So I don't know if you have been seeing all the posts online claiming that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam? There are loads of them doing the rounds on Facebook.

There are a lot of people that are members of other sites that are competition to Wealthy Affiliate writing about the Wealthy Affiliate scam.

Apparently Kyle and Carson are absolutely thieving criminals that teach members here to write scathing and untrue reviews about competitors.

OMG what a nasty rotten thing to do Kyle and Carson! How could you do that?

So I have done all the courses here that Kyle has set out for members to follow and I have done loads of Jay's training too. I just love all the training here.

It is true that Kyle and Carson have published training on how to write reviews... on products and online opportunities. However nowhere in that training are members here taught to write untrue and nasty things about other companies.

We have been taught to research, to test opportunities/products and to write our own opinions... duh which is what a review is right?

Yes I am sure some members have gone off and written really awful reviews that have not been properly researched. This has nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate and it is not what is taught here.

I also find it interesting that the people trashing Wealthy Affiliate are saying that the training here is not up to scratch and that it is underhanded techniques. A lot of these reviews had people claiming that they couldn't make money from the things that Wealthy Affiliate have taught.

Here's my take. We are each responsible for our own actions. We are each responsible for our success or lack thereof.

I can only speak for myself and say that the training that I have had the privilege of doing here has been a life changing experience for me. Wealthy Affiliate has provided me with all the tools, training and support that I needed to build my online business.

I believe that everything you need to succeed online is right here at Wealthy Affiliate. It is up to you to decide whether you want to take full advantage of that and make a success.... or to not do what it takes and lay blame elsewhere.

If Wealthy Affiliate is such a scam how come it helped me to grow my mommy blog website traffic to over 20 000 unique monthly visitors with 130 000 monthly page views?

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free

It's a scam I tell you, it's got to be right? LOL

Why am I still here paying my monthly fee 2 years down the line?

PS I love writing reviews on my mommy blog, I currently charge $100 for a product review on my mommy blog.

Thanks for the reviews training Kyle, it rocks. I took note of what you said and I put my own spin on it to make it my own.


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Luther Premium
WA is a legitimate business. Gurus or any seasoned internet marketers know very well that they are no match to WA.
I had never come across a site in IM industry, that invest more than $1 million in improving or upgrading its business site, except WA. They know very well they can't afford to do that, they lack business fundamentals and knowledge

I used to make comments on other IM sites, that if WA is a scam, join WA Premium membership for at least 6 month and make a decision whether your have been scammed or not.
I have a post in my site that says "What's your mission, Making Money Or Building business". Online or offline you find people promising that when you invest $50 you will get $500 in three months, where on earth will you get 1000% interest?

Same thing applies online, people don't care about so called Passion, Dedication, Commitment, most importantly HARD WORKING. WA site to them it's a just a big thumbs down or scam of some kind
What they want is something to solve their current financial problems. You go to sleep with nothing and wake up with thousands or million dollars, Others will even tell you that when you join their church groups, your financial worries will go away in 2018, the list goes on.
I once joined Warrior Forum, members there know very well about us, others were here. They are there because they're chasing "money making gimmicks" "Try this Try That". Shooting everywhere hoping for best.

To product reviewers, its true some are badly written others are good. Remember some are new here, but others had gained professional skills of writing reviews
But, please be polite, when reviewing, try to tell your visitors that the product owner should improve there and there, i.e highlight some strengths and weaknesses. Visit sites of top 200 WA MEMBERS, and read the content and structure of their reviews
Remember when you're reviewing you are attacking other people's business reputation which amounts to unlawful competition in legal jargon. My opinion
dominic16 Premium
I like to use the analogy of a puddle, basin, and an ocean in describing the make money niche.

99% of the products in the making money online niche are more like puddles because they may have some content and value, but never really goes deep with how their system works. It's so shallow that you felt almost no change at all..

The remaining 1% are basins and oceans, with basins having a considerable depth and size, and oceans being so wide and so deep, you would think it's INFINITE and LIMITLESS. These are programs and courses that are so in-depth and thorough, you can fully immerse yourself within these waters.

