The good news and the bad news

Last Update: April 13, 2016

The bad news

I've been working hard for over a month to get my two bootcamp sites approved by Google Adwords and was very close to my goal. I made all necessary changes to my sites and today I received a phone call from mr. Klim from Google adwords team and he told me that my sites were disapproved. He told me honestly that it's not because something is wrong with your sites. It's because Google adwords doesn't allow make money sites to advertise in Google adwords. As simple as that. BTW, I made all necessary changes recommended by him and still they disapproved. He was guiding me over the course of one month trying to "help" me to get my site approved :-)

From now on I know that Google adwords doesn't allow make money sites to advertise on Google. Don't waste your time and don't even try to do it. A complete waste of time.

The good news

The good news is that I've been working very hard trying to get quality backlinks from authority sites through quest posting and finally got a couple backlinks. Today I was informed that my site had been featured on

My site rankings are improving and traffic as well. So, stay patient and focused on achieving your goals. You definitely can do it. If I did it with my English (my second language) you can too.

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Awolin Premium
Hi. Thanks for the advice
rufat Premium
you're welcome
WillingToTry Premium
Hello Rufat,
Thanks for that information, it always helps to avoid the pitfalls that others have discovered!
So the Google monster rears its ugly head once more……
Kind regards,
shweetlife Premium
i have to agree... the authority you would have gained makes it more than worth while! well done Rufat
rufat Premium
Thank you Marc:)
yas775 Premium
Hi Rufat, Sad to hear this but there are many more opportunities you can avail. With respect to your backlinks can you share from where you are getting these links or how to guest post simply. Thanks
rufat Premium
You can contact WA top affiliates and some of them will accept your offer provided you can write a high quality article.
Bigbroian Premium
Thanks Rufat for the information. Just another reason to do your own thing and beat Google at their own game.