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Yo! :) Been here for a while now (on & off)... The living I earn and lifestyle I have are very much in thanks to the





Recommended translation services? have you used any before?

Recommended translation services? have you used any before?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Hi everyone.

I am looking to have content translated for a website from English to;





Any recommendations for

I use translators on my websites
aloesvera.siterubix dot com - Google Website Translator by http://Prisna.net
kleurboekjes dot com - Google Language Translator

It are two different one because of the compatibility of the themes
They both translate into 90+ different languages, and you can choose which ones you want, all or a selection

Hi Marc,
I had not even thought of that before. I should look into that myself.
I do not have an answer for you but some of our experts will come out with the right answer.
Have a great day!

Local seo tool recommendations? rank citations

Local seo tool recommendations? rank citations

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi everyone.

I am looking for recommendations on local SEO tools for both Citations and 'Search Rank' monitoring.

Bright Local does not cater for South Africa

Hi There,

The best and FREE SEO tool I have come across is www.smallseotools.com it has numerous modules that many expensive systems do not provide and is super easy to use. Just click on your module selection and type in your website URL Hey presto your results !!
What I was most impressed with was the comprehensive audit report that tells you where your website is not fully SEO optimised and the comprehensive report gives you advice on how to fix it.
Hope this helps. Marc.

Onwards and Upwards !! TO INFINITY !!! and BEYOND !!!!


Thanks Derek.

Not quite what I need right now, but a super cool set of tools. I will definitely be heading back there in the future.

It is amazing how much is available for free online.

Thanks again.

- Marc Parsons

Hi Marc, I have 10 different keyword tools on my website, I don't know if they fit your expectations, but you can check them

Thank you Loes.

SEMRush is one that I have run into a few times and caters for a certain aspect.

I found webCEO to be quite useful, although expensive ;) They do have a free/ limited version as well. May be worth adding to your website.

Can you send me the URL,Marc, every free addition is welcome

Thanks Marc:)

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