I'd say Wealthy Affiliate is one big giant "ocean" in this world you call the Internet. It literally conquers everything in its space, and will continue to do so for as long as Kyle & Carson continually improves the platform.
Marcus1978 Premium
Well, I think the truth might be a bit more nuanced. No, the training does not explicitly say go out and write loads of fake reviews. However, there is an issue here that most people reviewing other products are not going to pay to try them out. That means they are usually relying on information on other websites in order to write their review.

The problem with this approach is that most reviews of MMO products are biased in some way. If you search for information on an MMO product, there's a high chance you will come across either an overly positive review from an affiliate wanting to earn commission promoting it (as is the case with reviews of WA, and with all products released at places like JVZoo), or an overly negative review from an affiliate of a competing product. Either way, it's difficult to find a totally unbiased review.

Now, talking specifically about the product you don't want us to mention, the fairest way to know for sure which product is the best out of WA and this other product would be if the WA member was to join the other website and test it out as fully as they are testing out WA. It's fair to say that most people won't feel they have the time and/or money to do that.

The 2nd best option would be to join the other website briefly so they can at least write a fair review of the training, tools, support, etc. The other product did have a free trial at one point, but this has since been replaced by a 90 day money back guarrantee. It's understandable if people feel cautious about paying the money. They may worry they might not actually get their money back, despite the assurance of a refund.

So, with those options out of the way, to write a review of this other product would mean reading what other reviews say about it, but as I explained above, this is often an unreliable method. Even if the reviews you read are unbiased and fair, the product could have changed since those reviews were written.

You are an awesome person, Lynne, and you have had awesome success. I believe that the reason for your success is at least half because of you. Your unique life experiences have brought you to this point and given you the determination, insights, wisdom and skills to succeed the way you have. Your particular choice of niche is all part of that too.

No two people in this world are the same. We all come to this point with our own unique set of strengths, weaknesses, good and bad habits, life experiences, and our current situation and responsibilities.

What I'm trying to get at is this: you say your success is purely due to WA, whereas you say bad marketing tactics used by some other members is entirely their own fault. This doesn't quite make logical sense to me. If people's success at WA is 100% due to WA, then any failures or bad behaviour must also be 100% due to WA.

I suspect the truth is actually more nuanced and somewhere between the two. Lynne, I that feel you need to share a significant chunk of the praise for your own success, but WA needs to share a significant chunk of the blame for creating a scenario where some members interpret the training in a less than ideal way.

For me, this touches a bit on the notion of free will, a topic that's been thoroughly debated already for many years before internet marketing even existed. We do not make decisions within a vacuum. We are strongly influenced by the experiences we've had and the situations we now find ourselves in. Neuroscientist Sam Harris has an excellent lecture on YouTube about the topic of free will, and how our decisions are formed in the unconscious parts of the brain before we are consciously aware of them.

Also, we all know how easily people's behaviour can be manipulated. This is why supermarkets are designed in a certain way. It's how advertising and sales works. It's how psychological illusionists such as Derren Brown manage to manipulate people into doing certain things. We are not totally free from the things that influence us, either right now or in our past.

So, just because you didn't go a certain route, doesn't mean other people won't. You don't have their unique brain or life experiences. It's human nature for people to often opt for whatever is the easiet route. This is why so many internet marketers have got fake backlinks in the past. It doesn't really matter that it's considered wrong. It worked, and there were no bad repercussions until a few years ago when Google started throwing its weight around.

In a similar way, if it's easy and effective to churn out loads of fake reviews in order to get WA referrals, that's what some people will do. Is that the fault of WA? Well, that's a tricky issue. If they really wanted to, the owners of WA could come down harsher on people who do this. Instead of simply hoping people don't do it, they could make it clear that if anyone is found to be doing this then they lose their WA account and their website.

But even with the reviews themselves, it's a more nuanced issue. It's not just about blatant fake negative reviews. A lot of them may actually end up being positive reviews but still favour WA. The owners of the competing products may still view this as an abuse of their name for cheeky SEO purposes.

