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Hi. My name is Allen. I live in New Jersey. We have 2 dogs named Lily and Annie. Lily is the puppy you see in





How can I resize my header to show more of my blog?

How can I resize my header to show more of my blog?

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When someone new clicks on my blog only 40 percent is sowing . How do I increase this?

Hey Allen,

Are you using a paid-for theme or a free theme?

What I usually do for tweaking free themes is ... well ... here's an example of what I would Google search:

"remove white space below page title - [theme name goes here]"

Searching WITHOUT the quotations, of course.

You'll usually find several posts on that subject so you will need to go through and READ THOROUGHLY what works. Try each one on yours until you find a resolve that works for you.

If I'm using a paid-for theme, then I submit a ticket asking support for whatever my needs are ... 'cause that's what you're paying for.

SPECIAL NOTE: When tweaking FREE wp themes, seriously consider installing a child theme so that any changes you make will not be overwritten when the theme is updated in the future.

- Trish

Hi. Thanks for the help. I suck at the computer. Not sure if I paid or not. Using a .com and W.A.'s host services I think.

The .com is your domain name and registration.

A WordPress theme is what can you install on your domain to make creating your website easier for you to do. This would be an extra charge over and above your domain registration.

So ... if installed and are using one of the many themes WA offers at the time of creating your website ... then you are using a free theme.

Learning here will remove the need for you to describe your computer skills as "sucks" Allen ... honest. Just keep on keeping on ... one step at a time ... and enjoy learning.

It depends upon which them do you have.
Could you provide the link to your site so I could have a look at it.

Hi. Thanks for the help. my link is http://yourkitchenandcooking.com

Allen, I do see nothing wrong at all when going on your website,
Everything looks proportional to me. The pictures are certainly not oversized, I would leave it at is.

Your sidebar is clean too.
Personally, I would reduce the number of recent comments, recent posts to a max of 3.

The Meta column also, in my opinion, isn't that important but you can leave it, no problem.

Great website!

All the best


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