March 2018 Results- My Results With The SAC Training So Far

Last Update: Apr 12, 2018

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I know this blog post is a little overdue as we are 11 days in April already but I have been extremely busy building out my business and going through the amazing SAC training.

Here is everything I was able to accomplish in the month of March

  • wrote 25 posts on my website ranging from 1200 to 2500 words each
  • Got site comments on at least 6 or 7 posts (I know not nearly enough but I'm working on it)
  • Hired a writer for my site (Major accomplishment)
  • Changed my theme (Again) to the Genesis framework thanks to my boy John Cruz

Overall it has been a great month and one of my most productive months in I can't remember how long.

Due to all of the changes that I've made over the past few years I still haven't recovered my traffic that I once had but I'm confident that things will pick up especially since I'm blogging daily now.

I have already made a great deal of progress for April and I'll be updating you guys on my progress this month here in a couple of weeks.

The training here at WA works if you're willing to stick with it and not expect to see results overnight.

How much progress have you guys made within the SAC training so far?

I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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Thanks Scott, Wow, you have been busy. Well done!
I'm sure you are going to get great results.
Thanks for sharing.

Good day Scott

Great progress - blogging daily - whew - well done!

You mentioned a new theme - I have changed my theme more times than I care to remember and am still not happy with it. I've read your post about the Iconic One theme and was just going to check it out. Do you have any tips for me? What theme are you using now, if I may ask? And why do you like it more than the Iconic One?

I hope you don't mind me asking!

Wishing you much success!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

Hi Sharlee,

Thank you!!

Yes, blogging daily is the only way to achieve any massive success in the online world and this is something that took me forever to do.

I would recommend only changing your theme in the early stages of your website so that you don't lose any traffic or your website won't suffer as mine has several times.

I loved Iconic One at first but I found it very limiting in terms of customization and overall design.

Back in March, I switched over to Genesis and I couldn't be more happy with their awesome themes.

If you're looking for an awesome set of themes I would highly recommend Genesis.

There are a few reasons why I love Genesis over Iconic One and they are as follows

The design and look of your site blows away anything that Iconic One has to offer

Also, the customization is so much better with Genesis themes then Iconic One in my own personal opinion.

I'm using the Genesis framework and the child theme Enterprise Pro.

You can literally make your website look just about anyway you would like with their advanced customization features.

All of this without any coding or HTML skills as all of this can be done using the customize feature in Wordpress.

I hope this helps you out Sharlee and thanks so much for dropping by and commenting on my post.


Good day Scott

Thank you for your thorough reply! I know you are busy and I also know how much time a thorough reply like this takes - please know that it is appreciated.

Since you gave me this answer, I have now read SO MANY reviews about Genesis and most of them are very good indeed. I get a feel for why you love it so much.

> All of this without any coding or HTML skills as all of this can be > done using the customize feature in Wordpress.
This bit surprised me, since from what I read on the internet reviews, it says that most of its customization needs to come through CSS and HTML or php coding, which is above my current abilities. ;-) But of course, that is also which gives Genesis the awesome speed in loading, since you only add what you need and no extra plugins are needed either.

But if your experience is that you didn't need CSS or HTML modifications, it probably mean that it has enough capabilities in the WP Customize feature? And as you say, more so than Iconic One.

• I've read that Divi's got a huge learning curve, apparently. (Not that I'm interested in Divi - solely for the fact that I don't want to be 'theme-locked'.) Will I be 'theme locked' with Genesis? I haven't picked up anything about that in the reviews I've read. Do you perhaps know, Scott?

• I know some of the Theme Builders (Divi is one) clash with our WA SitePlus+ features. Any such conflicts with Genesis that you know of?

Thank you for your help Scott, I really appreciate it! I wish I can also find a Theme that I'll love and be happy with!

Wishing you much success!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)

A great busy month for you indeed Scott.
All the best. . . .

That’s a lot of writing, no wonder you need to hire a writer. Getting comments on that many will be hard work too.
But well done for everything you have achieved. I’m not sure what SAC training is .
With Grace and Gratitude

Thanks for sharing. Yes regular blogging and getting site comments is really important.

Keep up the good work!

Hey Scott... wow, you have been busy. Good work!! I'm sure you are going to get great results.

Yes, I have Monica!!

I'll definitely get good results, in the long run, it's just getting there thats the challenge.

Are you going through the SAC training?

If so what results have you achieved with it so far?


Hi Scott,

I am going through the Super Challenge.

My site I'm using is one that I hadn't used for over a year. When I went back to it I was surprised to see it had 100% on site trust. Anyway, I didn't like the domain name and so I purchased a new domain name and had all my content moved to it. The site trust of course went to 0... this was in January. It's now at 20%. Lol...

So in answer to your question, I have a couple of pages ranking on pages 1 and 2 on Google but that's it. Little traffic.

I have written 12 articles each month for the challenge...

Keep up the good work Scott. I know you will get good results.


Awesome to hear, and I know if you keep things rolling at this pace you are going to achieve and exceed all of your goals and your past traffic numbers.

Keep up the great work!

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for stopping by and offering these words of encouragement.

I have no plans on slowing down and now that I'm writing a post a day I feel like I'm not doing enough lol.

3 days last week I wrote 2 posts a day and I wish I had been publishing content consistently like this whole time.

At this rate, I shouldn't have any problems making Vegas this year especially once I update my WA review.

Thanks so much for the awesome SAC training. I'm absolutely loving it so far.


Thanks for sharing.... Well done and keep rocking!

You are most welcome and thanks for dropping by Paul.

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