I mean, if you owned a product, and if every one of the results on page 1 of Google for the review keyword for that product was written by affiliates of a competiting product, and they had never tried your product, wouldn't you be annoyed? Even if the reviews were positive, but still ended up recommending the other product, then you wouldn't like that, right? Especially if they said things in their reviews that were incorrect and therefore proved that they had not even tried your product?

So, putting aside whether the other product is any good, and even putting aside whether their review of WA was entirely accurate, I think they did bring to light an important issue. For me, that issue is twofold:

1) Beginners should not be encouraged to do the bootcamp course before they have been here long enough to fully understand WA and the MMO niche.
2) The owners of WA need to do more to tackle this issue. Just as they have anti-spam rules, there needs to be anti-fake-review rules and some mechanism where product owners can file complaints directly to the WA owners to get them dealt with.

Barryw1 Premium
Well stated Marcus. I think many people lose site of the fact that WA is a business, in business to make money.

That's a period at the end of the above sentence.
StefanC Premium
Hi Marcus, I want to reply to some of your statements and offer my perspective on each one.

"Fake reviews."

In my opinion, it's impossible to separate fake from a non-fake review. A review is made up of many paragraphs and phrases. If the author writes a single paragraph that contains false information, then will his whole review be considered fake? Who is pointing the finger and saying what is true and what is false? How many paragraphs of a review is necessary for a review to be considered fake?

"There is an issue here that most people reviewing other products are not going to pay to try them out."

Trying a product won't necessarily mean the review will be honest.

"Most reviews of MMO products are biased in some way."

Biased reviews are found in any niche. As an affiliate marketer, you will always recommend products or services, so people will always think you are biased, even though you write from your heart! Let's not forget we are business owners, so will always encourage people to follow our recommendations. This doesn't mean we will lie to people, but we will encourage them to take action according to what we think will benefit them and also us - a win-win situation! There is nothing wrong with that. We are not forcing people to spend money on anything. People are not responsible for their actions.

"you say your success is purely due to WA, whereas you say bad marketing tactics used by some other members is entirely their own fault."

First of all. What do you define as a bad marketing tactic? Marcus, you have your own preconceived model of good and bad. But as you already said, no two people in this world are the same. So, your model of good/bad may not be the same as another person's model. Your models don't make you a saint or evil.
Let's not forget people have freedom of speech and it's their business. Yes, they will make mistakes, and they will learn from them. How on earth will Wealthy Affiliate set rules for all affiliates, according to principles of "good" and "bad" behavior?
Again, people are responsible for their actions. Every attempt to label a marketing tactic good or bad doesn't make sense to me.

I agree with you here. Lynne's success is not 100% due to WA. She was responsible for taking massive action on her site, so she deserves most of the credit for her own success.

"In a similar way, if it's easy and effective to churn out loads of fake reviews in order to get WA referrals, that's what some people will do. Is that the fault of WA? "

Had WA canceled accounts of people who write "fake" reviews, then we would have a strange system in place here. First, what would be considered fake? Yes, some reviews are clearly stating false information out there, but does that mean the person is always trying to make money off of the wrong things they say and therefore, should be punished? Really, really strange.
Is it WA's fault people are not honest and well-informed enough to write an outstanding and unbiased review? No, it's not WA's fault.
It doesn't make sense Kyle's training includes rules of "good" behavior and how we should conduct our businesses. That's out of WA's scope.

"if you owned a product, and if every one of the results on page 1 of Google for the review keyword for that product was written by affiliates of a competing product, and they had never tried your product, wouldn't you be annoyed?"

If I were the product owner, YES I would probably be annoyed. But I would have to understand and accept those affiliate websites are also people's businesses.

All I could do is ask the affiliate to remove the incorrect information and prosecute in case the person denies. But I could never go against them just because the affiliate is giving his personal opinion and promoting another product.

Just because they have a product, it doesn't mean they have the "right of opinion" over it. Also, it doesn't mean their business has an imaginary superiority over my business. My business is based on information about other people's products. That's how I run my business and I am proud of that.
I am exposed so people can review my review site as well. They can say it's a fake review site or whatever they think it is! and so what? Can they prove what's fake and what's not fake?

