Wordpress question please, code messed up,can you help?

Wordpress question please, code messed up,can you help?

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I installed Elementor and it seriously messed my site, everything comes out as 1 long block of words, no Htags, subheadings or spaces.

I removed Elementor but the proble

Maybe the situation is not as bad as it seems. I've just taken a stroll around your site and although some content appears to be missing most of the posts I looked at look are OK.

Before installing Elementor were you using the native block editor or the Classic Editor plugin?

If you were using the Classic Editor plugin go to Settings > Reading and make sure that you have the choice between Classic Editor and the block editor for every post.

Now open a bad post using the block editor, click into a messed up paragraph and Convert to Blocks. Use Preview to see the result. If you don't click on Update you haven't made the situation any worse.

If you'd like to give me editorial access to your site to see if I can help then send me a private message.

Thanks, Marion, the posts that look ok have been done manually since I found what the problem is. I`ve been trying to manually remove the code that`s causing issues, but I thought there should be a way to do it easier.

There should be an easier way, would you like me to take a look? You'd need to create a new user with Editor access. My email address is marion @ marionblackonline.com (without the spaces).

Do you or site support have a very recent backup so you wouldn't have to fix so much.

Unfortunately no, it took me over 4 months to find out exactly what`s wriong.I already contacted site support and there`s nothing they can do.

if you are using the classic editor then you can select the text paragraph by paragraph and click clear formatting....
to have this in your menu you will need to install hte tinymce editor plugin( now advanced editor)
you will select the text then click on format and click remove formatting....
this will strip all the formatting from the paragraph...
you can select the whole post and do this but it wil lremove the links as well as everything else...
there is a lot of unecessary code in your articles....that does need stripping out....
at least this wil lgive you the chance to go through hte posts....
little consolation...
good luck
try it by copy and pasting one of the articles into a draft post on your site first...

Wow, and do this with every single post? my nightmare that`s been going on is turning into a reality. doing it post by post scares me.
Anyway, I really appreciate your answer,(in a very good way) I hope someone will give me a different answer.I'm not looking for push-button easy, but doing it manually in 500+ posts, then inserting new links and new images................(head down with a heavy sigh)

going through all the posts would take a day to strip the extra html...
personally i would do it on a staging site ...
then the issue would be as you say going back through them...
hte images would stay...but text links disappear...so maybe use xenu to scan your site before you do it to grab all the links...
or maybe pay someone on fiverr to do it ....depending on how much your site earns...
what is more precious...your time or your money...
it will keep you busy for a few days...
then transfer the staging site over to the original....where it overwrites everything.....but then the old site with bad code is gone...

Hi Roamy, this is probably for Support. They can perhaps restore the previously saved version of the site, I mean the one before you installed the plugin. This should be the safe way to get rid of the elements introduced by the plugin.

I already asked, but since it took me a very long time to find out what the problem is, site support can`t help.
And a serious beginner mistake, I did not back up just before I installed elementor.
It took me months to even find out what the problem was, at a time, I thought it might be the AAWP plugin, then I thought my laptop might have been messed up, so it was a guessing game until I found out.It`s really not a new problem.

It looks like there was some kind of conflict between the plugins. I would definitely take this one to tech support.

On the bright side, the top of your blog looks great!


You know how to make a grim situation look good, you managed to make me laugh there.
Site support, unfortunately, can`t help, I already tried

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Why do my posts have issues according to gsc?

Why do my posts have issues according to gsc?

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Recently when I view the search console, I get informed that my post URL is in google but has issues search console but posts have issues.

could anyone please guide me on

Hey Roamy,

Take the exact prompts you are seeing... one by one, and Google search each prompt to see how to fix them.

Google's big complaint on my sites was that the font size was too tiny for mobile users, so I increased the font size and that made Google happy.

Though I still get prompted from time to time about issues that do NOT even exist.

Following the prompts within your Google Analytics is the only way you can resolve this.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thanks, it`s just now having to check 250+ posts.

If it is the font size that Google is complaining about, you can do that straight across your website from your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize and then look for where to adjust your font size.

I would ask site support. They may see something that you don't.

Click on help, in drop down, click on site support, to send them a direct message, They are very good about getting back to you in a timely manner.


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How does this work?is it safe?

How does this work?is it safe?

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I installed Elementor and it messed up my site. I don`t have the technical know-how to use Elementor, I thought it`ll be like other WP then I`ll learn as I go but that`s not th

I like Labmans answer. At least you know this person is very trustworthy. I would follow labman's advice if I need to fix a mess in my sites. Best of luck to you.

will go look for the guy now

You can control the permissions that you give inside your wordpress settings. But I dont know what exactly they need to do, so perhaps they WILL need to access it as an admin. But I would be wary of who you let in. So I hope you get some experienced peoples answers here.
Good Luck!

thanks I appreciate.

