Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam - You Better Believe It Because You Read It!

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So I don't know if you have been seeing all the posts online claiming that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam? There are loads of them doing the rounds on Facebook.

There are a lot of people that are members of other sites that are competition to Wealthy Affiliate writing about the Wealthy Affiliate scam.

Apparently Kyle and Carson are absolutely thieving criminals that teach members here to write scathing and untrue reviews about competitors.

OMG what a nasty rotten thing to do Kyle and Carson! How could you do that?

So I have done all the courses here that Kyle has set out for members to follow and I have done loads of Jay's training too. I just love all the training here.

It is true that Kyle and Carson have published training on how to write reviews... on products and online opportunities. However nowhere in that training are members here taught to write untrue and nasty things about other companies.

We have been taught to research, to test opportunities/products and to write our own opinions... duh which is what a review is right?

Yes I am sure some members have gone off and written really awful reviews that have not been properly researched. This has nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate and it is not what is taught here.

I also find it interesting that the people trashing Wealthy Affiliate are saying that the training here is not up to scratch and that it is underhanded techniques. A lot of these reviews had people claiming that they couldn't make money from the things that Wealthy Affiliate have taught.

Here's my take. We are each responsible for our own actions. We are each responsible for our success or lack thereof.

I can only speak for myself and say that the training that I have had the privilege of doing here has been a life changing experience for me. Wealthy Affiliate has provided me with all the tools, training and support that I needed to build my online business.

I believe that everything you need to succeed online is right here at Wealthy Affiliate. It is up to you to decide whether you want to take full advantage of that and make a success.... or to not do what it takes and lay blame elsewhere.

If Wealthy Affiliate is such a scam how come it helped me to grow my mommy blog website traffic to over 20 000 unique monthly visitors with 130 000 monthly page views?

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free

It's a scam I tell you, it's got to be right? LOL

Why am I still here paying my monthly fee 2 years down the line?

PS I love writing reviews on my mommy blog, I currently charge $100 for a product review on my mommy blog.

Thanks for the reviews training Kyle, it rocks. I took note of what you said and I put my own spin on it to make it my own.


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Hi Lynne,

There have always been and will continue to be idiots living on this Earth. It's just that the Internet through forums, message boards, blogs and social media provides these clowns a chance to voice their opinions, and although these narcissists don't know it -usually they are totally worthless. The thing is these people who bash the company out of jealousy, misery or just plain ignorance have failed miserably to do their research about WA.

So, in a sense, they're the ones who look like the donkey's ass as the proof is in the pudding that those members who work hard on their online business over time are the ones who succeed.

Perhaps these muckrakers are the type who look to get involved with the get-rich-quick schemes that are fraudulently promoted online as a way to simply let one's computer do all the work while the person sleeps. He/she wakes up to hundreds of dollars being deposited into their bank accounts overnight as this person did nothing. Life does not work that way only too many people still can't get the rocks out of their heads to not fall for these scam opportunities

I don't know how many times I have stated in articles and reviews of other online opportunities that WA is not a program that will guarantee a member becomes a millionaire several weeks after his/her business is created.

Yeah, Kyle and Carson are such awful people, Lynne. Just this week, I have had the opportunity of having Kyle twice reply back to my private messages, taking time out of his day to try and give me recommendations to improve my business. I know that daily Kyle must answer several dozen different messages from other members, MINIMUM, (and I could be way off). Yep, this proves that Kyle does not care about his members. NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Truth be told and I wish every jerk who takes the time to bash WA could comprehend, (if he/she was mentally capable of doing so) the untold amounts of money that Kyle and Carson each have personally invested back into the company, designed to improve WA and, benefiting every member. This includes updated training, hosting services, (unmatched by practically any other like company), live training and so on.

If a member of WA (as is an option) is paying at the yearly level, the monthly price of around $22 is an absolute STEAL with everything that is available here at WA involving training, tools and community support. All of this put together allows people to slowly build financially successful online businesses.

The thing is that it is up to the individual member here at WA to take all that is offered and put it to good use - working his/her tail off daily to grow an online business. If he/she is unwilling to do it - the guilty individual would be the reflection staring back at him/her while looking into a mirror.

Great article, Lynne!

Jeffrey I think you have hit the nail on the head here. There are times when people hear a truth they don't like to hear and they just attack.

I do believe that this is the case here. They feel threatened and attack.

Whatever the case may be I just thought I would share my thoughts about it.

Great post but I nearly missed it because your title says the opposite, and jokes don't always travel well in writing.

Congrats on your great success, that was also my take of reviews, he didn't tell people to write bad reviews, the successful people don't write bad reviews, and if people are being lazy and inaccurate then whose job is it to babysit 800,000 plus bloggers - no one here polices their reviews - however it is up to anyone who receives a negative inaccurate review to make enquiries and complain with integrity - not to use it as an excuse to carry out an orchestrated attack on an entire platform belonging to a competitor that is as slanderous as a US presidential election.

These people are saying very untrue things in their 'reviews', one girl in their crew even said she left WA because of the upsells but in almost 3 years here I can say there are no upsells at all, it is very direct in its pricing unlike most if not all other places I've investigated.

They also directly insulted every single member of WA, how crazy is it to generalize like that, although having visited them I see that they had an army all saying the same thing - but we here are individuals ;)

You are a great example of a real success and what's possible when people use the resources at hand.

LOL yes I think I saw something about upsells too which was really funny since I can't think of one upsell. There is the free account and the Premium account.... which is made very clear in the beginning.