Business owners need to accept criticism, and if they are unable to rank on the first page for positive reviews on their service, then this probably mean they are not providing an excellent service. Still, if they get positive ratings, but WA remains the #1 recommendation, it means WA is better, or WA offers a better affiliate program or both.
Usually, the last option is the case! WA is a great opportunity both for affiliates and non-affiliates. So, it deserves to reach the top rankings in the MMO niche.
LynneHuy Premium
You have some darn good points there Marcus, as always. As you know I have read a fair amount of articles on your website so yes I know what you are referring to.

You are so spot on that yes while WA showed me the way I have implemented the things that I have learned in what I believe to be an ethical way and I have put all the work in to get where I am.
LynneHuy Premium
Yes you have a good point there - who decides what is good and bad, what is fake and what is true and then tries to police it all? I'm certainly not applying for that job.

WA can police what content is published here, but they just can't police what content other people publish.

I would be pretty ticked off if WA told me that one of the reviews I wrote on my website wasn't allowed for some reason.

It really is a sensitive topic for sure!
Marcus1978 Premium
Thanks Barry. Yes, that's true, WA is a business to make money.
Marcus1978 Premium
You make a good point that it would be difficult to spot fake reviews. Also, you are right that even if someone actually tries a product this doesn't mean they won't still make stuff up.

It's fine to recommend a product, but the issue that has arisen here is that beginners are being guided into the bootcamp course which tells them to say that WA is the best even though the beginner doesn't know this for sure. This is where the seed of fake reviews is sown. Beginners are saying that WA is their #1 way to make money online even though they have no made any money with WA's methods yet.

In response to my comment about bad marketing tactics you asked me to define what I mean by a bad marketing tactic. Was that just a rhetorical question or do you actually want me to define it? Well, in terms of what we are discussing here, that has already been defined by someone else, the owner of the competing product we must not name.

But to simplify it for the sake of this discussion, let's say it is the act of writing reviews of products you have not tried, with the sole aim to funnel people towards a "#1 way to make money online" that you have not yet earned a full-time income with yet. This is the technique I was using myelf for a long time after doing the bootcamp course, but it is something I have now stopped doing.

So in my mind that's how I define it in relation to the issue we are discussing here. This comes from a realisation that I feel like I've taken the wrong direction, a direction I no longer want to go in.

I understand you may not share that same point of view, and I understand everyone has a different take on things. And this is where the issue gets complicated and difficult come to a consensus on what should be permitted and what shouldn't.

For example, do the owners of WA not want us to write fake reviews, but they are happy for us to write reviews without trying the products ourselves? If so, this starts to blur things a bit. This means that our reviews could be based on second-hand information, which means we could write fake reviews unintentionally. I might go into researching a review with the intention of making it a totally fair and honest review, but some of the websites I have based my review on could have made some of it up. So then I would have written an inacurate review by mistake, even though my intentions were honorable.

I agree that it would be difficult for WA to police fake reviews. I take your point there that this would be a difficult thing to do.

But you seem to be missing my point here. People are writing fake reviews to promote WA, and they are being rewarded for it with WA commissions. So, it's possible to write fake reviews to steal Google traffic from other product names and funnel it towards WA, right?

Blame is a tricky thing to define. I see your point that WA maybe cannot be held responsible for each individual that promotes WA through fake reviews. But the seed of all this is planted at WA. WA have set up a system whereby people get rewarded for referring new members to WA, and the easiest way to do this is to churn out loads of fake reviews for competing products. It's easy and it works, so people are going to do it. WA's owners know this.

Here's another way to look at it. A company makes guns. A significant proportion of those guns will be used to kill people. Does the company that made the guns actually pull the trigger each time someone is killed? No, of course not. But if no guns were made in the first place, there would be no gun deaths. I don't know about you, but I personally wouldn't be comfortable running a business that makes products that I know are going to be used to kill people.

Please don't misunderstand what I just said there, though. I'm not saying fake reviews are anywhere close to being even slightly as bad as gun deaths. Please don't fall into the trap of arguing that point. I was simply using that to illustrate the logic.

I understand there is no easy solution here. But we need to face the fact that fake reviews are an inevitable part of the seed that WA has planted by telling beginners to WA to go out and say that WA better than everything else. And the other companies getting annoyed is all part of that too.