I would recommend that you give David58 a PM. He is trustworthy and knows his way around any issues that you might have.

I really appreciate this,thanks so much.

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Question about aawp plugin can you help?

Question about aawp plugin can you help?

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I`m( trying) to use the AAWP plugin. Now I`m facing two problems.
This is supposed to be easy to use, and straightforward. Use the text then change the product Asin.

Hey Roamy,

Whenever you purchase a plugin (or theme for that matter), and run into technical issues, it is always recommended that you reach out to the developer's support staff for assistance.

This way, you will have your issue resolved faster.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thanks, but, their support gave me an answer that does not even concern the problem. They told me to reconnect which I did but the problem still exists.
I`ve tried deactivating other plugins in case it`s a plugins clash problem but it did not solve the problem.
The biggest problem is that the plugin messes up the whole post. a 1000 word article without any space is terrible and that`s why the plugin did to my posts.
I`ve just canceled the payment, will have to look for a new plugin as the 2X I had problems with AAWP,the answers they gave me were like coming from a 9-year-old.

That is terrible that the developer was that careless with support Roamy. Sorry you've had to go through this but it sounds like you have taken all of the necessary steps you could, and asking for a full refund was a very smart way to prove to the developer that their bad support was not appreciated.

This is all part and parcel of learning to create a winning website.

This looks like a conflict among plugins, you mentioned it worked in one site. My experience with their support is not bad. I also have a licence for 3 sites.

There are some tools I used in the past, troubleshooting plugin or something similar, as I remember Marion had a training on this. With this tool you might be able to detect which plugin is in conflict with the AAWP. It worked for me. My guess Support at WA might also direct you a bit.

Thanks, Jovo glad to hear from you, it works in the sense that I`m able to insert the code and see a product(unlike on the other site) but, once I do this, all text will turn into 1 block of words no space or anything.

It must be a plugin conflict. You may even try to test manually, disable one plugin and see if there is any difference, if not enable it and try with yet another.


Don't use but here's the docs


Their support https://getaawp.com/contact/

Thanks, they have terrible support I did even blog about it here in the past. And back then they did not solve my problem, I had to look for and find answers on Youtube.
The $99 I spent there is/was wasted cash, it`s a plugin with terrible support.

Yes especially if it isn't well coded.

Thanks for your feedback, very well appreciated.

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I need niche help, someone please help?

I need niche help, someone please help?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research


Hi r@roamy check his post here, is on google actually https://onemorecupof-coffee.com/best-charity-affiliate-programs/

Roamy, I do not want to burst your bubble but I have to, sorry I will apologize in advance. First of all, there are several and I do mean several sites already doing fundraisers and they are all tax-free and take very little money for doing their services. A very close friend of mine Jeff on this very WA site actually started a go fund me page for me when I was in serious financial problems myself. Tomorrow I will release a blog/post on 12 niche ideas and perhaps you could choose from those something to go after. To start a donations page from the very beginning would take a tremendous amount of effort, then the advertisement for that page would be constant and costly. Deciding which organizations you want to donate to could make you or break you and there are hundreds of these organizations that need money. People are not too happy to give to people who are going to give it to someone else, a tremendous amount of mistrust is involved here. Because of this very last reason I strongly suggest you find some other avenue of niche interest to pursue. I will publish 12 tomorrow and I searched back in last year's blog/posts listings of mine where I had published 12 last year and give them to you if you would be interested. Hopefully, from these 24 you could find some niche of interest and I hope you understand this is purely constructive criticism coming from an honest friend. Anyway Roamy the way I figure it there is not much more you can do to me I'm already a cripple LOL.


I`m looking at the site from an affiliate marketing point, It`s also got more to do with "what`s in it for me".
I`m realistic enough to know if there`s nothing in it for me, I`ll not be doing it because running a site and all tied to it cost time and money.
I`m still trying to see how I can work it out, that`s why I asked. There`s no way I want to deal with anyone directly, I can only do it as an affiliate.
Anyway, I really appreciate it.


You can do a google search

Your niche + affiliate programs
Your niche + affiliate programs + location

and see what results you get

You can also check Nathaniel blog "Top 10 Charity Affiliate Programs For Feel-Good Affiliate Income" that would give you further ideas

True, I checked that particular post by Nathaniel when I was researching the niche, I`ve not yet settled in the direction I`ll do the niche (if at all) but it`s something I`ll do if not now then in the future.

Hey Abie.
Where can I find this blog post I follow Nathaniel he's a great guy.
Thank you and wishing you a terrific day.

I`m not sure it`s allowed for me to put URLs here, but if you know Nathaniel`s blog URL, then just go there you`ll find the post plus, Nathaniel has brilliant tips so it`s ok if it takes you a while to find the particular post.
It`s one of the blogs I read and feel it was worth my time whatever he writes.

Hi Lula, here's what I find for you my dear https://onemorecupof-coffee.com/best-charity-affiliate-programs/

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