I installed Elementor and it seriously messed my site, everything comes out as 1 long block of words, no Htags, subheadings or spaces.

I removed Elementor but the problem didn't go away here is an example https://timelessbeautysolutions.com/dry-skin-care-tips-that-will-improve-your-skin-in-no-time/ if you please scroll a bit until you reach "ALOEVERA" to understand what I`m talking about.

Now some posts still have space, or a post will have the space then as you move, no more space.

Now someone told me a way to do it manually, it also will remove images, but these are 560 posts, to remove everything manually and then insert new images will take like forever.

Now the problem is only in the front end, in the admin area, everything looks normal.
Every post that has issues when checked in the admin area, visual editor makes everything appear ok, but when I turn to text, I realize all the problem posts have this ins the start

  • Now does anyone know of any way I can"remove" the code in one go? doing it manually seem impossible for now as it will take months to finish all 500+ posts.

    What I was to use to manually remove the code is htmlcleaner(sorry I don`t want to put URL else I might get into trouble.
    Thanks, I really appreciate

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    MarionBlack Premium
    Maybe the situation is not as bad as it seems. I've just taken a stroll around your site and although some content appears to be missing most of the posts I looked at look are OK.

    Before installing Elementor were you using the native block editor or the Classic Editor plugin?

    If you were using the Classic Editor plugin go to Settings > Reading and make sure that you have the choice between Classic Editor and the block editor for every post.

    Now open a bad post using the block editor, click into a messed up paragraph and Convert to Blocks. Use Preview to see the result. If you don't click on Update you haven't made the situation any worse.

    If you'd like to give me editorial access to your site to see if I can help then send me a private message.
    roamy Premium
    Thanks, Marion, the posts that look ok have been done manually since I found what the problem is. I`ve been trying to manually remove the code that`s causing issues, but I thought there should be a way to do it easier.
    MarionBlack Premium
    There should be an easier way, would you like me to take a look? You'd need to create a new user with Editor access. My email address is marion @ marionblackonline.com (without the spaces).
    jghwebbrand Premium
    Do you or site support have a very recent backup so you wouldn't have to fix so much.
    roamy Premium
    Unfortunately no, it took me over 4 months to find out exactly what`s wriong.I already contacted site support and there`s nothing they can do.
    feigner Premium
    if you are using the classic editor then you can select the text paragraph by paragraph and click clear formatting....
    to have this in your menu you will need to install hte tinymce editor plugin( now advanced editor)
    you will select the text then click on format and click remove formatting....
    this will strip all the formatting from the paragraph...
    you can select the whole post and do this but it wil lremove the links as well as everything else...
    there is a lot of unecessary code in your articles....that does need stripping out....
    at least this wil lgive you the chance to go through hte posts....
    little consolation...
    good luck
    try it by copy and pasting one of the articles into a draft post on your site first...
    roamy Premium
    Wow, and do this with every single post? my nightmare that`s been going on is turning into a reality. doing it post by post scares me.
    Anyway, I really appreciate your answer,(in a very good way) I hope someone will give me a different answer.I'm not looking for push-button easy, but doing it manually in 500+ posts, then inserting new links and new images................(head down with a heavy sigh)
    feigner Premium
    going through all the posts would take a day to strip the extra html...
    personally i would do it on a staging site ...
    then the issue would be as you say going back through them...
    hte images would stay...but text links disappear...so maybe use xenu to scan your site before you do it to grab all the links...
    or maybe pay someone on fiverr to do it ....depending on how much your site earns...
    what is more precious...your time or your money...
    it will keep you busy for a few days...
    then transfer the staging site over to the original....where it overwrites everything.....but then the old site with bad code is gone...
    jvranjes Premium
    Hi Roamy, this is probably for Support. They can perhaps restore the previously saved version of the site, I mean the one before you installed the plugin. This should be the safe way to get rid of the elements introduced by the plugin.
    roamy Premium
    I already asked, but since it took me a very long time to find out what the problem is, site support can`t help.
    And a serious beginner mistake, I did not back up just before I installed elementor.
    It took me months to even find out what the problem was, at a time, I thought it might be the AAWP plugin, then I thought my laptop might have been messed up, so it was a guessing game until I found out.It`s really not a new problem.
    Feochadan Premium Plus
    It looks like there was some kind of conflict between the plugins. I would definitely take this one to tech support.

    On the bright side, the top of your blog looks great!

    roamy Premium
    You know how to make a grim situation look good, you managed to make me laugh there.
    Site support, unfortunately, can`t help, I already tried