Our views are always coloured by our particular circumstances. Back when I was churning out reviews of other products, I thought that was fine because I was totally caught up in it and really excited. Now I have different feelings about it and I realise those feelings will be different to yours because yours are coloured by your particular circumstances. The business you are currently working on and excited about is at least partly based on writing reviews of other products, because that's what the bootcamp course teaches. So it's totally understandable you're not going to share my views on this.

The final section of your comment seems to make logical sense. However, I know for a fact that the owners of WA don't see it that way when the table is turned back against them. A few months back, someone was sitting in the top spot on Google for a WA review they wrote without trying WA for themselves. You may remember that the review soon disappeared. Why? Because they were sued by WA. So no, WA's owners don't agree with your line of "business owners need to accept criticism" line.

The ironic thing here was that all he was doing was writing a review of a product he hadn't tried, and was stating in his review that this is exactly what many WA affiliates do. I don't know about anyone else, but I found the irony hilarious.
LynneHuy Premium
You do make some great points here Marcus :)

It seems I have opened up the door for a lovely discussion on this topic. In all honesty I have also moved away from doing reviews and instead I enjoy writing articles sharing great ways to monetize your website, how to generate traffic and how to rank your website.

I just find it is much more helpful for people. There are enough people writing reviews so my input is really not needed there.

I find it a lot more positive the way I am doing things now.

Yes the irony is not lost on me either. It reminds me of when I was writing an article titled "5 Tips To Be A More Patient Mother" while I was being incredibly short tempered with my kids trying to wrap it up and get it published, it was crazy silly.
StefanC Premium
hi Marcus, I had the same thoughts about the bootcamp.

However, I am always honest with my reviews, and as I truly believe people will benefit from WA, that's why I recommend it.

I don't think I am doing a disservice by writing reviews. I don't see this issue in such a negative way

Kyle encourages members to recommend WA as the top platform, but members are not forced to follow the Bootcamp to a tee if they don't want to.

I have no information about what happened to that negative WA review. But business owners are free to take legal action if they think you made a false statement about their business.
Marcus1978 Premium
Haha, yes, life is filled with these funny moments of irony.

Several times I've been driving to get to a meditation group but have been running late and have ended up feeling stressed. It's a stupid situation to be in, to be feeling stressed because I'm running late to get to an event which is meant to calm me down. So I've been trying to not get so stressed in those situations. Better to arive late feeling less stressed.
LynneHuy Premium
LOL yes exactly how I feel sometimes. Anyway the point of this post is that WA is not a scam but I am mostly staying away from MMO reviews because I don't like most things on offer and I don't want to write bad reviews anymore. Each to his own though!
dominic16 Premium
One thing I realized from this whole issue....

As WA Bootcamp bloggers, we've got to be tough and have a strong faith at the awesomeness of WA. I see the reason to do so, because the program is constantly evolving at a pace that almost no competitor can ever catch up.

The truth is, everyone would be stating facts, as well as making some lies about the system. Why? Because every person is unique in giving their own opinions, and is often "biased" in doing so. You also can't expect the reviewer to be 100% correct all the time.

When you're fighting for your #1 recommended product and someone called it a scam, you can't help but retaliate by saying nasty things about your detractors as well.

However, it should NEVER be the main focus of reviewers in doing business. It's got to be on the PEOPLE whom you are serving because they are the ones with the money.

And one thing's for sure, no one on planet Earth wants to get scammed online.
JohnV Premium
As we reach the stage where almost a million people have been involved at WA, then it is no surprise that some of them have done a less than perfect job on their reviews. It is just a pity that the only way some people first learn about the existence of WA, is through one of those snide comments on Facebook. Trying to make yourself look good by trashing something else is a poor tactic, and certainly not taught or encouraged here.
IMc Premium
Your Google stats are incorrect.

Because you have the Google Analytics code embedded twice on each page - in your header and footer.

You need to remove one of these then you'll get real stats. Doesn't matter which you remove.

That's the first thing to check if you have an extremely low bounce rate. As embedding it twice always results in an (incorrect) crazy low bounce rate.