Jaaxy is an upsell.

Good point. And I am glad to see that is not the case anymore since Jaaxy is now included in the premium membership :)

Yes Jaaxy was an optional tool you could choose to use, however there was a very nice keyword tool included in the WA membership so it really wasn't essential to go with Jaaxy too. It is awesome now that they have integrated Jaaxy as the WA keyword tool included in the membership - I absolutely love it!

I just think there are so many of us WA Bootcampers dominating Google, that it's making other bloggers/marketers jealous because they can't compete.

They may attack WA, but in the end, it's gonna backfire because since WA offers a free test-drive, newbies are gonna experience for themselves just how much value is here. ;)

GOOD always beats EVIL. ;)

Lets see the training works, the hosting is some of the best around, if you signup a paid referral they pay you month after month with out fail and there is a great community of people who quickly become friends to support you.

Wait that sound exactly like a scam. What do we do? Run Run Run.

I was taught a long time ago if someone is not saying bad things about you that you are not doing anything. Kyle and Carson put targets on their backs when they succeeded.

Here is the other thing to consider. In marketing many times negative publicity can be just as good or better than positive publicity. It gets people talking about you and checking out your site for themselves.

So haters go ahead and hate because when people see adds saying "Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam find out for yourself." and other such ads they will have sent people to us.

Ride the wave of publicity and take advantage of their hate talk. It will pay off. Time to get referrals while people are talking about us.

Yes isn't it amazing how when someone succeeds and does well some people hate it and resent it?

I totally agree with you on the negative publicity too! I had a few Youtube videos that went crazy with views because I exposed a scam and all the people got so angry and shared my video saying "hey look at this idiot" and it was BRILLIANT! I got loads of thumbs down on my video and loads of comments.

I just wanted to laugh my head off because all these so called experienced online marketers were doing my job for me by telling Google that my content was awesome when they engaged with me in any way!

LOL that is the way it works. Great story.

It's actually a compliment. Bad reviews are a way to lure people away from what is perceived in the industry as a model for others. WA is the best training I've ever seen, as a teacher for over 20 years, I think I"m qualified to make that statement. When you're at the top of something, people will always try to knock you down.

Kyle and Carson seem to be sailing along quite nicely, so I guess it doesn't really bother them. ;-)

It is sad, and it's frustrating, and.... it's the internet.

I feel bad for Kyle and Carson, of course, but I feel worse for all the people who could benefit from WA, who might be turned away due to this garbage.

I personally haven't seen negative reviews other than what gets discussed here, but I know they are out there. WA, being the leader, is of course going to be a target. They amount of time and energy put into discrediting it is indicative of how effective WA is. And of course, being a solid, ethical, effective enterprise, those other guys have no real dirt to sling, so they have to make stuff up.

I know they best thing is to ignore them while continuing to support and promote WA, but it's a bit tough to do.

Oh I manage to ignore it quite well thanks. A while back I read one or two things but now I don't bother with it anymore.
I just wrote this because I have seen an increase in things being shared on social media.

You're lucky. :)
I still find it annoying.

There are many people outside that want to destroy WA. But, the point is; if someone has tried WA, couldn't write such a bad reviews.

I've joined WA since 2016, I left WA after two months, but I come back again and also made some money.

At the first time, I could write some bad reviews against WA, because I didn't earn anything. But, It wasn't WA's fault that I didn't get enough effort. It was my fault.

In addition, I'm a non-native English speaker that learned English by myself then WA taught me how to create content and make money.

So, this is very sad when I see those terrible reviews against WA.

Very good points Lynn. Comparison reviews are a common technique to call attention to your own product and can do well if they are done honestly. Those doing trash reviews to somehow make their own product look good only degrade their own business and credibility. I don't worry about them because the usually stay around long.

Yeah why are you paying monthly fees??? You should have gone annual by now girl!!! Like I have and save yourself some money!!

Omg Lynne, when I couldn't sleep last night I read a lot of your blogs that I don't know how I missed them and I have to tell you how similar our story is on some points! I really would like to pm you to talk more! My story is not yet 20k unique visitors though. Lol

Oh man I know, I missed the Black Friday deal last year for some or other reason and now I have not bothered LOL.

Yes we could chat for sure!

Awesome thanks, I will have to talk to you later, gotta write for now and then do things with my kiddos. :)

Well said, Lynne!

I expect the fake WA scam reviews will intensify in the near term. Mark Ling is launching his LearnBuildEarn 2017 product shortly. It is the latest version of his Affilorama product line. With a price tag of almost $2500.00, I expect to see more negative reviews of WA as affiliates promote LBE.

Well I am so not worried, I have a few WA affiliates and it is nice to have that extra income but it is not my main income.

I have my online marketing website more as a hobby and while it is nice to have WA affiliates it won't hurt me if I have none and if nobody signs up under me ever again.

I love this community and I have learned everything I need to make it online - but I can always learn more things here to implement on my websites to make even more money online!

I just feel sad for Kyle and Carson that have created this amazing place and have provided such awesome training that is ethical yet they get called criminals.

I guess though that anyone that finds any sort of success will have the haters too and that goes part and parcel with it.

$2,500 for the new and supposedly, "improved" version of Affilorama? No thanks! Affilorama does have plenty of upsells and I can only imagine that even at the new price Mark Ling will be charging for people joining that he'll still twist members' arms trying to get them to buy something else on top of the "basics".

Along with other members whose reviews I have seen, I did my own of Affilorama about 18 months ago. Sorry, but it still does not compare to WA!

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