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There are so many valuable blogging tips that you will come across online and you will find lots of conflicting advice, plus what might work for one person may not work for another. However there are some things that I have implemented that always work well for me and I am sure will work well for you too. Stay Focused On YOUR OWN WebsiteThis may sound obvious but I have spoken to so many people that don't follow this and then wonder why they are not making money or not generating any traffic. M
I've seen so many Wealthy Affiliate members on the fence deciding whether they should go Premium with WA or not. This really is a personal choice and I don't ever believe in pushing anyone to sign up for something. While I am one of WA's biggest fans the honest truth is that WA is not for everyone. There are many people that arrive here and want to learn how to make money online for free and there are some people that arrive here expecting something else. So many member are focused on when they
Starting an online business is so exciting and WA is in my opinion the top place to get started. However lots of newbies struggle to get started and don't understand what they need to do to make money online. The way I see it is a lot of new bloggers focus on the money making part and not in the things that they need to do to build up their business in order to get to the money making part. Here are 10 tips that will help newbie bloggers succeed:1) Follow The TrainingThe training here is absolu
I've seen this topic brought up many times on Wealthy Affiliate and this is something that I am quite adamant about - disapproving comments that are not worthy of being on my website! **UPDATE** - please read Kyle's blog Site Comments A Constant Focus On ImprovementWe all spend a lot of time working on our websites and trying our best to make money online. One thing that we are encouraged to do is to comment on other WA'ers websites and to gain comments on our own websites. This is the problem
What an awesome morning we had at the Xtraordinary Women's Breakfast today! Lauren invited me to join her at this event where she was the main guest speaker talking about blogging. Her talk was absolutely amazing, she smashed it completely and had a completely captivated audience. It was awesome to be mentioned a few times in her talk, gosh I'm starting to feel like a celebrity LOL. When the event was finished I had a few of the ladies come and ask me things and one of the woman said "Geez how
You know what I love about Wealthy Affiliate and working online? It is always a work in progress. Every day I am building my website and business - each day it is getting stronger and stronger. A few years back I was charging about $50 to write a product review or a promotional post on my website and share it on my social networks. Today I charge $360 for a product review - talk about a nice price increase right? Now while I have a set rate card with services I offer I regularly get contacted b
Do you ever have those moments where you think everything is working against you? The last 3 weeks have been hectic and it really is quite incredible when I look at the timeline:1. My Laptop - 3 weeks ago.My laptop that I love and have had for the last 5 years has started giving me trouble - I can feel its starting to pack in. Because it is old I decide to get a new laptop then I can consider repairing this one as a spare. So I order a new laptop online. 2. My "New" Laptop - 2 weeks agoI order
December 18, 2018
When I first started using Wordpress I didn't know what a plugin was so I was too scared to use them. Then I learned that plugins are like mobile apps in that they add functionality to your website so I started adding plugins like crazy.... Then I learned that adding too many plugins to your website is not good and that you must keep your plugins down to the absolute minimum, so I removed most of my plugins and only added plugins when I absolutely had to! Then I learned that it is not necessari
I am so happy and excited - today I completed my first Instagram Influencer job. I have done loads of influencer jobs before but they have always been through my blog where I create a blog post and share that post on my social media channels. Today I completed my first influencer job that was only on my Instagram account. I did a takeover of another account and created a 9 grid - yes I had to learn what that was quickly in order to complete this job. I also had to create 3 videos to share as st
So guess what I am doing next week? I'm flying from Cape Town to Durban to spend a night on a cruise ship - flights, airport transfers, accommodation and food all free! I just got the email this morning and I'm like hell yeah I can re-arrange my schedule to make it :) This is what I love about what I do, I just never know what work I will be doing tomorrow and what offers will come flying in. This is the first offer that has come in for something I have been working on - including travel on my