See: view-source:

Line 23 - 33 GA in Header

and again

Line 1643 - 1653 GA in footer
LynneHuy Premium
Thanks, I will check that.
Kambas Premium
"You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his enemies".

I put that in abbreviation because I cannot remember where I heard it but I will never forget it :)

Have only been here for 6 months but WA is definitely no scam and Kyle has put in a TON of effort to grow and develop this community with Carson (and team) from scratch.

People get jealous or are so cut throat they think that trying to make your competition look bad will help their business BUT it actually works to be the opposite. What you give is what you get so those people that are doing this out of spite are assuring themselves something nasty down the line :/

I feel sorry for those kind of people and pray for them and their correction.

You are AWESOME Lynne, for posting this up today, thank you! ;)
and those stats! NICE, thanks to the training right?

Best regards,
LynneHuy Premium
Yes Kamil - thanks to the training! It has been an amazing journey for sure.
MozMary Premium
I wonder if that is a bit like 'birds of a feather'

I think you are very generous to pray for them, though I do look forward to their correction ;)
StefanC Premium
I agree 100%, Lynne.

I have been thinking carefully about all these attempts to denigrate WA, and I believe they are doing that out of desperation.

For all the people ethically promoting WA, I would like to say:


Your honest reviews are saving a lot of people's time and money out there. This is honorable!

Now, here is what you need to keep in mind. If you are following WA's training, you are aware that you are pursuing the affiliate marketing strategy.

Reviews are very important for the affiliate marketer, for the whole internet community, and as a result, for Google!

Think about how many people are looking for products reviews in the MMO niche? How many people are asking whether this or that product is a scam?

We are here to test all these different products and help people make better purchase decisions.

If it hadn't been for affiliate marketers in the MMO niche, who'd write all these masterpiece reviews?

Product owners? No... they are busy improving their products and marketing campaigns. Also, it doesn't look nice for companies and product owners to say good or bad things about the competition.

This is our job. It doesn't matter what niche market we are in...

The fact that WA decided to teach people how to promote WA itself is a reflection of this unique niche market and proves to me that WA cares about every affiliate.

Besides, the fact that WA reviews dominate the search results shows me that WA is a brilliant business, and that its training is very powerful!

That, of course, is damaging the competition. And that's fine because those business owners who care about their customers will now have to improve their services. And those who just want to deceive people will now have to keep on lying and telling that WA is a scam.

I imagine WA as the antibody of the internet against scammers. The most effective way to fight them is through reviews that are written by those who have the motivation to help and recommend a high-quality alternative.
LynneHuy Premium
Beautifully said :) I was so grateful when I finally came across WA - the first and only place that I have come across that teaches you what you need to know in such an awesome way.
TopAchiever Premium
Excellent spin Lynne! Excuse the pun! :-)

If people want to know how to earn at Wealthy Affiliate here is my take:
JeffL61 Premium
Hi Lynne,

There have always been and will continue to be idiots living on this Earth. It's just that the Internet through forums, message boards, blogs and social media provides these clowns a chance to voice their opinions, and although these narcissists don't know it -usually they are totally worthless. The thing is these people who bash the company out of jealousy, misery or just plain ignorance have failed miserably to do their research about WA.

So, in a sense, they're the ones who look like the donkey's ass as the proof is in the pudding that those members who work hard on their online business over time are the ones who succeed.

Perhaps these muckrakers are the type who look to get involved with the get-rich-quick schemes that are fraudulently promoted online as a way to simply let one's computer do all the work while the person sleeps. He/she wakes up to hundreds of dollars being deposited into their bank accounts overnight as this person did nothing. Life does not work that way only too many people still can't get the rocks out of their heads to not fall for these scam opportunities

I don't know how many times I have stated in articles and reviews of other online opportunities that WA is not a program that will guarantee a member becomes a millionaire several weeks after his/her business is created.

