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jaaxy question

jaaxy question

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

There some keywords that the QSR read "retry" what does it mean?

I've noticed that happens sometimes too.
I usually hit retry again to see if it will work; if not sometimes I'll just do the same search again and it usually works for me.
If not, Mark's suggestion is a good one.

Hi - you could always try the keyword tool in WA for the same keyword, and in the Competition column, click on View Result - it will open up Google for you, on the last page (so you don't have to page through the results). It'll say something like:

"In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 127 already displayed."

The "127" noted (or whatever number) is the QSR.

I hope this helps?

All the best, Mark

I had this happen a time or two-I took it to mean that, for whatever reason, the amount of words retrievable was so low that it had to retry...just a guess though :)

I was thinking the same thing! Maybe one of the founders could chime in?

You know, I get that a lot too. I don't know why it does it but I just go to Google and search my term in quotes, then just click next until I get the last page of the search result. The number at the top that google gives you is the competition. its the same as the qsr.

Just that--- click again !!! It should work !!

that's just it. For me no matter how many times I click to retry, it just says retry.

same here I keep retrying but nothing

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Amazon application denied twice?

Amazon application denied twice?

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Getting Started

Have anyone been denied by Amazon for not having any product related content? This is what I got from them:


We’ve completed our review of your application to

Sounds like you just need to add more content (quality content), to your site. You can also call or email Amazon for help. I have done this few times and they have a wonderful Customer Service Department. I've had them actually call me back. They can look at your site remotely and let you know what you need to add or change. It's an 800 number too. Best of Luck!

Thanks for the info!

They must have made there applications harder because when I got my associate account I didn,t even have a website? By the way your site is looking good, a very targeted niche have you tried other sites,s?

Not yet! Before back in 2011, I had a few website through WA however I was too eager to make money I wasn't concern on the reader perspective. I think I should concentrate on content first make as many post as possible and then try to monetize it.

Amazon did change the way they handle the associate program. i had one back in 2011 and I had a crappy website. i guess they want to get website thats serious in making money.

Hey Beverley,
I know I don't have any product related content as of yet. I was thinking of creating the traffic first then monetizing it second. I don't know if thats the right path.

Here my website is about potty training

Thanks for your input.


You do not have any product related content when you submit a site. I didn't when I first became an associate. What you do have to have is enough 'quality content' to meet Amazon's standards. If you want to post your domain name here or send me a pm (private message) - I may be able to tell you where you're currently going wrong.

Best wishes


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