA!

My best,

AlexMi Premium
Hi Calvinator6, welcome to Premium. Best of luck and a lot of success.
Calvinator63 Premium
HI and Thanks

Hope to see you around in chat sometime and get to know you better -seems how your profile page is a one liner (LOL)
We're not shy are we?

Best of Luck,

JackieSmith Premium
Hi George,
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!
Thanks for the follow. I'm following you back.
Wishing you success with your online journey.
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi there,

I appreciate the follow as well, and I look forward to the opportunity of working with you here on WA. Kyle and Carson have created quite a very nice and informative community, will a mission to helping other business minded owners become successful.


JackieSmith Premium
Yes. It's a great place to be.