Yeah, Kyle and Carson are such awful people, Lynne. Just this week, I have had the opportunity of having Kyle twice reply back to my private messages, taking time out of his day to try and give me recommendations to improve my business. I know that daily Kyle must answer several dozen different messages from other members, MINIMUM, (and I could be way off). Yep, this proves that Kyle does not care about his members. NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Truth be told and I wish every jerk who takes the time to bash WA could comprehend, (if he/she was mentally capable of doing so) the untold amounts of money that Kyle and Carson each have personally invested back into the company, designed to improve WA and, benefiting every member. This includes updated training, hosting services, (unmatched by practically any other like company), live training and so on.

If a member of WA (as is an option) is paying at the yearly level, the monthly price of around $22 is an absolute STEAL with everything that is available here at WA involving training, tools and community support. All of this put together allows people to slowly build financially successful online businesses.

The thing is that it is up to the individual member here at WA to take all that is offered and put it to good use - working his/her tail off daily to grow an online business. If he/she is unwilling to do it - the guilty individual would be the reflection staring back at him/her while looking into a mirror.

Great article, Lynne!
LynneHuy Premium
Jeffrey I think you have hit the nail on the head here. There are times when people hear a truth they don't like to hear and they just attack.

I do believe that this is the case here. They feel threatened and attack.

Whatever the case may be I just thought I would share my thoughts about it.
MozMary Premium
Great post but I nearly missed it because your title says the opposite, and jokes don't always travel well in writing.

Congrats on your great success, that was also my take of reviews, he didn't tell people to write bad reviews, the successful people don't write bad reviews, and if people are being lazy and inaccurate then whose job is it to babysit 800,000 plus bloggers - no one here polices their reviews - however it is up to anyone who receives a negative inaccurate review to make enquiries and complain with integrity - not to use it as an excuse to carry out an orchestrated attack on an entire platform belonging to a competitor that is as slanderous as a US presidential election.

These people are saying very untrue things in their 'reviews', one girl in their crew even said she left WA because of the upsells but in almost 3 years here I can say there are no upsells at all, it is very direct in its pricing unlike most if not all other places I've investigated.

They also directly insulted every single member of WA, how crazy is it to generalize like that, although having visited them I see that they had an army all saying the same thing - but we here are individuals ;)

You are a great example of a real success and what's possible when people use the resources at hand.
LynneHuy Premium
LOL yes I think I saw something about upsells too which was really funny since I can't think of one upsell. There is the free account and the Premium account.... which is made very clear in the beginning.
Marcus1978 Premium
Jaaxy is an upsell.
djriver Premium
Good point. And I am glad to see that is not the case anymore since Jaaxy is now included in the premium membership :)
LynneHuy Premium
Yes Jaaxy was an optional tool you could choose to use, however there was a very nice keyword tool included in the WA membership so it really wasn't essential to go with Jaaxy too. It is awesome now that they have integrated Jaaxy as the WA keyword tool included in the membership - I absolutely love it!
neilc Premium
I just think there are so many of us WA Bootcampers dominating Google, that it's making other bloggers/marketers jealous because they can't compete.

They may attack WA, but in the end, it's gonna backfire because since WA offers a free test-drive, newbies are gonna experience for themselves just how much value is here. ;)

GOOD always beats EVIL. ;)
botipton Premium
Lets see the training works, the hosting is some of the best around, if you signup a paid referral they pay you month after month with out fail and there is a great community of people who quickly become friends to support you.

Wait that sound exactly like a scam. What do we do? Run Run Run.

I was taught a long time ago if someone is not saying bad things about you that you are not doing anything. Kyle and Carson put targets on their backs when they succeeded.

Here is the other thing to consider. In marketing many times negative publicity can be just as good or better than positive publicity. It gets people talking about you and checking out your site for themselves.

So haters go ahead and hate because when people see adds saying "Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam find out for yourself." and other such ads they will have sent people to us.

Ride the wave of publicity and take advantage of their hate talk. It will pay off. Time to get referrals while people are talking about us.
LynneHuy Premium
Yes isn't it amazing how when someone succeeds and does well some people hate it and resent it?

I totally agree with you on the negative publicity too! I had a few Youtube videos that went crazy with views because I exposed a scam and all the people got so angry and shared my video saying "hey look at this idiot" and it was BRILLIANT! I got loads of thumbs down on my video and loads of comments.

