Power of the Super-Comment!

Last Update: January 08, 2018

What if you could rank GREAT with google, yet deliver VALUE to your readers in 800 words or less?

Actually, it's not so hard if you have Super-Comments; the kind that add powerful content to provide more useful information for readers and relevent keywords and content for search engines. These power comments can build a simple, concise, blog post into a traffic magnet and a credible source of more answers for reader questions. AND they can do so without a long post that readers may find intimidating! WA, offers us the tools to cultivate Super-Comments without waiting for luck and google to send them our way.

Find a Super-Comment-Champion

Getting enough reader engagement to show search engines your post is of some value is easy at WA, becase of Site Comments and Kyle's Give & take comments thread. These are VERY helpful, but most of your comments will be short,

and will only add a bit of content and value. For Super-Comments you must find readers that deeply engage in your post, and work hard to add real value writing many dozens or even hundreds of words of strong information, of real value to your readers. These comment-virtuosos are real, and they are here among your fellow WA members. If you work at it, you can get help from these amazing resources.

So how do you find and engage with the Super-Comment-Champeons?

First, know who they are; a writer who:

  1. cares about your topic either as a valid prospect / customer, a fellow marketer to the niche, or on some other tangible basis; if they don't care about it, they won't have or FIND the knowledge to add anything to the discussion,
  2. is motivated and willing to contribute real value not already in the post that provides wider or deeper coverage of the post topic; generally this means they want to help the reader, help you or help the project,
  3. has something different than you to provide information or perspective that you lack; if they have geographic, technical, social, language or business experience you don't, then they can offer a fresh view or take on the topic, and may bring stories, ideas or solutions that connect with more/different readers, and
  4. can deliver great comments on your posts, that are on-topic, add value, engage readers and fit your format, while carrying the quality, precision and tone your readers expect from you, to build trust

Next, seek them out:

  • Keep your eyes open for people who fit this profile in all your WA interactions related to comments, feedback, WA blogs and everything else. If they look promising look further
  • Look for people with interest or experience related to your niche as you network at WA
  • Look for WA sites that have something in common with your niche, and find those who write the best comments and the best posts - if they look promising, find out who they are and learn more about them
  • Use profile messages, WA blogs and questions to search for people who care about your topic; if they look relevant, add them to your target list

Cultivate relationships & make deals!

Once you've found them, it's time to use your networking skills to build the relationship and make a deal to get their help with those Super-Comments. Here are a few points:

  1. Be ready to make the first move, leave the first comment, do the first favor, or whatever else is needed to break the ice. Invest the networking time needed to get their attention.
  2. Learn who they are, what they care about, their site url and why they are WA members.
  3. Find a way to offer them value. Listening to them, showing appreciation, comments, advice, or whatever else will be helpful and meet their needs - you will be asking a lot, so figure out how you will earn it.
  4. Visit their site, read their WA blog posts and engage. Be sure to show that you can do great comments, too, and that you appreciate their comments, and are willing to do your own high-value comments for their benefit.
  5. Do the deal; find the best approach to get great comments from them when and where you need them
  6. Don't get too greedy. Better to get one or two now, and preserve the relationship for future needs.
  7. Remember to say thanks, and celebrate the great work they do, as well as doing your best to leave Super-Comments on their sites.

In that spirit, I'd like to thank all the great WA members that have added value to my site with comments, guest blogs and other powerful content. They are my best hope for better ranking, traffic and visitor approval. The last to do so was Jessica, one of our ambassadors and a world-class Super-Comment-Champion; many thanks, Jessica!

Since I don't have all the answers, PLEASE share your thoughts and stories about Super-Comments and the Super-Comment-Champions who craft them!



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Flash4 Premium
A carefully prepared blog Steve, a lot of relevant coments here.
I like to follow fellow members and remark on their posts, they have taken time to do so, we can only encourage everyone by reading their posts and remarking on them.
I enjoy the exchange this gives.
Cheers Jae
Sftat Premium
Thanks Jae. I agree that we must try our best to practice careful reading and thoughtful commenting if we are to get much of it in return. The best Super-Comment writers notice who actually works to give back, and who does not.
halinphilly Premium
This is something comes naturally to me. I instinctively look for comments on websites that inspire or compel me to contact the author and cultivate a relationship that may lead to an exchange of comments, posts or ideas. Follow though is always the thing that seems to be my biggest shortcoming. I am working on overcoming that at the moment.
Sftat Premium
Thanks for using this approach Hal, and for recognizing the value in paying back. As you work on that follow through I'll be happy to help - just let me know if you'd like opportunities, input or whatever you think will help.
halinphilly Premium
Thank you, Steve.
I'll file your suggestion under "F" - for Follow Through.There are times when being may not be in one's best interest. Looking forward to more opportunities and input.
sukumarth Premium
Steve, I have always felt that our own networking within and outside of the WA community needs to be stronger. Having been here for almost close to four months now, I have been privileged to have come across many wonderful people here who always leave valuable information by way of comments, views, and counter-views on my blog posts. Coming from different cultures and having been conditioned by different sensibilities (that may not always concur with ours), I have always treasured their comments. I have also noted that despite these differences, we are all dictated by the same human failings and needs, and the very same weaknesses. I have found this Super-Comment idea of yours interesting. If asked for one, I will sure do my best to give a super comment everytime.
Sftat Premium
Sage words, Sukumar. We are in full agreement. The diversity here in terms of business experience, lifestyle, interest, culture and geography is breathtaking, and there is so much willingness to engage and help that it can be intoxicating! I also treasure the fact that my writing can be evaluated, critiqued and expanded by musicians, scientists, truck drivers and nurses from Toronto to Chenai. What a beautiful chance for balance and variety of perspective!

Well I will definitely take you up on your offer, Sukumar. Please share a link to a post where you need my Super-Comment, and it will be my privilege to trade them with you.
Swangirl Premium
Thanks Steve! I have greatly enjoyed our lengthy comment exchange! Just left you another!

This is something I just explained very briefly in a reply to someone else's post here yesterday but I am so glad you went in depth to explain it! It is a pretty powerful tip that many wouldn't even think about!

Sftat Premium
I believe it is a gold mine... And you, Jessica, are the best practitioner I know. I'm just up, and excited to see what you've written! Many thanks - also this is a great reason for me to delve into another of your posts, which are always super useful and a joy to read.
verazhelvis Premium
Isn't it as simple as that, Steve?- PM a person you want to get a comment from and say"Hey, it's been a while since you visited my site. Will you write a comment or two?"If you write me this, I will sure do.The thing is we are all busy with our own stuff and it doesn't hurt to remind us of a good thing we can do for another especially if we are a kind of close in attitudes, thinking, manner of writing, etc.
I will sure do. Tomorrow. It's night here.:)
Sftat Premium
So true, Vera. When we find a member that is particularly generous (like you) and like minded a simple PM will often do the trick. I still think it is a good practice to always try to give back by providing something of value to the writer who helped you build your content with a powerful comment.
verazhelvis Premium