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January 20, 2018
I need income fast, and I'm not alone - how about YOU?Clearly, if we expect to build our affiliate business to pay us well for skills we learn here, that takes months, not days, but some of us need cash this week to keep warm and well fed while we learn and build. I'm one of those without a day job that pays me enough, so I need cash to power my WA journey.Well, the good news is that WE are in Wealthy Affiliate, so there is lots of help available to support our business, even if that includes
The country formerly known as the Kingdom of Norway has taught us a Huge lesson about branding!Norway Renames ItselfFaced with a huge challenge to their brand, the Norwegians rose to the challenge. They showed the world that they would not let their brand be hijacked by bad press due to someone else's ill-considered remark. They seized the opportunity to build their brand by riding on the news tidal wave!OK, maybe not - the renaming is satire, or fake news, however you want to look at it, but t
January 10, 2018
I've learned a lot, but $$$ and traffic are still further away than I expected at this stage. Time to look at what I've learned and evaluate my process. I've invested in annual renewal, so I have months without much cost to catch up...If I keep on doing what I did, I expect to keep on getting what I got. Changes are in order. As always, I'm open to suggestions.Thanks for your attention and support...Steve
January 08, 2018
What if you could rank GREAT with google, yet deliver VALUE to your readers in 800 words or less?Actually, it's not so hard if you have Super-Comments; the kind that add powerful content to provide more useful information for readers and relevent keywords and content for search engines. These power comments can build a simple, concise, blog post into a traffic magnet and a credible source of more answers for reader questions. AND they can do so without a long post that readers may find intimi
January 01, 2018
We are enjoying 2018 already; celebrating with the purchase of a shiny new set of parts for rebuilding our creaky Whirlpool clothes dryer... New years fun comes in many forms...How are you celebrating?Have a 2018 blast, and awesome site traffic, sales and fun...Steve
We celebrate on my sister's farm in Kentucky, and she always has a beautiful gathering...But with a white Christmas, and the right mix of a few family at the Christmas brunch...It was pretty magical... especially when the horses cooperated for photographic purposesCheck it out!Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good afternoon and week ...Steve
December 25, 2017
Peace and joy to my WA family and to all your family and friends.I wish you amazing surprises surpassing your wildest dreams!Merry Christmas,Steve
English is a beautiful Mutt languageIt adopts everything from tech jargon to Japanese to Spanish and words of practically all languages. But mostly, English is a Germanic language with a particularly large number of Danish, French and Latin words in it. I'm not sure why, but the words that seem to be confused and miss-used the most are Latin nouns; especially Latin singulars and plurals. A LOT of native English speakers butcher these words. University professors, politicians and all sorts of ot
You get a LOT, but go ahead- GET GREEDY!.That's the plan - get all you can, and we will all be happy for you. I'm not talking about building and promoting 20 more sites (though that might be great). I'm talking about growing your skill and your business. This is the right place, if you make use of the help available for you.The great power at WA is PERSONAL COACHING, ADVICE and FEEDBACK. It is beautiful, powerful and there is a ton of it waiting for you, if you accept it. This is the most v
December 13, 2017
'B-roll' is a video term, but it carries lessons that are important in your writing and image selection, even if you NEVER use video in your posts.'B-roll' it is subject matter video shot without sound for use in news, movie or video production. It works like this; during an interview or long conversation, the viewer gets bored just looking at a face, or 'talking head', so while the conversation goes on, the video goes to B-roll to keep the viewers engaged. Typically the B-roll is a short cli