I just wanted to laugh my head off because all these so called experienced online marketers were doing my job for me by telling Google that my content was awesome when they engaged with me in any way!
botipton Premium
LOL that is the way it works. Great story.
wendyg53 Premium
It's actually a compliment. Bad reviews are a way to lure people away from what is perceived in the industry as a model for others. WA is the best training I've ever seen, as a teacher for over 20 years, I think I"m qualified to make that statement. When you're at the top of something, people will always try to knock you down.

Kyle and Carson seem to be sailing along quite nicely, so I guess it doesn't really bother them. ;-)
CraigW315 Premium
It is sad, and it's frustrating, and.... it's the internet.

I feel bad for Kyle and Carson, of course, but I feel worse for all the people who could benefit from WA, who might be turned away due to this garbage.

I personally haven't seen negative reviews other than what gets discussed here, but I know they are out there. WA, being the leader, is of course going to be a target. They amount of time and energy put into discrediting it is indicative of how effective WA is. And of course, being a solid, ethical, effective enterprise, those other guys have no real dirt to sling, so they have to make stuff up.

I know they best thing is to ignore them while continuing to support and promote WA, but it's a bit tough to do.
LynneHuy Premium
Oh I manage to ignore it quite well thanks. A while back I read one or two things but now I don't bother with it anymore.
I just wrote this because I have seen an increase in things being shared on social media.
CraigW315 Premium
You're lucky. :)
I still find it annoying.
AmirSetu Premium
There are many people outside that want to destroy WA. But, the point is; if someone has tried WA, couldn't write such a bad reviews.

I've joined WA since 2016, I left WA after two months, but I come back again and also made some money.

At the first time, I could write some bad reviews against WA, because I didn't earn anything. But, It wasn't WA's fault that I didn't get enough effort. It was my fault.

In addition, I'm a non-native English speaker that learned English by myself then WA taught me how to create content and make money.

So, this is very sad when I see those terrible reviews against WA.
dhayman Premium
Very good points Lynn. Comparison reviews are a common technique to call attention to your own product and can do well if they are done honestly. Those doing trash reviews to somehow make their own product look good only degrade their own business and credibility. I don't worry about them because the usually stay around long.
littlemama Premium
Yeah why are you paying monthly fees??? You should have gone annual by now girl!!! Like I have and save yourself some money!!

Omg Lynne, when I couldn't sleep last night I read a lot of your blogs that I don't know how I missed them and I have to tell you how similar our story is on some points! I really would like to pm you to talk more! My story is not yet 20k unique visitors though. Lol
LynneHuy Premium
Oh man I know, I missed the Black Friday deal last year for some or other reason and now I have not bothered LOL.

Yes we could chat for sure!
littlemama Premium
Awesome thanks, I will have to talk to you later, gotta write for now and then do things with my kiddos. :)
GlenPalo Premium
Well said, Lynne!

I expect the fake WA scam reviews will intensify in the near term. Mark Ling is launching his LearnBuildEarn 2017 product shortly. It is the latest version of his Affilorama product line. With a price tag of almost $2500.00, I expect to see more negative reviews of WA as affiliates promote LBE.
LynneHuy Premium
Well I am so not worried, I have a few WA affiliates and it is nice to have that extra income but it is not my main income.

I have my online marketing website more as a hobby and while it is nice to have WA affiliates it won't hurt me if I have none and if nobody signs up under me ever again.

I love this community and I have learned everything I need to make it online - but I can always learn more things here to implement on my websites to make even more money online!

I just feel sad for Kyle and Carson that have created this amazing place and have provided such awesome training that is ethical yet they get called criminals.

I guess though that anyone that finds any sort of success will have the haters too and that goes part and parcel with it.
JeffL61 Premium
$2,500 for the new and supposedly, "improved" version of Affilorama? No thanks! Affilorama does have plenty of upsells and I can only imagine that even at the new price Mark Ling will be charging for people joining that he'll still twist members' arms trying to get them to buy something else on top of the "basics".

Along with other members whose reviews I have seen, I did my own of Affilorama about 18 months ago. Sorry, but it still does not compare to WA!