Wealthy Affiliate Wrecked my Online Business!

Last Update: February 17, 2016

Yes it did, I kid you not.

This time last year I had two websites, an online baby store that sold retail baby clothing and products and it's sister website that sold the wholesale side of it.

I was quite happy with it and I loved connecting with all the moms that were buying from me, I had a pumping Facebook page of nearly 40 000 fans... and things were good.

Now I bet you want to know how Wealthy Affiliate wrecked this business?

Well to put it simply that business had a lot of administration, a lot of challenges and I had to work my butt off. I had to be available during working hours and I couldn't completely close ever because your online store is always open right?

I was also relying on other people a lot and quite frankly almost everyone I had to rely on let me down. It was just a matter of time until they did. Now I am not a negative person at all, I am also not an untrusting person. But it took me 4 years to face the facts, people let you down and the only person you can trust is ultimately yourself.

So what happened exactly?

I found WA half way through last year and I loved it. I jumped right in and built another 2 websites. I decided Facebook is for wimps, this is the place to be. As I learned more and more here my passion for my other business started dying. I started to see a better way.

A way where I don't have to pay to stock products.

I don't have to sit packaging all my orders.

I don't have to rely on the postal services or the couriers to deliver my order... on time, in one piece or even at all!

I don't have to do all the paperwork and administration.

I don't have to be available on the phone.

I don't have to reply to emails asap.

I am not tied to wherever my products are.

Yes I saw a better way and everything else that I loved became an absolute chore for me.

Last week when everyone started letting me down again I was upset and frustrated and angry. I had enough.

So I did something insane, something liberating... I said F*** IT..

I announced that I am no longer stocking any products, I am flogging everything! I sent out a newsletter to all my customers, I sent it out on social networks.

And how do I feel? Well I do have a tiny little twinge of sadness, this has been my baby for the last few years... BUT that feeling is completely overrun with other feelings.

I am excited!

I feel liberated, like I have been set free. I have no more boundaries. I can go in whatever direction I want and I don't have to rely on anyone else.

So in the recent theme of song titles in my blogs... here's the one for today:

I want to break free....

I'm going to mark this as a success post because for me it feels like I've seen the light, I have taken a huge leap of faith in myself and my abilities as a blogger... and no I am not making a full time income yet. But I'll get by, I'll make this work for me.

I would appreciate any quality comments on the post I wrote on my baby website :)


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yakoo21 Premium
ginax Premium
Hey Lynne, glad to hear you have found a better way to achieve your goals. Do consider reselling your shopping sites though!
LynneHuy Premium
Umm maybe I'll see...
fawlty Premium
Good onya Lynne !!
Regards fawlty
rwagener Premium
Love your post - good on you and we'll look forward to your new success! Richard
LynneHuy Premium
Thanks Richard! I'll keep you all posted :)
Loes Premium
Sometimes you have to cut ties and start living your dream:)) I wish you so much pleasure and love for developing yourself and your new business!
LynneHuy Premium
Thanks Loes!